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Rental Details........Still

September 28th, 2007 at 09:43 pm

It seems like the details with moms little house rental never end. I'd have a HUGE for sale sign on this place if it was mine.

Today we returned a set of burner pan thingys that were the wrong size for the stove.......cleaned up the old ones and are making them do. Bought another light fixture for the bathroom, as what we got makes light enough to be considered romantic; which wouldn't work for make up or shaving. No choice in lights, as it had to be with the pull chain deal. (old, old, house)

Dropped light fixture off for electrician who was supposed to be finishing up tonight. (called & re scheduled for tomorrow) Also had to set him up to update the outlets in the apartment, the tenant is being very nice about not being able to plug in his electronics. I'd be throwing a fit!

Had a freecycle success and several vintage light fixtures found new homes.....and we cleared out a bit more space in the basement here. Still making progress on this....just so slow it is hard to tell sometimes.

Sold another book, have it packaged up and ready to go to town tomorrow when we have to return for the electrician.

Oh, we fit in a review of the inspection report, and signed documents to send to the seller. Plus, my week end young man arrived.......with an ear infection and extra meds. 30 minutes with ear drops 4X's a day. That should keep us occupied this week end!

Mom & I are getting tired of the details here lately. I can see her becoming not overwhelmed exactly, but definately worn down with the constant something that needs attention. Forgot one today: We needed to get a plumber into the rental house too.......our usual guy is booked until the end of Oct, so we're trying a new one on Thurs. There is a leak in a pipe that we have a high tech solution for right now (a bucket) and have to remember to run down every day or so to empty said bucket.

Stopped at the rec center when in town, my class for next week has 7 registered already, will buy supplies tomorrow. I would never have agreed to all these classes if I knew we were going to be buying a house and possibly moving! Too much for my brain to process........

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  1. boomeyers Says:

    Hang in there!

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