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Putting the Garden to Bed

September 23rd, 2007 at 08:04 pm

I actually love this time of year; for lots of reasons. As someone who loves gardening and the results of gardening, this is sort of final curtain time with the yard.

I cleaned out the lettuce beds last week, nothing worth harvesting, they had all got too damp......so into the yard waste bin.

Today I brought in an armful of cucumbers.....twice......and pulled out all the old vines. Lots of cleared ground after this one, it was amazing how far a few plants went. We've had fresh cucumbers now for a couple months which has been very yummy.

Harvested a zuchinni that had got away from me, so it's going to become spice cake as of tomorrow. There are a handful of tiny ones that I'll be watching and try to get them in before they freeze if we have some nasty weather roll in. Hoping we have nice enough days these will continue to mature as we didn't get our fill of zuchinni pancakes! No matter how many of these plants I manage to put in each spring, I've never had too many. The zuchinni jokes are lost on me!

I've got many other projects to take care of before I'm going to be happy with the gardens. I am a stickler about getting the work done right away, because I hate working with slimy wet remains of plants in the garden. Today was sunny at times, no rain here and not cold yet........perfect gardening weather.

I won't be planting anything this season, as we've still got our fingers crossed about our beach house deal. (tomorrow should bring us some news about the title search/easement & well issues) So, the work is only cosmetic here; everything will be trimmed and picked up before I feel like settling in by the wood stove with my knitting!

1 Responses to “Putting the Garden to Bed”

  1. (: joy :) Says:

    hope tomorrow brings you good news about the beach house. i can picture you and your mom so relaxed and sitting in lawn chairs with the sand playfully sifting through your toes Smile i've acquired more freecycle plants and am making new gardens for them now (which i had planned for in my head. we do have plenty of room in our sunny back yard). next year will be so wonderful to have freash rhubarb, strawberries,and raspberries. zuchinni pancakes??? i'd love your recipe. i love/grow zuchinni but i've never had that.

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