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Gorgeous But Freezing

October 31st, 2006 at 05:31 pm

What a beautiful day..........as long as I don't have to spend much time outside! Yikes it's cold here. We're up to a crisp 27 now, but it was 21 when I first got up. I thought I was the only one who had a wood stove cranked up and sheets on the clothesline.....but I read Thrifty Rays' entry this week and she did the same thing!
I am truly looking forward to the dried outside sheets on the bed tonight.......just hope they don't freeze & break into chunks when I take them down! Smile

Finally got an email re; selling a book!! It had been months and months since I have had a sale. I did take everything off half.com and re list them all on Amazon. Bingo. A sale. Shipped it yesterday. Since the books are free to me, this is a great addition of free money to the account.

I've got enough points in MyPoints again to turn in for something substantial. Need to think of this for Christmas ideas..... and redeem it pretty soon as I always forget how long these take to receive.

Knitting classes this AM and then off to pick up another freecycle find. Hoping todays run takes care of my kitchen table dilema. Moms offering hasn't worked out well as the table still has no legs! Also have 2 free vintage baby carriages coming this week; which will be great at the antique booth.

Looking forward to another no spender here today............I'll get my classes & errands done, then I'm hoping to curl up near the wood stove and knit. (current project; socks for ME)

Frost on the Punkin'

October 30th, 2006 at 03:04 pm

My parents used to say there was frost on the punkin' when we had a cold morning and this morning........I've got the real thing for the first time.

Since I discovered my mystery plants were truly pumpkins....they are covered with a thin coating of frost, making them look like they have been covered in glitter. Very pretty, but a chilly 27 here this AM.

I'm glad I spent time yesterday hauling produce into the shed. I've got several boxes of acorn and butternut squash, along with 9 pumpkins that are basketball size AND have ripened to be totally orange. (not sure if there is anything to be done with all the pumpkins that are still totally dark green) I managed to salvage a colander of green tomatoes and have them inside beginning to ripen.

Two huge zuchinni were the last veggies to be brought in. Despite all the jokes about this vegetable, I had more requests from family for side dishes with this than anything else over the summer. I had 4 plants and think it was just about right for our household.

I managed to collect multiple envelopes of seed from flowers and veggies over the last couple weeks, so FREE plants next spring. Dreaming of a green house now....or at least a cold frame set up.....or a couple of other local gardeners I could share seeds with. Gardening is definately one of those hobbies where it is hard to be satisfied! Smile

Wrapping Up October

October 29th, 2006 at 05:13 pm

This should be the last month I'm having to withdraw funds from savings to pay monthly bills. I hate this..........

I'm actually paying November bills this week and looking forward to the first of December.......as the tenants in the other house will start paying rent then. Still feel like I made a good decision on this rental, but I'm definately excited to not have to "carry" this bill myself.

Everything is up to date, bill wise, and the dreaded property taxes have been paid. Sewing and knitting business is picking up.....it's a slow climb, but it is on the way.

Rental monies: Not good this month. Room mate person has only contributed half of her half so far......due to her vehicle accident. Plus, she didn't assist with the property taxes like promised either. Crummy situation, but I'm unable to think of an alternative. Everyone else has paid their little bits and done their part to keep us moving forward.

Another positive step with the latest electric bill...... They lowered my monthly average bill again!! TA DA. Even with all these extra people who don't know all 'my rules' yet. We're down to $105 per month now......... Started at $150, so we're making progress. This is the lowest I've ever had this bill, for as long as I've been keeping records which dates back to the 70's. Now it gets really challenging........we'll have to get pretty darned creative to cut it any further. (I'm willing to try however!)

Crossing my fingers that this next month I'll be able to generate enough money to cover expenses and start putting funds back INTO savings instead of making another withdrawal.

B & B for some R & R

October 27th, 2006 at 02:58 pm

Yes, I'm at my moms again this week......taking advantage of her "Bed & Breakfast" and a little peace & quiet compared to my 3 ring circus at the 'ranch'.

We've had a fun time, as usual.....and getting a couple things off the infamous TO DO list here.

I had decided to bite the bullet and take my good watch (seems to be my only watch too these days) in for a battery to see if that would make it GO. Come to find out, it didn't need one, it just needed to be kick started or something.....it's running now, at no charge. Nice surprise. I had to do something, as I'm finding a need for a watch when in knitting class, so I know when to wind things up....HA....Pun intended I guess! One location has no clock and I get too into the knitting, teaching and conversation and could end up keeping students there til the next day I think!

Also got a haircut, so I'm a brand new person.....at least it feels that way to me. I've got short hair, and that extra, too long 1/2" makes me fairly cranky; so it was definately time for a trim. Prices seem to fluctuate at the shop I visit. This time it was $14.00, used to be $13. but it is still 5 lower than around my house...... Will have to scout around for more coupons like I had last month.

Pulling a zero on the new to me table and chairs here at moms. She is positive they are all in her basement, but so far, I've got the chairs, 2 leaves and a table ........TOP. No legs for this event. Pretty sure we'd find this inconvenient!! Will give the search another try today before I head home. I'm determined to get a serviceable table, with 4 matching chairs......without paying for them of course! Smile Where would the challenge be if I just went shopping??

Almost done with the knitted scarf to exchange for another massage tomorrow. I could get very used to this deal and I'm a speedy knitter, especially when it comes to this kind of knitting. I call it my 'idiot knitting' except when teaching a beginning class! Smile Wouldn't do there........ But, it is just stupid straight knitting...I can do it while doing several other things at the same time! (very grateful I'm not forced to knit at the same time as running a household like women in previous generations had to do..... there is a device I've only seen in photos, of a 'wing' event, a needle that was held under a womans arm, enabling her to knit with one hand, while keeping up with her other chores.)

Time for breakfast I hear....... I'm so spoiled. Coffee, toast & home made jam of course.....and I smell bacon too. Is there anything more yummy than that? Especially when someone else does the cooking!!!

Escaping for a few...........

October 25th, 2006 at 07:11 pm

Heading to moms after teaching another private knitting class this afternoon.

Needing a bit of time alone (which is totally impossible here at the 'ranch') and mom has a TO DO list too. I'll get both needs met at once, plus get in some great visit time too.........an out to dinner event and hopefully a haircut.

Leaving a note to the young couple, asking them to move on.........They aren't working out, they aren't working at all is the bottom line. The previous couple has found a way out of their lease, and have asked to come back. (this is the couple that cooks, cleans, does chores and is so much fun to have around..........also the massage person!!) They are willing to pay the going rate for rent too.....so we should all win on this one. (I told them not to move out in the first place!)

Spending a ton of money today.......transferring dollars to the checking account to cover the 2nd half of property taxes. Days like this, one questions owning properties.

Best Laid Plans, etc, etc............

October 25th, 2006 at 04:06 am

I don't think I crossed off more than 2 things from my list today. I was like a train that kept de-railing..........all day long. The positive thing was; it was a no spender.

I did have a relaxing morning, which was a good thing, because there was no stopping once I got busy. Went to teach a private knitting lesson; and wonder of wonders, this woman has finally 'got it'. I was so pleased & she was just WAY excited. Very fun to have a part in this.

Stopped at the bank to make a decent deposit and while waiting in line had an Oh Gads moment........I had a sewing customer coming in 30 minutes. Headed straight home........and almost made it.

Rounding one of the last curves on the way home, the truck in front of me suddenly stopped (so I did too), the driver jumped out and ran ahead, already on his cell. I got out.........followed him to find a young man, face down in the road. By this time, we had another young man join us......but both guys were scared to approach the guy on the ground. Just because my drama quota wasn't filled yet, I volunteered. Found out the guy was definately alive, conscious and then started talking to him. Obviously, he was a bit disoriented, told me he was following Gods' plan & he was listening for direction. Told him, so was I........and we were both supposed to be moving to the shoulder, asap.

After about 30 minutes, with no response from the sherrif, I get the guy to the side of the road. Someone shuts off my van, I get a guy with a big truck to block my van, as I'm totally in a blind corner all this time....... Actually we all were......this kid was so lucky he wasn't killed.

Then, my customer drives by, slows down and opens his window..........Says my name & has this dazed look on his face as he takes in the situation.... Must have been something! Anyway, I told him to go back to my house, go in and get his order......he reported back to me that he had & that he made another 911 call, since we were obviously still having a "situation".

We got the guy sitting up, then he decided he needed to continue on with his walk........so I headed home to call 911 again, we were out of all of our reception areas at this time...and the driver #1 followed the young man with his flashers on.......

I heard from a neighbor, that the aide car & sherrif were coming up the road a bit later, so hopefully, they got this guy a room for the night and an evaluation of some sort.

By the time I got back here, I was SOOO cold, since I hadn't dressed for the event. Started the wood stove and then had another Oh Gads moment........ I had a customer coming in the early AM and I didn't have her order even started.

Flying to the sewing room........I grabed my notes and the supplies and started in. This was a one of a kind, never done it before, didn't know if it would work sort of job. Just the ticket for the afternoon I didn't really have my wits with me. But, I think I've got a possible successful attempt here....... I told the woman I would give it a try, then she would have to see if it worked..... Crossing fingers for this one.

I'm done for the night. Certainly not done with my TO DO list for the day; good thing I get a brand new day tomorrow!

My Furnace Quandry

October 24th, 2006 at 02:14 pm

I'm still going back and forth on the question of the year here...........Do I put in a new furnace or just tough it out with the wood stove??

I thought I was done with this decision; weighing in on the wood stove side.........but I've come up with more questions for myself and it seems I need more information to make this a well informed decision.

I've had a couple mornings here, where a fire would be nice.........but I was going to be gone. With the new tenants, I'm not totally confidant they would "pass" my test of sorts to be Keepers of the Fire. So, we had no fire.....& it was definately chilly in here until I got the stove started later in the evening.

I'll call my magician of a furnace man & get a quote on a new furnace; just a bare bones variety. We don't need bells & whistles here.........just a bit of heat when lighting the stove isn't an option.
The figure will make my decision for me. And, the line where it is just TOO MUCH, is totally imaginary. Funny, that. So, we'll see if I can get this decision made & be happy with it finally. We'll either be able to turn on the furnace for a bit to take off the chill.....or I'll be busy knitting everyone their personal afghan to cozy up with! Smile

Cash.........Dribbling In

October 24th, 2006 at 03:12 am

Not a ton of money, but there was some to the good column here today. The dog sitting event netted $60.00 which was a nice surprise! I earned it, but it was still a surprise, since I was doing it as a favor.

Had company almost all day........sometimes they overlapped which made it feel like we had a sign posted somewhere that said "Come On Over..." Smile These kinds of days make me tired. No reason to be pooped, but I am.

I did make a few people sit in my sewing room to visit, so I could keep working, as I have some orders that need to be ready for pick up tomorrow. (that means money in tomorrow too...love that feeling)

I need to bite the bullet tomorrow and send off the payments for the 2nd half of the property taxes. I've waited as long as I can without missing the deadline of the 31st. Have them all set up for online payment, so it's a snap.

Picked up a fabulous find on freecycle today. I had asked for a wooden headboard......and I got one. When I got it home & see it in the daylight......It is soooo much better than I imagined it. I'm so excited to start working on this project; it will be the centerpiece of my room if it turns out half as good as I can visualize it in my head. I will need to buy the foam, and whatever else I think it needs to make it cushy, but it won't end up being anything close to the $800. bid I had from the decorator last winter. And, the cheaper a project ends up being; the better I end up liking it. There is a definate connection between the two.

Knitting a scarf to barter for another massage. Wonder how many scarves she can really use?? Smile

Sold a $100 table at the antique booth today....that will help get the numbers up this month. Can't wait to see how it's doing......heading there on Thursday. I've got the mini van almost full of new items; let's hope there is room to stuff them into the booth.

Spent nothing today. Ate leftovers from the week end. Got rid of 2 more boxes of excess stuff on Freecycle. Got lots of help on the TO DO list from the new couples....we are starting to look clean & spruced up wherever you look. Good to have all this help & I'm going to be sure to add more things to the list every week. (no dummy here!) Smile


October 20th, 2006 at 09:34 pm

My house is a study in gratitude this week.

Couple #1 (the young kids) aren't grateful for a thing, at least that's the way they act. Fortunately, they aren't at the house much. Praying they get a permanent situation real soon! Smile

Couple #2.....Grateful for every little thing and tell me so often. Very helpful around here, always keeping their eyes open for things that need doing.

Me: Can't imagine being in either couples shoes. I have all my needs covered oh so well........and have many of my wants met too. Blessed indeed.
(I'm also grateful I only have 1 dog....the extra dog this week is truly a hassle some times!!!)

Room mate person: So into herself she isn't even aware of the needs of both of these couples. Granted she has a full plate this week, but she has been in these peoples shoes.......I guess I just expected more awareness from her.

Chalking up another no spending day, but will have a huge chunk of change going out this coming week.........2nd half of property taxes coming due on Halloween. Yuk. I've got the funds, I just hate to spend them on so much that I don't agree on!

Back to work..........more drapes to hem. I'm beginning to think that is all I've got in the sewing room.

A Full House

October 20th, 2006 at 12:06 am

We're full to the rafters here........all beds that is. Actually, we're out of beds and using the aerobed.

Found another couple, or they found me to be more exact. They are in the boys room until the week end. In the meantime, they are going to move the vintage travel trailer out from the overflow parking area and set it up as theirs in the back forty. No septic hook up, so they will be inside for bathroom & laundry........plus anything else they need. I love these two. Less than 24 hours after arriving, they have done things off my TO DO list already! What a treat for me.

Mom was here this AM, amidst the morning activity of all my new people heading off to jobs..... Good thing my mom is a go with the flow kind of lady! After the crowd thinned out, I gave her a perm and haircut, after which she promptly handed over a new 100 bill. Teased her about needing to get a perm more often! Smile

Room mate person still dealing with car accident & paperwork (not her best thing). Truck out of the storage yard but not before a $700 fee. She just refuses to "hear" me when I mention things like how much it is costing per day for the vehicle..... Good thing she had the money; and unusual for her too. A few years ago, she would have had to let the vehicle just go. So, I guess there is progress. No word yet as to any impact this is going to have on me. Room mate person has pledged to cover any increase in our insurance premiums......It will be touch and go as to whether she CAN cover any increases.

Another no spender here for me. Also started a dog sitting event/favor for this week.....I know I'll get paid for this one too. Silly really since I already have a dog to walk, this one is no more work. But, I'm not going to argue when the doggies mommy hands me money next week!

I'm getting close to caught up on the sewing orders.......they were creeping up on me earlier in the week. Spent some time yesterday making organization from chaos in the sewing room too, which has helped my attitude. The nicer my space is, the more I love working in it. Funny how that works!

Made another "bed buddy" for my mom, hers was getting worn out and ugly. Simple white tube socks, (I put one inside another) fill with white cheap rice and sew shut. Heat in the microwave and toss in a cold bed while you're brushing your teeth.......absolutely heavenly to crawl into an already warm bed!! They are also nice to put around your neck, or on your lap. Saves turning the heat up sometimes.

Time's almost up here before everyone starts to return home. I truly love a full house!

My No Spend Philosophy

October 18th, 2006 at 02:10 am

As I was headed home from a new knitting class I've booked today........I started thinking about how today was another No Spend Day for me. That started me thinking about how that works, why it works and just how I end up living this way and not minding it at all. (I get more than a few questions from friends about my lack of spending)

I think the first thought has to be mulling over whether something is a need or a want. Those are pretty easy for me, as I am old enough I've easily got all my needs taken care of (or I should by now) and things are in the want catagory.

Once I have defined the need/want issue.....then the rest isn't as organized. I know I think hard about if I could do without whatever it is......or could I make it?........could I barter for it? Do I know someone else with one & do they still need theirs??

Obviously, I run through Craigslist and Freecycle to see if I could pick one up for the price of the drive....

And, there is the question about cost vs. payof