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Gardeners Make Great Friends

September 18th, 2007 at 03:09 pm

Almost 2 weeks (maybe even 3) ago, I answered a 'Wanted' post on freecycle, regarding rhubarb plants. Today, I was finally at the old house and got to meet Joy, the woman wanting rhubarb.

Joy came bearing gifts. She had everything from starts of chocolate mint to fresh tomatoes from her garden. (If you have never had the aromatic type mint plants, you really should try some, kids as well as adults love them.)

We visited while she did the work....digging up 2 of my rhubarb plants the current tenants are just letting go to waste. It always bugs me to see food going to waste anyway......and these plants were starts from my old place.......which was from a start from my dads garden when he was still living, so to me, they were even more important.

Before Joy left, I had managed to convince her she "needed" some other plants from my garden......strawberries, crocosmia, Japanese anenomes, lavatera, and a minty little ground cover. I hate for people to come all the way for just one plant! And, despite the neglect in this garden, things were growing fairly well. With some attention in Joys' garden, they should flourish.

On my way home, after spending the last couple days at the old house, I was pondering how gardeners seem to be so friendly. Is it just because we share plants between us & we are outgoing in order to share?? Or, perhaps gardening is usually a solitary pastime and we are thrilled to spend time with someone else?? I don't know for sure, but as we got starts for Joys' garden, I was reminded of the generous gardeners I had met because of the garden.

Thanks Joy, for making my day! I know each of us will be working in our gardens today, getting our new to us plants settled in!

7 Responses to “Gardeners Make Great Friends”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I trust people who garden. Gardeners are in touch with some fundamentals of life. Meeting a gardener makes me really happy.

  2. miz pat Says:

    The only thing i have ever grown successfully (besides fingernails and hair) are aloe plants. I have a ton on them in the front flower box that runs the length of the living room. One day a friend told me she knew a woman with cancer who needed organic aloe for a pineapple/aloe shake she was supposed to eat daily, and I gladly gave her bunches and bunches of my aloe and just rejoiced at the thought it was doing someone a special good. So even with my limited gardening experience, I can see why this was so wonderful for you. Its giving the gift of food, i.e. life to other people. How kewll

  3. fern Says:

    That was so nice to share your rhubarb plants. I love doing plant exchanges, altho i dont' often meet fellow gardeners who want to do this.

    Right now, i could give away my autumn joy sedum, plenty of strawberry plants, and a nice varegated green/white ground cover whose name escapes me. Also plenty of pachysandra if anyone really wanted it, plus lily of the valley pips and volunteer dwarf cherry seedlings.

  4. (: joy :) Says:

    I love it when you can walk through another persons garden and they have stories about who and where thier plants came from. It is even better when the walker/listener gets a plant "start" from some of those plants with stories. My garden has plants that were shared as plant "starts", from special people in my life that I knew or heard stories about. They have touched me in such a way that I feel like the plant/start does a way better job of explaining, and showing, the love and gratitude I have for knowing them, or knowing about them. Every time I see/touch/smell/ or share that plant, I recall another wonderful person who lived on this earth and touched peoples souls. Wow, what a priveledge! I guess plant "starts" can be a way of reminding us to always "START TO LIVE!" And gardeners that share, are blessed with many stories in the earths garden of life.

  5. Bare Bones Gardener Says:

    For gardeners it is our little piece of the 'garden of eden', and with sharing we pass on a little piece of ourselves.

  6. phyllis gosnell Says:

    i thank it is good ilik it so much keep up the goodwork i love it your trule phyllis

  7. Jerry Says:

    I have strawberry plants and slips from rosemary/oregano/bee balm/lavender....just bring sharp scissors to cut your own. These are to giveaway in exchange for onion sets/seeds..rhubarb and slips from other herbs.

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