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Checking In

August 2nd, 2007 at 08:38 pm

Can't even say I've been crazy busy here at moms........not sure what the deal is. Perhaps it is the slower pace, with very little of interest going on??

Spending time reading up on the 2 health care plans for mom, we need to make a decision asap, as she has meds to buy and wants to get her eyeglasses updated. I know which way I'd go, but still operating in the mode that lets her choose.

We are now eating veggies & salads out of the garden here at moms. I still bring produce from the garden at the old place, so often times dinner consists of 3 veggies and a salad. Love dinners like that!

Mom just had to run through Costco again today (think this is twice in 7 days), can't even remember why she had to go. It's her money, so all I do is drive and unload groceries. I am drawing the line at her purchasing things I can make better from scratch. Have no idea when she got so lazy! This weeks addition is homemade salad dressings from now on. Just couldn't see putting bottled dressings on a salad we picked!

Listed a couple hundred books of my dads onto Amazon.com. Gave away at least that many on freecycle this week too. The progress on the book situation is such that you can't even notice any difference. Very depressing.
Now, I'm just hoping there are people out there wanting some of these obscure books of dads. I just wish I was interested in some of them, but most are horrid accounts of wars of some kind. Not my kind of read.

It's been too hot to walk here.....hoping the cool down this evening holds out and I can get back outside tomorrow morning & get to moving. Miss my walking & am still searching for a local walking partner. I do so much better with someone to meet. My current person can only walk 20-30 minutes & I'm needing an hour at least. Will keep searching and walking alone when I can muster the enthusiasm.

After months of not hearing from a Bzz campaign, I got accepted for one today. Details after I get my kit in the mail.

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