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Hair Cut Coupon & Other Stuff

August 28th, 2007 at 10:34 am

Mom had found a coupon for a local salon....same one I used last month and received a $5.00 gift card for a return visit. Since the coupon expired this week, I stopped off for a routine haircut yesterday. $7.99 instead of $15.00......works for me. The woman cut it almost as short as I've ever had it...almost no hair left! The flip side of cuts this short is I can go almost 2 months without having to return. Then, I'll use my gift card.

Moms raised garden bed is almost finished. The basic box is constructed and attached to the ground. All we're waiting for are the benches now. What a nice addition to the yard this will be. Good thing we wern't planning to use it this season, as it might just get done before the snow flies. Since it's a barter situation, I'm not going to push this gentleman, he has given me more than I was ever thinking of in the first place. We will spend the winter filling it half way with garden trimmings, leaves, and a bag of lime to keep things sweet. I've got a tarp ready to cover the "mix" with for the winter, all we need to do is plan out the spring plantings!

Sold another book from my dads collection. This is getting to be a regular deal here. I've listed a few more books this morning with cases and cases still to go. Anything that isn't worth selling goes to freecycle and the odd books I believe are really worth something are here in my room waiting for me to figure out how to market them.

Talked to downstairs tenant from house #1 yesterday, they too want to be out of the house in approx 6 months. So, it is time to market the place, either for sale or for lease again. At least this time it is in great shape. These people finished things I had been living with for decades. (2nd kitchen installed is the biggie) First thing on the agenda is to get the 6 month lease deal written up and signed all round. Then, will start to figure out what to do with the place.

Did make reservations for the 1031 seminar for next week. I've done one, but certainly don't understand all the details. Hoping to get much smarter after attending this event!

Off to work on moms income tax stuff again. Small celebration in order here.......we're almost done gathering details for the 2005 taxes here! Huge promise to self: 2007 will be totally different~ Smile

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