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R.I.P. Cheech

October 28th, 2007 at 04:30 am

After an agonizing couple of days, I made the decision to put my little Chihauhau pal down yesterday morning. He was the best dog I've had the pleasure of sharing life with. I am grateful for the almost 10 years we had him.

I'm exhausted, but feel better now, after having made the decision and being without him.........than having him home and failing so quickly. What a week.

Being an animal lover, I can't imagine my life without a dog, so I'm waiting for the day I will get a new pal. Have to wait to see if we're moving first...wouldn't be fair to a dog to move here.....then move again.

So, I'm in that horrid state of thinking I hear my dog, or sense that he is around; all the while knowing he is no more. Only an animal lover who has lost a pet will understand this. I haven't been without a pet for hmmmm....25 years maybe?? I am pretty sure I haven't sat down here at home with out my dog on my lap for the last 10 years! I either need to not sit down or quickly get another dog!

Week end young man is here; fortunately he hasn't mentioned there being no dog here. I'm not sure I could hold that conversation if he did bring it up. Still a mess emotionally ......just pretty good at holding it together.

Sent moms tenants notices we were putting the property up for sale. Promised to honor leases and provide excellent referances. Commercial property will be listed as of Monday. Moving along on our plan to off load the real estate.

Now, Even the Dog is Sick!

October 23rd, 2007 at 02:37 am

Who would have guessed? The chihauhau now has exactly the same symptoms as my mom had.......so I dashed him off to the nearest vet this afternoon. (to the tune of $190.07....not even ER rates!)

He has the doggie version of Congestive Heart Failure. It was tough to watch with mom, and this was no easier!

Started on meds at the vets office, and came home with 2 prescriptions I have to figure out how to get down his teensy little mouth/throat starting tomorrow.

Pondering the old adage "God doesn't give you more than you can handle" this evening........and wondering just what the limit is here??? Smile

My aunt, who is still here........paid for the vet after she found out how much it cost. She said she was thinking of paying me anyway, for all the care she has been getting here since she fell a couple weeks ago. She has also fell in love with the dog, so felt like it was something she could do.

If this little guy wasn't spoiled enough before this episode.........now he will get to do anything he wants, whenever he wants!

Middle of the Night ER Trip

October 4th, 2007 at 06:47 pm

I'm pooped .... again... Seems to be my regular energy level these days.

Woke up to something during the early morning hours, finally came to, only to realize it was my mom calling for me! Gads, I don't think there is a feeling worse. Kids you expect it, parents, trust me, it comes as a shock.

I have no idea how long mom had been calling my name & I don't want to ask her. I just need to figure out another method of communication, and how to sleep with one ear & one eye open from now on.

Moms OK, I'm more than a little ticked at her. Seems the entire episode of shortness of breath, racing pulse, higher than the usual high blood pressure was brought about due to her just 'not taking some of her pills'. Some lame excuse about needing to wait til the ones I mail ordered came & she could be certain they were the right ones, and that she had enough. Pish Tosh. I'm now in charge of the meds. No need to go through this event again.

Her new supply was here over a week ago, we opened everything and went through them all (6 prescriptions). I have been stepping into her business as needed......rather than bulldoze my way in where she was still doing OK. Mistake on my part. I'll be more pro active from now on.

She is resting, meds are current and the treatment she got in the ER has made her feel downright perky. Almost disgusting, since I'm sooooo tired! And, I've got my first crochet class to teach this evening.... Since I'm supposed to keep an eye on her for the next 24 hours, I've called in #1 Grandson to sit with her for 3 hours this evening, just so we all feel better. I'm hoping for a shower and a bit of a nap prior to my class, or I'll not be able to make my brain tell my fingers what to do........let alone teach others!

I have worked for years in the health care field, in a nursing home situation.......but never truly understood the families side of things until lately. I do need to re evaluate everything here, in light of the medication situation. So much to do.....not alot of time to do it in.....and no real back up.

Grateful mom didn't have something really serious happen, and thankful for the wake up call for me........I will have to get busy figuring out what else I can/should be doing here.

Is it Going to be Sand Between Our Toes???

September 21st, 2007 at 05:58 am

Yes, yes, and yes.........our counter offer to the counter offer got accepted late this evening. Now, on to the hashing out the details stage so we can firm up the deal for the beach house!!! There will be sand in our toes, as well as everywhere else I imagine. (having never lived on a beach, I can only guess)

Parts of me can't believe the whole chain of events; and then when we think about it, everything seems to be flowing easily and we can picture life in the new house as easy as pie! So, it feels good; to both mom & I.

And, in the small world department, or it pays to be chatty department........mom has a hot prospect for the commercial property!!! Not even listed yet and we've got 3 people interested. She went today for her check up re; her nose injury from her fall. The DR had been asking her questions on her last appt, about where she lived etc. In passing, she mentioned the property in town and she said he got very inquisitive. Today, she told him the property was for sale.....he called here at home tonight and said he had already talked to his accountant & they were very interested. Passed him on to realtor/grandson person. Can you tell my mom is a retired realtor?? Never one to miss an opportunity!

I mailed off the packet of info to my potential buyer of the vacant land. He wanted plat maps & tax numbers.... said he is very interested. Hoping he steps up and makes an offer this week.

Some kind soul from freecycle dropped off a porch full of moving boxes today. I will repay the favor to someone when I'm finished with these. I'm off to gather up some more tomorrow.....when I envision packing up moms house it boggles my mind. She has been here since 62 when they built, and has not parted with a single thing since then! Smile

We got the lease signed tonight for the house rental. Made it only 6 months, in case the property sells right away.

Took my samples in to the parks & rec dept for the display there prior to my fall knitting classes. Need to order supplies tomorrow before I forget in all the real estate frenzy here.

Made a ton of phone calls, including a reminder to moms tax prep guy.....we're still waiting for him to finish up 05 and I'm crossing my fingers he has our paperwork for 06, as I can't find it anywhere here.

Tonight we received the first order of my moms meds, which is 3 months.....all FAXED in from the DR. Too easy. And, way cheaper than the 30 day prices with the local pharmacies. She was pretty impressed. Good thing we have 90 days worth, as neither of us will have the time to spend running to the pharmacy in the near future anyway! Smile

A good day, but a full one. Feels a bit like a week crammed into a day. Grateful things are working out, so I will be able to see mom sitting on her porch at the beach!

Lights, Sirens & half day at the ER

August 29th, 2007 at 05:08 am

It's all the chihauhaus' fault. At least that is moms story. She fell today, landing on her nose she says..... all because she picked up the dog and was going to set him on the sheepskin dog bed. (which the dog has so far refused to lay on)

After a couple minutes here, we decided together to call 911 for a professional opinion re; the major nosebleed mom had. Nothing else seemed amis.

Well, 7 hours later, we drove home, via the pharmacy.......after a stay in the ER. Nothing broken, just a small tear on the inside of her nose from smashing it into the floor. (the dogs fine! )

Through all this, both of us were just a tad concerned about the health insurance snafuu ongoing here. We did get it figured out, but while scheduling her regular Dr appointment this AM (before the acrobatics) mom discovered the health ins. card had a different DR listed. We called, and no, she couldn't use that card. Wait to schedule appointments until new card........not more than and hour later we were at the ER. So, the insurance bit is sure to be more complicated than necessary. She does have a supplementary plan, but I'll bet we're working on the paperwork long after her nose has healed up.

I had lots of knitting time, we learned lots about noses.......and after sitting in the ER, were very grateful we weren't dealing with some of the other crisis we saw playing out there.

Since this is moms 2nd fall since I moved in.......I will be watching her closely!

Mom promises not to pick up the dog....ever!

Another Craigs' List Connection Comes Through

August 15th, 2007 at 02:39 am

As I write, there are sounds of drills, saws and lumber being manipulated into the greatest raised garden bed I could have ever imagined. (my version was sort of stacking the largest timbers out back, and hoping I could pound something into the ground on the outside to keep them from coming apart)

My latest Craigs list friend has designed the planter and is starting the assembly of it this evening. In exchange, he is taking lumber from the many stacks out back to construct a small tool shed at his place, just 10 minutes away.

I have had so many more success stories from Craigs list connections, in fact....I can't really think of any negatives. What a great resource!

The frosting on the cake this evening is when this young man began telling my mom about a tradition/ceremony.....not sure what the word was he used, but it was about this week, in Japan. Spirits of ancestors visit I think?? He is difficult for me to understand, because my Japanese is ZERO. Anyway, I think the deal is he is thrilled to be using my dads wood, especially this week.....and to be making something for my mom with dads supplies. Apparently very good for family he says. I don't get the details, but I'm not questioning it! Smile

I do know it feels great to be using some of what my dad spent decades salvaging. The alternative would be to just junk everything if/when the property is sold. That would make me way too sad.......so we're going to continue with my new friend Shin and see how much of this lumber he can use.

On other fronts here.......I did get my walk in today; around Greenlake. What a great day to be outdoors! Stopped on the way home to get gas (using moms car for most of my errands these days, so gas is a different deal for a mazda compared to my van!), and picked up a spreader for the lawn here. I've not done city type lawn care for years; leaving the lawn to the chickens, goat and the occasional equine escapee. There are sacks and sacks of product in the garage for the lawn, but no spreader.......so now I'm in business. Going to discourage some bugs first, then see if I can make a trade and get the moss out and let some real grass grow.

Each task here is connected to a couple others.......if I get the lawn stuff out of the garage, there will be room to move the freezer up from the basement so mom can get to it herself. It will be easier to unload from the car too. If I can get the freezer out of the basement, I will be a bit closer to clearing out a space to start painting the walls and getting a sheetrock ceiling installed. Way too many jobs to think about. Will go back to just tackling one at a time!

My Latest Luxury: Flushing!!!!!

January 7th, 2007 at 07:04 am

We finally got hit with some of the power outages that have been happening here in the Pacific NW. Last nights winds toppled a couple HUGE trees near our street; taking out the power, cable, phone and the road.

When this happens at our place, we have come to the conclusion the biggest difficulty is Flushing. That's right. We are on a well, so without power, we are without water. Without water, the toilets are pretty much just for decoration. We did have our rain barrel with 50 gallons in it, so we were running out to the barrel and hauling water in to fill the toilet tanks. Lessons learned included.....it's better to fill the tank BEFORE you have to go..... Smile

We were out of power over 24 hours....felt very Little House on the Prairie-ish here.

With help, I got the generator up and running..........and yes, had it outside the house. (Seattle had multiple people die from having them indoors; although I can't imagine doing that, the noise alone would be too much for me!) Kept the food in the fridges and freezer at the proper temps....didn't run anything else off it this time. I discovered I need a different kind of plug in order to connect to the generator thingy that is wired into the house. Will pick up one of those this week...just to be ready for another outage.

Cooked on the wood stove.........fashioned "pans" from heavy duty foil, as I didn't want to put my good cookware on the stove. Did a variety of things, including soft tacos from leftovers.

When the power did come back on, the water started filling the toilet tanks........one of the best sounds of the day!!! I'm so grateful for automatic flushing toilets!!! What a treat....we were all way too excited about this!

Update on 2007 Goals (already!!!)
I did mail out the letters to the horse people, giving them 30+ days to move out
Have begun to do more research on going rate for boarding any animals.

And........amazingly, room mate person paid a chunk of cash towards her share of the rent. Woo Hoo.

A good day.........Lots of positive stuff amongst the people here today. Adversity does seem to bring people together. Lots of laughter re; the hauling water for the toilets...... Everyone was busy doing things requiring no power which was a nice change. All the Christmas decor got taken down and stored away, I got my bathroom painted and put back together.....and the week end boys got to pee on trees!! (saved a bunch of water hauling!!) They will have stories to tell their parents come Monday. Smile

Onwards to Year #2

January 4th, 2007 at 07:09 pm

Yes, amazing as it is.........today is my one year anniversary here!! Didn't post daily, but darned close I think. The taking myself to task on a regular basis is not a new thing for me, but doing it in front of others sure was.

The magical things that have happened due to the posts are too numerous to mention. They happen all the time (and yet, I forget the power of this little event & don't post things sometimes until I've tried everything I think!) Maybe 2007 will get me posting things before they really are tangible, more in the idea/wish stage.......it sure seems to get the universe moving around my place.

Looking back, I can see where not much changed and on the flip side EVERYTHING has changed. I'm still the frugal, cheap, allergic to spending money person I've always been, but my life has taken a turn I wasn't prepared initially. Hindsight being what it is.......I guess I was more prepared than I thought I was, as I'm still here, life is still humming along and there haven't been negative rammifications to me retiring so abruptly.

My goals for 2007 have been committed here earlier this week, and I've got them copied off and posted in front of me at the desk. I can feel the momentum picking up, my enthusiasm and creativity are bubbling away steadily here.... (I really love all the things involved in starting a business!!)

I'm still gleaning bits of information from everyone here who posts or comments. I read many of your blogs regularly and feel like I would know you if I happened to run into you personally! I can't stress enough how much ANY post you make helps the rest of us......even if it seems unrelated or you're still mulling around an idea........ Reading of others paths here has been so valuable & I know I'm not the only one thinking this way! I just want to say "Thank You" for giving me gentle reminders and encouraging pushes to keep moving, for being my coaches and my cheerleaders along the way. I appreciate having a friendly space to share what is a huge part of life!!

Goals: And.... My Plan to Reach Them

January 1st, 2007 at 02:28 am

Goals for 2007

1) Grow my new business so the income covers my half of the expenses here.

2) If.. better make that WHEN I accomplish #1, continue pushing for new clients so I have enough income to make the changes to the house & property that I want to do with the bathtub in my room the top priority.

3) Put my physical self on the list.

4) Increase income from the property.

5) Legal stuff attended to (didnt happen last year, although I made some progress in this area)

I think 5 is a good numberseems realistic. Each goal requires multiple steps to make it happen & Id love to be writing next year at this time that Id crossed all of them off my list, so don't want to get too enthusiastic in my goal setting.

Action steps necessary for each goal: (this is the important part)

1) Send in the new ad copy for the 2 papers Im in currently. Add 2 other local papers as soon as possible. Remember to post my ad on Craigslist on a regular basis. Get signage for the van as well as a sign for the front gate. Order new business cards.

2) More of #1 in order to make this happen. Will get a bid on the items I want to get done around here, so I have a concrete figure to shoot for.

3) Walk 3 times a week. Continue to tell everyone I come across that Im looking for walking partners so I can increase my chances of success on this one.
Finish up some serious dental work, including some cosmetic changes Ive had on my list for ages. (appointments already made for Jan)
Get new glasses
Concentrate on eating more fresh food, less meat, sugar & white flour.

4) Give notice to the current horse boarding people. Let the pasture rest while advertising for a new renter. Ive learned tons in this past year; not the least being Im renting this space for pennies. I know I can find fewer animals for the space and double the income at the same time.
Keep looking & advertising for other uses for the property; ie parking vehicles, etc.

5) Meet with mom & the new attorney; primarily to get her trust tidied up and then get my will finished up so my affairs are just as in order as moms will be.

I will print this out and post in my office so I get daily reminders of where I want to be this time next year.
I will also do a monthly check in to keep me honest here.
I will celebrate all the small steps and not fret the setbacks. (old enough to know the reality of this much change)
I will fill my life with good things and good people, remembering to enjoy each and every day.

Holiday Thoughts

December 27th, 2006 at 02:22 am

I've been gone & haven't posted since before Christmas.......it feels like ages. I think I'm enjoying the holidays more than in the past; it could have something to do with the fact I'm not dealing with all the kids that used to live with me (and their not so healthy parents). Christmas used to be my one and only DAY OFF during the year, with no kids..........so I usually spent the day in a tired sort of haze. All the work to get the kids ready to spend time with their families, typical holiday preparations, extra events, by the 25th.........I was all used up.

This year, I was gone most of last week, staying at my moms, just "playing", doing whatever we wanted. All the prep. was done, most of the gifts were already to go.....baking; done & in the freezer and the young couple that live here were cooking the big dinner.

I prefer this new version of Christmas, hands down! Smile Most of my household limited or decided on no gifts at all.....so we could have the 'backyard people' join us for the day without them feeling guilty they didn't bring anything to the festivities. Worked out well. They were blessed with some truly useful & much needed gifts and the rest of us got to see how blessed we were in the process. Some pretty heavy stuff to take in for a holiday........ But, I think it was the most fun I've had and it certainly felt the best at the end of the day.

My only negative was not finding a gift I had ordered for my mom.......we were planning on using it for our New Years celebration .... I searched all over the place & it was nowhere! This house is not that big, I don't have that many places to put things, nor did I have to 'hide' it from anyone.......so I'm befuddled as to how this package could have walked away.
I had something else for my mom, so no one knows my slip up but me.....and the up side of all the searching is ALL my closets are cleaned and organized. (wouldn't reccomend this technique, but it did work)

Spending some time pondering life in general and more specifically my goals for '07. I have a personal tradition on New Years Eve.........I open up what I wrote last year to see how I'm doing on my goals and I add to the envelope with my plans for the coming year. Not sure how many years I've formally been doing this, but it is in the decades now. It is my favorite part of New Years Eve..... I'm not a party sort of person, hate to be on the roads that particular night, and I can write and ramble on like crazy (you already know that part, huh??) so, a formal, get it down on paper, enjoy the fire & some wine sort of night is exactly right for me.