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Surrounded by my stuff

September 28th, 2007 at 02:25 am

I headed to the old house this AM to supervise the loading of my things......which began to look like stuff right away quick.

By the time the crew was unloading it here, I was thinking of it in terms of junk! What in the world was I thinking about when I saved and carefully packed all this stuff??

Most everything is stored in moms garage at this point, since things feel so temporary right now. I've got a van full of "junk" that the movers didn't want in their truck, will save that to unload in the morning.

The whole day did cost me some money, but it was a job I couldn't do on my own and I've only got one son!!! Smile Nephews are all out of state, or recently injured in a car accident...so they are no help in the lifting and hauling department. So, the money was well spent and yes, I did shop around a bit first.

Now that there is no time crunch and I've got the load of things here.....I plan to go through things with a finer tooth comb this time; getting rid of almost everything! There are some things I just can't part with and what an odd bunch of stuff that is! My great grandmas rocker (really ugly, I keep saying I'm going to paint it and recover the cushion), a rattan doll buggy I had as a little girl (can't possibly get rid of that now can I?), a formal I wore in the late 60's!!! (way too many memories there!) and the list goes on.

The things I want to save and make space for, in addition to paying someone again to haul them to the next house (still crossing fingers it's the beach house), are not very valuable. Just to me. It's been an interesting exercise to notice the items I paid for, or people bought me over the years......aren't really on my list of things to keep. I've freecycled some, gave some to my foster dtr and left some at the old house for the tenants to use... I've truly come to a point where it isn't "things" I want. Nice.

If it wasn't for my piano and my bedroom furniture, I think I could get my really special "stuff" into my van! Smile

6 Responses to “Surrounded by my stuff”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    I know just what you mean about moving and stuff. I have a storage unit with 'stuff' in it. I'm going through it all a little at a time and throwing away, giving away, etc. I didn't even take much when I left but I sure have a lot, anyway. Waaay too much so out, out it goes! Simplify, simplify. I've waited 25 years to do this. Smile

  2. JanH Says:

    Lol. I have one rocker that belonged to my grandfather that is really uncomfortable, but I won't get rid of it. And I have one that belonged to my great-grandmother that kitty has shredded the cushion and I'll have to redo. Trust the kitty to know which one is the more comfortable!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I still have the jumpsuit that I wore to elvis' concert on Feb. 15th, 1977!!

  4. fern Says:

    I have a dozen or so boxes of old photo albums and old letters from friends, family and old boyfriends, that i cart around with me each time i've moved, but they're never unpacked and go straight to the attic. These are memories i could never part with, atho truth be told if i ever went up there on a rainy afternoon and browsed thru some of that stuff i'd end up feeling wierd, bittersweet emotions i'd rather not revisit. I very much prefer living in the moment.

  5. Carolina Bound Says:

    I know what you mean. I moved a lot of stuff to North Carolina -- a lot of it because, in the end, it was easier to pack it than figure out what to do with it.

  6. contrary1 Says:

    So good to hear I'm not the only one packing 'stuff' around with me. I hadn't moved for decades and here I am moving 3 times in, let's see.......4 years it will be (if we get that beach house deal). The stuff factor really caught me by surprise, as I just wasn't aware of how much I had until I had to pack it up and move it. ICK.

    Ina: I love that you've still got your jumpsuit you wore to the Elvis concert. I saw him live too, in Seattle..but I confess, I have no idea what I wore!!! Thank goodness I didn't save that outfit too, I've got enough clothes saved for the memories already!

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