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Everyone's Getting Better

October 18th, 2007 at 02:46 pm

The twins are both recovering .......getting to be more their old selves every day. Starting to joke around again!

Even tho I have dinner in the oven, they have decided it's out to dinner time here. They have called ahead and made sure their favorite is on special today, so we're doing the frugal route even if it is a restaurant. With all our senior cards, it should be a decent meal, a break for the "cook" here and a mini celebration they have turned the corner health wise!

The twins have taken on my moms giant lifetime recipe collection today......aiming to get it honed down to a couple 3 ring binders. We'll see how close they get to that goal. Mom has never really moved.....she re located to an apartment she owned but got to leave this house as is, since she rented it to her grandson. So, this move will be the first time things like this major stash of recipes has to be packed.

I finished listing the books of my dads today........at least the books that have been hauled upstairs. Can't see any others in the basement yet, I'm sure we'll uncover more when we dig a bit further. I've got over 800 listed at this point, and have been selling a few each week. I'm also keeping up with my reading......I set aside anything of dads that looks interesting to me to read before I list them. He had a wide selection of topics saved up & some are more than a little surprising! It's been a fun little 'visit' with my dad.

Our beach house is now listed as "pending" so it is looking more like a done deal. Still can't quite believe we're doing this.......it's going to be great, but it still doesn't feel real.

Off to baste the chickens that aren't going to be for dinner! Smile

5 Responses to “Everyone's Getting Better”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    Everyone's getting what?? I'm lost. Wink

  2. contrary1 Says:

    denisentexas: I need to trim my nails........ Smile I can type on several rows at a time, and apparently sent this entry off prior to typing it. Surprised me too.

    Check again, the actual entry is there now. Smile Off to find the nail file.

  3. denisentexas Says:

    Ahh, the old hit the button with the long nails thing! I've done that, too. lol I figured it was something like that! I was hoping, though, that you were going to say everyone is getting $10,000 from the government. Wink Hey, I can dream!!

  4. boomeyers Says:

    Hmmm, chickens not for dinner. I'll take em!!!

  5. contrary1 Says:

    And, truly.............the chicken WAS for dinner. Our power went out in the late afternoon .......after the chickens were done. So, we ditched plans to be out on the roads, since the traffic lights wouldn't be working, and there was a big chance the restaurant would have also lost power. Menu turned out to be: Chicken sandwiches with onion & tomato from the garden.......with a cole slaw and leftover apple pie for dessert. Not bad at all. Those chickens came in handy again!

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