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September 19th, 2007 at 03:40 pm

We heard from the listing agent, the sellers of the beach house didn't accept our offer, but have counter offered.
We're approx $75,000 different in our numbers....and have until tomorrow night at 9PM to respond.

Mom & I have had some interesting discussions today about what to do. I point out how hard she and dad worked for so long.........that this seems a small sum to me. She thinks it is huge, but she is always comparing things to what they used to cost.

I can't figure out what they pinched and saved for, if not to enjoy it. The grandkids have all told her the same thing, I don't think anyone has had a negative comment about her buying the little house on the beach.

Money wise, it will be a stretch at the beginning. She will be financing the house, after we pool our available funds for the downpayment. The other real estate is beginning to be listed, and when it sells, we can either pay the loan down, or leave it and invest the funds, so we create an income stream.

I'm not at all worried about she & I being able to 'tighten the belt' as she says. Between us, we take cheap to new heights! With a goal like this one, I know we both have our priorities set in stone already.

So.........it's a waiting game again. Easy evening here, then a wild day tomorrow. Both of us have appointments all day on into the evening when we have the new couple sign the lease on the little rental. In the middle of all that, we'll meet with our realtor (also known as #1 grandson) and see if mom wants the house enough to counter. I'm betting she does! Smile

3 Responses to “Well........poo”

  1. baselle Says:

    Hmmm... 75K. Were you the only offer? If so (and probably - otherwise the seller would go with that offer), you have a certain amount of quiet leverage. There's an old saying "the first offer is the best offer." It might well be that the seller is trying to play a game with you. I think I'd try to counter counter offer, or make at least a play at walking away and see how that goes.
    Course I lost 25$ at poker last night...what do I know! Big Grin

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I hope you get it!!

  3. fern Says:

    Well if you have to play that game, make a counter offer that's only slightly more than your initial one. And wait til close to 9 pm. Negoitations are a mind game. If they think you're not all that interested after all, perhaps they'll reconsider. How long has it been on the market for?

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