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Well Spoiled Here

August 12th, 2006 at 07:44 pm

This could get very, very habit forming. I had to dash off to work for my part time job today........and came home exactly at dinner time to find the young lady had cooked a full course meal....and baked a peach cobbler to boot.

She had the fan on so the smell was wafting outside when I got here. Yummy, totally yummy!

She had done laundry, he had dug a trench for the compost near the garden plot.......he is washing dishes and she is sweeping.

I really have no idea when someone did the dinner here for me. Either it's been decades ago, or I'm too old to remember anyway!

They had even bought me flowers and a card.........I told them I was paying someone to go rent their apartment out from under them so they would HAVE to stay here! I could get sooooo used to this!

5 Responses to “Well Spoiled Here”

  1. jacquelynrose Says:

    Ohhh that does sound nice....ahhhhhh how sweet. Smile

  2. ima saver Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful couple!!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Can you give them my address???

  4. contrary1 Says:

    Boomeyers: No, I'm not giving them any other addresses.........I've told them I was trying to think of creative ways to never let them leave here!! Smile

  5. baselle Says:

    Congrats on the great renters. You very much deserve them!

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