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Odd Events Continue

February 7th, 2007 at 02:38 pm

My life is certainly not boring. In fact, I'd like to try boring for a day or two. Smile

Sewing like a crazy woman here, taking on some jobs I had no business taking on....since they are the kind that makes me cranky for doing it in the first place. When will I learn to hold the line on the ones I really don't like?

Picked up 2 new knitting students; fun ones, that actually know how to knit but want to add to their skills. These always make me learn new things too.........so much the better.

The first of Feb came and went, and guess what? The 4 horses were still in our pastures. I had given notice to their owner to move them out by 1/31.....and apparently, she has no calendar! I have a call in to her but I'm pretty sure she won't call me back. I just can't imagine doing something like what she is doing....just ignoring my request, pretending we don't see her when she comes daily to feed???

And, if the horse bit isn't making me cranky, I got a LONG email from my renters (who were scheduled to start paying rent this month.........they had been repairing the house & property for me in exchange up til now).... They informed me they needed a new furnace, new water heater, and they would like the floor leveled in the upstairs... An exterminator for the ant problem (any hints Thrifty Ray??....I've already had an exterminator & still have ants) They were upset I had told them my electric bill was $150 a month (average plan) and their latest bill was over $700..... They want me to do something about one neighbor and a neighborhood dog.... They were miffed about my recent email letting them know I was going to list the adjoining empty lot, complaining it would increase traffic, disrupt their parking situation and generally mess up their lives. The last sentence was the topper however.........they only plan to pay less then half the agreed upon rent, as they couldn't consider paying the original amount with all the things that were wrong with the house/neighborhood, etc.

I had to sleep on this email for a couple days or my reply was going to be delivered with flames attached. I ended up with a decent sounding, but VERY firm response. I reminded them of our agreement and told them I wasn't in a place I could underwrite the property any longer. They did respond back this AM, saying they would pay the correct amount, and I agreed to get someone in to look at the furnace & hot water heater. I'm just not cut out to be a landlord. I hate this part of the job. Seriously thinking about selling the property .........and did tell the tenants that in my response. Surprised myself and told them if they didn't hold up their end of the agreement, to consider my email their 30 day notice to vacate.

Anyway..........life here is just sailing along. Still have a houseful of formerly homeless folks, with one additional gentleman added to the mix as of last night. Lots of my odd jobs are getting attention these days....Smile

Times up, must head back to the sewing room.

5 Responses to “Odd Events Continue”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    Holy cow! Sounds like you could use a vacation!LOL

  2. daylily Says:

    That certainly makes me never want to be a landlord. I hear horror stories like this and wonder WHO are these tenants.
    I rented for a total of nine years in various locations and with various people and NEVER gave the landlords any problem or missed rent payments.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Have you gone out to speak with the woman when she comes to feed the horses? That's probably the only way you will get a response from her.

  4. fern Says:

    Good for you to standing up to your tenants.It's hard to play the tough guy but as i guess you know, people will tend to take advantage if you don't.

    Good going.

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I just read this post. Actually, ants can be a little tricky to get rid of. Usually, even though they are in the house...their 'nest' is either in a wall or under the house. We have gone to using a very strong pesticide (one thats often used for carpnter ants or termites) to control tougher ant issues...and we've had fairly good success. If you can find out what chemical the pest guy is using, PM me and I will get more detail for you from my son.

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