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Catching Up

October 13th, 2007 at 11:08 pm

The day has gone by in a whoosh!

My aunt was picked up this AM, supposedly to go to her home for the week at least. Well, plans changed, she got there (2.5 hours drive) and watered plants, grabbed clean clothes & more meds and her son brought her right back here. Glad she feels comfy here at least, but I know my mom was hoping for a break.

The sun came out for the afternoon, so I dashed about the yard & made a little more headway on the fall tasks. Can't do much more, as the yard waste container is FULL already. Hate this thing.

Seemed like I cooked all day too.......and have a kettle of beans soaking tonight for chili tomorrow.

My week end young man tripped in his room this morning, and I thought it was my mom falling.......she had just gone in her room to take a nap! As I came sailing down the hallway, she poked her head out of her room and said "I bet you thought that was me?" Smile Young man not hurt, he just tripped over all his stuff he insists on covering the floor with. Thought sure I had another fall to deal with!

No errands, no shopping, no going anywhere today. Nice. Did get a call from a tenant, he said he woke up during the night hearing noises in the attic or crawl space above his apartment. Tricky, since the building is a flat roofed affair with no attic. Hmmmm. Called the exterminator guy & gave him the job of contacting the tenant. Too much to do here to arrange that one. He thought he'd enjoy seeing an attic with the flat roof too! Smile

2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    I'm glad your aunt and mom are doing better and glad your aunt is comfortable in your home. I wonder what prompted her to return, though? Hmmmm

    Oh well, sounds like you have it all under control and are managing well. Smile

  2. contrary1 Says:

    denisentexas: Many things brought my aunt right back here. She says the food's good! Smile Her twin is a big draw......although they have never lived close to each other before, I do think this is a dress rehearsal of sorts, to see if they could share a home.

    And, another big deal to my aunt.........her best friend that is in the last stages of lung cancer now has family involved in his care, so she sees that as no longer being needed. She has no role there, and she had been the primary caregiver up til this past week end. Being here makes that easier in a way I think.

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