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Giving Myself a Reminder

October 1st, 2007 at 11:25 pm

Just in case I needed a reminder of why I quit/retired from full time foster parenting........I had my last full time kiddo here for an overnight tonight. I'm pooped and I'm only half done with the visit.

I need to hold up until after lunch tomorrow and then I'm taking him home..... He did help with a long list of chores that had just backed up on me here. Things like finishing the van unloading job; so easy for him! He only has one speed and it is ten times faster than I can ever dream of going, so we do make short work of TO DO lists together.

I was storing an item for a friend of this young mans.......so tomorrow on the way back to his house, we're packing up the item and I will have one more thing off my list of 'stuff to do before moving'.

Beach house update: Electrician only found one wall heater that needs replacing, the rest of the electrical system is fine. Concrete/foundation guy said he would get a report faxed in to us by this evening.....so far, nothing.
Haven't heard from the plumber either. My skills at waiting aren't getting much better, even with all this practice! Smile

Sold another book on Amazon tonight. Just took 3 to the post office this morning that had sold over the week end. I'm getting used to this regular little addition to the savings account.

Off to bed, need to rest up for a full morning of watching cartoons together!

1 Responses to “Giving Myself a Reminder”

  1. (: joy :) Says:

    hope all is good news with your beach house. once everything is done (and it will be in due time) then you'll be able to enjoy puttering around at your pace!!

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