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Moms Health Insurance: The Saga Continues

August 31st, 2007 at 07:00 am

Day 2 of this new journey into health care madness.

Discovered we truly HAD to go see the primary DR listed on moms card, there was no other way to get the referral to go back to the nose specialist on Friday. What a backwards system to have the more expensive method of accomplishing this be the only way to go....so, off we went today.

I did put my foot down.......or my pen to be specific. They asked us to fill out the reams of paperwork as we were a NEW patient. I put moms name on it, she signed it and I told them we couldn't remember any of the other answers. They left me alone. (I'm presuming I looked ticked from the moment I arrived!)

To the DR's credit, all he did was take moms blood presure & tell us he would fax the referral in prior to our Friday appt. Crossing fingers he does just that! Will call in the AM to be sure.

By the time I got the car, mom was pooped........we headed straight home and she went back to bed. Again, what a dumb system to make her do this for what could have been an OK over the phone, FAX or a letter to the insurance co.

Mom's doing OK, but has spent the day having sneezing bouts. Not good when your nose is packed full of what amounts to a teensy sponge. Hoping she looks OK to the DR tomorrow and they return her nose to normal.

I have 2 more medical appointments to go with mom in this coming week.....me, around doctors and nurses. I've had a life long thing with the medical profession in general. I worked in the health care field for a couple decades, and then had to again deal with so many appointment with all my special needs kids.........very few experiences could be classified as positive. I can almost see my mom hoping I keep my mouth shut when we go into these appointments. Smile I have been appropriate, she didn't have to give me 'the look' that all parents seem to know how to do. But, this week is trying my patience to the max!

Nephew person came over this evening (he is also the realtor for anything we are going to be doing) and we talked beach houses again. Waiting for moms nose situation to be cleared up, as well as the last of the Dr appointments off the calendar........then we're heading to another house on the penninsula.

My son also stopped in today, interesting to see him enjoying an actual job these days. He's getting paid very well it seems, however he has made some very bad choices in his young life and owes some pretty big money before any of this can be considered his money.....

No spending today.....other than the stupid DR appt, it was a quiet day; a little gardening, lots of knitting and plenty of time visiting.

Three Book Sale Day

August 21st, 2007 at 11:13 pm

We sold 3 of dads books in one day! I've never done that before, however I've never had this many listed at once either. Apparently there are others who are interested in obscure history as well as math books from the 40's.

The freecycle birdhouses are a hit. I picked them up today and already have one in a tree here.

Did spend some money on the way home.......the local craft store had all their yarn on sale. Prices lower than I could get on line, so I picked up enough for a new afghan for moms living room here......and enough extra to use for my knitting/crochet classes this fall. So, truly, I'll get reimbursed for the yarn and the afghan will be free I believe.

Did get my address changed & the mail forwarded. Left a message for tenant with the post dated check. Working with former room mate person to get her name on the utilities from the old house.....that is harder than it needs to be. We both need to go in person with ID to get this accomplished. Gads.

Not feeling like I'm making much progress on this paperwork issue.

Did get a baby step in on moms tax stuff. Called the tax man....got some more specifics as to what he needed & then left another voice mail with the woman who holds the magic answers re; some property mom sold last year. (she just sold it, didn't file taxes, so all the capitol gains haven't been paid)

Called the electrician who is supposed to be working on the rental. He promises to get the job done by this coming week end. Scheduled him to come disconnect a heater in moms house......it won't turn off. (baseboard) Just runs on hot all the time. Guess which room?? My bathroom! Hotter than it needs to be in there, to say nothing of using power all the time.

Picked 6 cucumbers from the garden this AM, they are so good when they are this fresh. Hoping mom gets into cooking mode pretty soon with a couple of them. She makes a molded cucumber salad that I absolutely love.....slivered almonds in it....& cottage cheese. Very savory type salad and for some reason I've never made it myself. I laid all the cucumbers on the counter this AM....if she doesn't get the hint I'll have to dig out the recipe & add it to the pile!

Off to list more books!

How Can I Be This Busy & Be Retired??

August 8th, 2007 at 12:22 am

I don't seem to have any true spare time these days. Moving to moms has saved the driving time between places (except for once every 2 weeks when I head to the old house)........but the rest of life seems to have gone into overdrive.

Maybe it's summer that makes it feel like that to me? Trying to keep up with the harvest from 2 veggie gardens perhaps?

Maybe it's how far behind moms place had fallen........Everything needs work here.

A battery powered hedge trimmer arrived yesterday & I got a pretty good workout today while taming the evergreen shrubs in the front yard. Very helpful tool; saved lots of time and for the first time out, the bushes look WAY better than before. I was worried I might butcher them, but I'm ready to take on the row of bushes along the driveway now.

Forced myself to the sewing room and finished another of the tops for my barter customer. Hoping to get to the last couple items tomorrow and arrange a fitting on Thurs. It will feel great to have this commitment completed.

Completed a Pinecone survey today, first one in a long time for me. It sounded like it was a product testing event too, so perhaps there will be some fun mail soon.

And, a book of my dads sold today. A pristine condition math book of all things. Hopefully, the rest will start moving soon & I'll be making a path to the post office! I didn't list anything that wasn't going to be worth the time & gas, so most sales will be over $25.00 and there are a couple that are in the 80-100 dollar range. Who knew dads books were more than just 'dads books'?? Because of his addiction to books, I can hardly buy a book. I need to really, really need it before I'll buy it to keep. Would much rather get it on loan from the library.

And, finally..........the Tax Update. We have got moms 2004 taxes done, both for the trust and for her. I've rounded up most of the paperwork for 2005 now, just waiting for a few things to come in the mail & we'll be ready to turn all that in. 2006 is close to being ready and heck, we'll even be in time since she has had an extension on this year for some reason. In the process of looking for all the right papers & numbers I've been re vamping her filing system. 2007 taxes should be a walk in the park come January. (no extensions either!!)

Soxx Appeal

July 20th, 2007 at 03:27 am

That's the name of the new yarn I just received in the mail. And, the best part is I didn't pay for it!!! I was chosen to be a test knitter for a new yarn from Knit One, Crochet Too.

I've got one sock already on the needles as you can see from the picture. Yummy yarn. (no one but another knitter will understand how yarn can be 'yummy') The colors are perfect, couldn't have chosen better myself. The yarn is a superwash Merino wool (which means it's washable) with a tad of nylon and an even smaller amount of elastic. Should make up into great socks. (which I get to keep)

Doesn't get much better than this for a knitter!

And, There Was Water........drip, drip.....

June 28th, 2007 at 06:26 am

Yes, this AM on one of my many treks down to the basement......I flipped the light switch and made a quick check of The Wall...... A small trickle of water and a crack in the wall with a drop or two; plus about an eighth of a cup of water on the floor. Hmmm.
Think the culprit is the garbage disposal after all the checking and re checking. Not a typical leak at the disposer however, but something to do with either the incoming water, or the drain behind the kitchen wall. The water is pooling upstairs in the dead space below the undersink cabinet or behind the cabinet. Yuk. Makes it almost impossible to get to.....but, easier now to tell a plumber what is leaking. Our version of taking care of this right now, is to not use the disposer! Temporary fix, but right now, that works.

Borrowed moms car for an errand to the title co, to sign for the re fi. Money will be wire transferred to my acct soon; actually forgot what day they said.
Took the car to the auto parts store, to pick up a tail light bulb, as we have one burned out. I thought I could get someone to show me how to replace said light since I couldn't seem to get to it on my own. (hate to be stupid, but the car must have been built around the light) No one at the store could get to the bulb either! So, it's a trip to a dealership for a lightbulb. I prefer vehicles where I can do at least the minor stuff.

Spent the last 48 hours cleaning and gardening so the house & yard look spic & span for moms bridge day tomorrow. Whipped out a bridge table cover too now that I'm here & understand just what she was needing. (from fabric I bartered for) Looks pretty good if I do say so....and the make shift sewing room worked too. I'm obviously too pooped to be writing....just tried to re read this paragraph and it doesn't even make sense to me! Off to bed!

Purple Socks & Other Ramblings

June 10th, 2007 at 03:43 am

I'm finishing up another pair of socks, just about ready to come off the needles. I had mom 'model' these and after I bound off, I gave them to her.
She was thrilled, as purple is her color.

I've already started another sock, or a sample for a sock, to be more exact. I'm teaching a sock knitting class this fall & want to find a childs sock pattern to use for class. Less knitting time required and all the parts of a sock included. Great for a 2 session class.

Had another freecycle sort of day; headed out this AM to dig a box full of hen & chicks (plants for those of you non gardener types). I've got just the rockery for all of these.

Also had a craigs lister here for the trees that were in my proposed walkway to the clothesline. Trees out, I didn't have to dig and the new owner already sent a thank you note. Can't beat that for a days work!

Also have a freecycler coming tomorrow for a couple cribs and preschooler type toys & furniture. Making very slow headway on the basement clear out here. It's hard for mom to decide to get rid of ANYTHING!

A no spend day all round here. Missed connections to meet with potential renter, so no income either!

Heading to bed early, as tomorrow is my gleaning/food bank volunteer morning. Not sure how much longer I want to do this. After moving, I need to start out at 7AM and I'm already resenting that!

New Numbers

April 15th, 2007 at 10:37 pm

I weighed myself this AM (after being at my moms for a few days) and surprised myself with a brand new number! I knew I was making progress, as I've been able to button the bottom button on a few shirts....that used to be an open type, jacket only situation! All buttoned up these days, and I can sit down without ripping the buttons off too! Must be the walking!

Felt jazzed about the weight loss & started getting busy on the TO DO list around here. I've got laundry out on the line, the burn pile started and the compost dumped. Eggs collected and chickens fed.

I brought home some free wood from my dads vintage wood piles.......I found great stuff to make some roosts for the chickens. Now, I just need to figure out how to mount them to the walls. (these are to replace the almost silly version of a roost that a very helpful someone made for the coop......looks more like a prop for a manger scene in a Nativity)

Now, I'm back to crocheting the first of my samples for this Thursdays class. The purse is done, now I'm working on the handle, then out to the sewing room it goes for the lining and assembly phase. I'm wasting too much time today, thumbing through patterns, when I just need to grab one and start on another item for the display. Thinking small things at this point.....planning on a soap sack, 2 different size hats and a scarf at this point. I can start a small baby blanket after I get these done......

Back to work........

Off & Running Today

April 11th, 2007 at 02:49 pm

I've totally spaced on a commitment made at least a month ago........& today is catch up day.

I had been asked to re line a jacket for Mr Navy's wife..... I hadn't started it, since I was waiting on her answer re; the existing buttons. (seems she shuts them in her car door frequently.....not so good for glass buttons). Anyway, the Navy is shipping out this month and I was asked about the status of said jacket. Status??? Still hanging right where it was a month ago. As of last night, the lining is out, pressed & ready to use for a pattern. Just waiting for the local fabric store to open up..........have always thought all night fabric stores would be a good idea! Smile

I'm hoping the lining just slides into the jacket and I can finish it up before lunch...then, off to pick up the tax stuff & get it in the mail.

I have to leave for moms tomorrow & be in her area for my knitting class tomorrow night, so both the jacket & taxes need to be completed today.

Still fitting in my walk today.....and picking up the free bread for the chickens at the same time. ..I'm determined not to let these additions to my day interfere with my new plan of putting ME on the TO DO daily list.

Here's hoping everything goes without too many glitches today......

Do I Have a Typical Day??? Ever???

April 10th, 2007 at 09:40 pm

I've come to the conclusion I don't. I don't have typical days here, unless the fly by the seat of my pants, deal with who & what crosses the threshold qualifies as typical. I try to make some sort of blog entry that is neat & tidy and has some sort of theme to it.......and fail miserably most times. Today is no exception. Nothing has hooked together at all....

Started with email & phone calls. Contacted the tenants; the downstairs couple is bringing 2 months rent (which brings them current) this evening. Just got an email from the upstairs people, they are only sending the check minus the $600. they asked about. (I had told them I couldn't reduce the rent) Now what???

Foster dtr with grandbaby stopped by for a visit..........Fun to see her feeling so competent with him.

Called new potential tenant here......left message about him moving in. No response.

Gathered 8 eggs from the new chickens. Getting at least 6 a day now.....Making for some frugal meals.

Received my order of supplies for this months knitting & crochet classes. Used my new ball winder & made up smaller balls of yarn for each student. Wound up some odd balls of mine, to use for a couple door prize drawings at class. Almost ready now, which is good.....one day to go before the knitting class.

And, because I promised myself I'd campaign for Obama if & when he decided to run for President.......I signed up to volunteer here in our county for his campaign. I've always wanted to be involved in a political campaign, but couldn't due to kid type commitments....so this actually qualifies as something I'm doing for ME too.

So, I guess today is typical for me. Just one thing after another...all unrelated mostly. I think this is why I'm unsure about getting a 'real' job. I think I would be crazy doing the same thing all the time. As I get closer to June (the end of my one year trial at semi retirement) I find I'm looking at employment ads & imagining myself doing something.........anything........

What Else I Did on Vacation....

March 31st, 2007 at 11:50 pm

Keeping up with my goal of filling my sock drawer with hand knit socks, I had my knitting close at hand for the last 2 weeks.

Here are just a few of the socks I managed to finish up, along with a couple pair I took with me. There was so much down time, I got so I could complete one sock in 2 days. And, that was on size 1 needles for any of you knitters out there.

These certainly aren't cheap socks. They are running around $12-$15 a pair at this point, and that is picking up the yarn on line and on sale. I am reinforcing the toes & heels in hopes they do last forever.

It is so fun to see my drawer full of crazy socks.....Almost makes me not want summer to get here! I have a couple all cotton pairs so there will be summer socks as well as the all wool ones. Me who never has had a winter & summer wardrobe to speak of, will now have winter & summer socks!