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Moms Health Insurance: The Saga Continues

August 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Day 2 of this new journey into health care madness.

Discovered we truly HAD to go see the primary DR listed on moms card, there was no other way to get the referral to go back to the nose specialist on Friday. What a backwards system to have the more expensive method of accomplishing this be the only way to go....so, off we went today.

I did put my foot down.......or my pen to be specific. They asked us to fill out the reams of paperwork as we were a NEW patient. I put moms name on it, she signed it and I told them we couldn't remember any of the other answers. They left me alone. (I'm presuming I looked ticked from the moment I arrived!)

To the DR's credit, all he did was take moms blood presure & tell us he would fax the referral in prior to our Friday appt. Crossing fingers he does just that! Will call in the AM to be sure.

By the time I got the car, mom was pooped........we headed straight home and she went back to bed. Again, what a dumb system to make her do this for what could have been an OK over the phone, FAX or a letter to the insurance co.

Mom's doing OK, but has spent the day having sneezing bouts. Not good when your nose is packed full of what amounts to a teensy sponge. Hoping she looks OK to the DR tomorrow and they return her nose to normal.

I have 2 more medical appointments to go with mom in this coming week.....me, around doctors and nurses. I've had a life long thing with the medical profession in general. I worked in the health care field for a couple decades, and then had to again deal with so many appointment with all my special needs kids.........very few experiences could be classified as positive. I can almost see my mom hoping I keep my mouth shut when we go into these appointments. Smile I have been appropriate, she didn't have to give me 'the look' that all parents seem to know how to do. But, this week is trying my patience to the max!

Nephew person came over this evening (he is also the realtor for anything we are going to be doing) and we talked beach houses again. Waiting for moms nose situation to be cleared up, as well as the last of the Dr appointments off the calendar........then we're heading to another house on the penninsula.

My son also stopped in today, interesting to see him enjoying an actual job these days. He's getting paid very well it seems, however he has made some very bad choices in his young life and owes some pretty big money before any of this can be considered his money.....

No spending today.....other than the stupid DR appt, it was a quiet day; a little gardening, lots of knitting and plenty of time visiting.

Three Book Sale Day

August 21st, 2007 at 04:13 pm

We sold 3 of dads books in one day! I've never done that before, however I've never had this many listed at once either. Apparently there are others who are interested in obscure history as well as math books from the 40's.

The freecycle birdhouses are a hit. I picked them up today and already have one in a tree here.

Did spend some money on the way home.......the local craft store had all their yarn on sale. Prices lower than I could get on line, so I picked up enough for a new afghan for moms living room here......and enough extra to use for my knitting/crochet classes this fall. So, truly, I'll get reimbursed for the yarn and the afghan will be free I believe.

Did get my address changed & the mail forwarded. Left a message for tenant with the post dated check. Working with former room mate person to get her name on the utilities from the old house.....that is harder than it needs to be. We both need to go in person with ID to get this accomplished. Gads.

Not feeling like I'm making much progress on this paperwork issue.

Did get a baby step in on moms tax stuff. Called the tax man....got some more specifics as to what he needed & then left another voice mail with the woman who holds the magic answers re; some property mom sold last year. (she just sold it, didn't file taxes, so all the capitol gains haven't been paid)

Called the electrician who is supposed to be working on the rental. He promises to get the job done by this coming week end. Scheduled him to come disconnect a heater in moms house......it won't turn off. (baseboard) Just runs on hot all the time. Guess which room?? My bathroom! Hotter than it needs to be in there, to say nothing of using power all the time.

Picked 6 cucumbers from the garden this AM, they are so good when they are this fresh. Hoping mom gets into cooking mode pretty soon with a couple of them. She makes a molded cucumber salad that I absolutely love.....slivered almonds in it....& cottage cheese. Very savory type salad and for some reason I've never made it myself. I laid all the cucumbers on the counter this AM....if she doesn't get the hint I'll have to dig out the recipe & add it to the pile!

Off to list more books!

How Can I Be This Busy & Be Retired??

August 7th, 2007 at 05:22 pm

I don't seem to have any true spare time these days. Moving to moms has saved the driving time between places (except for once every 2 weeks when I head to the old house)........but the rest of life seems to have gone into overdrive.

Maybe it's summer that makes it feel like that to me? Trying to keep up with the harvest from 2 veggie gardens perhaps?

Maybe it's how far behind moms place had fallen........Everything needs work here.

A battery powered hedge trimmer arrived yesterday & I got a pretty good workout today while taming the evergreen shrubs in the front yard. Very helpful tool; saved lots of time and for the first time out, the bushes look WAY better than before. I was worried I might butcher them, but I'm ready to take on the row of bushes along the driveway now.

Forced myself to the sewing room and finished another of the tops for my barter customer. Hoping to get to the last couple items tomorrow and arrange a fitting on Thurs. It will feel great to have this commitment completed.

Completed a Pinecone survey today, first one in a long time for me. It sounded like it was a product testing event too, so perhaps there will be some fun mail soon.

And, a book of my dads sold today. A pristine condition math book of all things. Hopefully, the rest will start moving soon & I'll be making a path to the post office! I didn't list anything that wasn't going to be worth the time & gas, so most sales will be over $25.00 and there are a couple that are in the 80-100 dollar range. Who knew dads books were more than just 'dads books'?? Because of his addiction to books, I can hardly buy a book. I need to really, really need it before I'll buy it to keep. Would much rather get it on loan from the library.

And, finally..........the Tax Update. We have got moms 2004 taxes done, both for the trust and for her. I've rounded up most of the paperwork for 2005 now, just waiting for a few things to come in the mail & we'll be ready to turn all that in. 2006 is close to being ready and heck, we'll even be in time since she has had an extension on this year for some reason. In the process of looking for all the right papers & numbers I've been re vamping her filing system. 2007 taxes should be a walk in the park come January. (no extensions either!!)

Soxx Appeal

July 19th, 2007 at 08:27 pm

That's the name of the new yarn I just received in the mail. And, the best part is I didn't pay for it!!! I was chosen to be a test knitter for a new yarn from Knit One, Crochet Too.

I've got one sock already on the needles as you can see from the picture. Yummy yarn. (no one but another knitter will understand how yarn can be 'yummy') The colors are perfect, couldn't have chosen better myself. The yarn is a superwash Merino wool (which means it's washable) with a tad of nylon and an even smaller amount of elastic. Should make up into great socks. (which I get to keep)

Doesn't get much better than this for a knitter!

And, There Was Water........drip, drip.....

June 27th, 2007 at 11:26 pm

Yes, this AM on one of my many treks down to the basement......I flipped the light switch and made a quick check of The Wall...... A small trickle of water and a crack in the wall with a drop or two; plus about an eighth of a cup of water on the floor. Hmmm.
Think the culprit is the garbage disposal after all the checking and re checking. Not a typical leak at the disposer however, but something to do with either the incoming water, or the drain behind the kitchen wall. The water is pooling upstairs in the dead space below the undersink cabinet or behind the cabinet. Yuk. Makes it almost impossible to get to.....but, easier now to tell a plumber what is leaking. Our version of taking care of this right now, is to not use the disposer! Temporary fix, but right now, that works.

Borrowed moms car for an errand to the title co, to sign for the re fi. Money will be wire transferred to my acct soon; actually forgot what day they said.
Took the car to the auto parts store, to pick up a tail light bulb, as we have one burned out. I thought I could get someone to show me how to replace said light since I couldn't seem to get to it on my own. (hate to be stupid, but the car must have been built around the light) No one at the store could get to the bulb either! So, it's a trip to a dealership for a lightbulb. I prefer vehicles where I can do at least the minor stuff.

Spent the last 48 hours cleaning and gardening so the house & yard look spic & span for moms bridge day tomorrow. Whipped out a bridge table cover too now that I'm here & understand just what she was needing. (from fabric I bartered for) Looks pretty good if I do say so....and the make shift sewing room worked too. I'm obviously too pooped to be writing....just tried to re read this paragraph and it doesn't even make sense to me! Off to bed!

Purple Socks & Other Ramblings

June 9th, 2007 at 08:43 pm

I'm finishing up another pair of socks, just about ready to come off the needles. I had mom 'model' these and after I bound off, I gave them to her.
She was thrilled, as purple is her color.

I've already started another sock, or a sample for a sock, to be more exact. I'm teaching a sock knitting class this fall & want to find a childs sock pattern to use for class. Less knitting time required and all the parts of a sock included. Great for a 2 session class.

Had another freecycle sort of day; headed out this AM to dig a box full of hen & chicks (plants for those of you non gardener types). I've got just the rockery for all of these.

Also had a craigs lister here for the trees that were in my proposed walkway to the clothesline. Trees out, I didn't have to dig and the new owner already sent a thank you note. Can't beat that for a days work!

Also have a freecycler coming tomorrow for a couple cribs and preschooler type toys & furniture. Making very slow headway on the basement clear out here. It's hard for mom to decide to get rid of ANYTHING!

A no spend day all round here. Missed connections to meet with potential renter, so no income either!

Heading to bed early, as tomorrow is my gleaning/food bank volunteer morning. Not sure how much longer I want to do this. After moving, I need to start out at 7AM and I'm already resenting that!

New Numbers

April 15th, 2007 at 03:37 pm

I weighed myself this AM (after being at my moms for a few days) and surprised myself with a brand new number! I knew I was making progress, as I've been able to button the bottom button on a few shirts....that used to be an open type, jacket only situation! All buttoned up these days, and I can sit down without ripping the buttons off too! Must be the walking!

Felt jazzed about the weight loss & started getting busy on the TO DO list around here. I've got laundry out on the line, the burn pile started and the compost dumped. Eggs collected and chickens fed.

I brought home some free wood from my dads vintage wood piles.......I found great stuff to make some roosts for the chickens. Now, I just need to figure out how to mount them to the walls. (these are to replace the almost silly version of a roost that a very helpful someone made for the coop......looks more like a prop for a manger scene in a Nativity)

Now, I'm back to crocheting the first of my samples for this Thursdays class. The purse is done, now I'm working on the handle, then out to the sewing room it goes for the lining and assembly phase. I'm wasting too much time today, thumbing through patterns, when I just need to grab one and start on another item for the display. Thinking small things at this point.....planning on a soap sack, 2 different size hats and a scarf at this point. I can start a small baby blanket after I get these done......

Back to work........

Off & Running Today

April 11th, 2007 at 07:49 am

I've totally spaced on a commitment made at least a month ago........& today is catch up day.

I had been asked to re line a jacket for Mr Navy's wife..... I hadn't started it, since I was waiting on her answer re; the existing buttons. (seems she shuts them in her car door frequently.....not so good for glass buttons). Anyway, the Navy is shipping out this month and I was asked about the status of said jacket. Status??? Still hanging right where it was a month ago. As of last night, the lining is out, pressed & ready to use for a pattern. Just waiting for the local fabric store to open up..........have always thought all night fabric stores would be a good idea! Smile

I'm hoping the lining just slides into the jacket and I can finish it up before lunch...then, off to pick up the tax stuff & get it in the mail.

I have to leave for moms tomorrow & be in her area for my knitting class tomorrow night, so both the jacket & taxes need to be completed today.

Still fitting in my walk today.....and picking up the free bread for the chickens at the same time. ..I'm determined not to let these additions to my day interfere with my new plan of putting ME on the TO DO daily list.

Here's hoping everything goes without too many glitches today......

Do I Have a Typical Day??? Ever???

April 10th, 2007 at 02:40 pm

I've come to the conclusion I don't. I don't have typical days here, unless the fly by the seat of my pants, deal with who & what crosses the threshold qualifies as typical. I try to make some sort of blog entry that is neat & tidy and has some sort of theme to it.......and fail miserably most times. Today is no exception. Nothing has hooked together at all....

Started with email & phone calls. Contacted the tenants; the downstairs couple is bringing 2 months rent (which brings them current) this evening. Just got an email from the upstairs people, they are only sending the check minus the $600. they asked about. (I had told them I couldn't reduce the rent) Now what???

Foster dtr with grandbaby stopped by for a visit..........Fun to see her feeling so competent with him.

Called new potential tenant here......left message about him moving in. No response.

Gathered 8 eggs from the new chickens. Getting at least 6 a day now.....Making for some frugal meals.

Received my order of supplies for this months knitting & crochet classes. Used my new ball winder & made up smaller balls of yarn for each student. Wound up some odd balls of mine, to use for a couple door prize drawings at class. Almost ready now, which is good.....one day to go before the knitting class.

And, because I promised myself I'd campaign for Obama if & when he decided to run for President.......I signed up to volunteer here in our county for his campaign. I've always wanted to be involved in a political campaign, but couldn't due to kid type commitments....so this actually qualifies as something I'm doing for ME too.

So, I guess today is typical for me. Just one thing after another...all unrelated mostly. I think this is why I'm unsure about getting a 'real' job. I think I would be crazy doing the same thing all the time. As I get closer to June (the end of my one year trial at semi retirement) I find I'm looking at employment ads & imagining myself doing something.........anything........

What Else I Did on Vacation....

March 31st, 2007 at 04:50 pm

Keeping up with my goal of filling my sock drawer with hand knit socks, I had my knitting close at hand for the last 2 weeks.

Here are just a few of the socks I managed to finish up, along with a couple pair I took with me. There was so much down time, I got so I could complete one sock in 2 days. And, that was on size 1 needles for any of you knitters out there.

These certainly aren't cheap socks. They are running around $12-$15 a pair at this point, and that is picking up the yarn on line and on sale. I am reinforcing the toes & heels in hopes they do last forever.

It is so fun to see my drawer full of crazy socks.....Almost makes me not want summer to get here! I have a couple all cotton pairs so there will be summer socks as well as the all wool ones. Me who never has had a winter & summer wardrobe to speak of, will now have winter & summer socks!

Met All My Deadlines

March 8th, 2007 at 04:24 pm

I did it. Shut the sewing machines down this afternoon after finishing the last clients items. (due tomorrow afternoon) Got paid for a couple orders today, will have to make one last trip to the bank tomorrow. I don't want to be holding peoples' checks until I return.

This gives me 2 full days to concentrate on packing. Plenty of time. I've been sitting things out for the last week (and yes, I use a master list of sorts), so I'm pretty close to ready. The suitcase I'm borrowing arrived today, so I can begin filling it tomorrow.

Glad I'm not taking my vehicle, or I'd have all the prep work associated with that. Mom drew that job. Her car is newer, but she has run it through the shop, checked tires, etc and the only thing necessary was new wiper blades.

Bills are paid ahead, I remembered to change my tax appointment and the TO DO list is definitely getting shorter. Still have to get the horse boarding contract copied and ready; just in case the new horses truly do arrive while I'm gone.

I am looking forward to some Calif. sun next week. The thermometer says it's 56 here, but it sure feels closer to 36 with the wind. Sitting outside by a pool, with a good book is sounding heavenly!!

The Flock........now minus one

March 4th, 2007 at 12:51 am

Discovered a dead hen in the coop this AM. Not my favorite way to start the day, that's for sure. Fed the rest of the flock, then handled the dead one..........think of her as fertilizer at this point.

My weekend charge is here this week, so spent a tad of time cooking for him....and hours answering his same questions for the umpteenth time. (he has one continuous loop of sayings & questions....he definitely teaches one patience.)

Mom came for her perm.......she has had me do her hair since I had to stand on a stool to reach her head! Wonder how much money she has saved over the decades? She does pay me these days, but not what she would have to pay to get it done in a salon. Just wish she could cut my hair in trade... Smile

My new yarn came that I had ordered last week. Bought it online and on sale...about the best I can do since I can't order wholesale anymore. (miss that!!) Plan to take all of it on the trip, so I don't succumb to buying any yarn full price anywhere along the way.

Several sewing customers picked up (and paid for) orders....and I spent time in the sewing room finishing one order for this week and making headway on one more. Only the BIG fitting appointment still to get ready for before I leave.

Realized I haven't been away from home this long since my parents used to move into my house & watch all the kids....back in the 70's. I left every January for a month and traveled somewhere....mostly on the cheap sorts of places... I think I've become way too used to just staying around home. It will be interesting to see if I LIKE being gone at this point in my life.

I see our weather report is going to put us over 50 degrees tomorrow....and it's been a winter wonderland here until just this afternoon. I will be out in the garden tomorrow, planting my new veggie starts so they are in before I leave.

Lots on the schedule for tomorrow, I have no business being up this late here.....

Off to the Post Office..........& other errands

February 20th, 2007 at 01:06 pm

Three books as of today. Yes, 3. I've sold another book on Amazon from this new batch I've listed. Never have I sold more than 2 a month & here it is 3 days in a row. Not complaining!!! I don't however, have a box to put one of the oversized books in, so will have to spend some of the earnings on the box. Drat. I've been saving boxes and mailers, but absolutely nothing fits either of these 3 that sold....wouldn't you know? Other than that expense, it will be a no spend day here.

I've got a repeat knitting student today, a fun one, she wants to start a sock today on double points.....it's been ages since I had anyone that wanted to do socks. Looking forward to an afternoon of knitting.

Heading to the bank after class.....to make a deposit. I've been rolling change for the last couple days and now have a little over $100 to add to the tax fund. (actually, it all goes in one account here, I just keep the list of the monies, so room mate person knows what her half of the expenses are)

Tonights the last night for the Navy man here............he ships out tomorrow for a month and a half. Will miss him & all his help around here! When he returns in April, he has invited me to bring my mom & aunt to tour his ship.....they are more excited about this event than the trip south I believe!

Saw a new number on my scales again this AM........too exciting! The walking and watching what I eat is really beginning to pay off. So far, still not enough of a change to warrant new jeans however.... Hopefully, that will happen prior to the trip. (starting to call this a trip, not a vacation..........just found out the other sister will be going, so it's me and the 86yo twins and their 88yo sister....beginning to sound like work; or at the very least a labor of love. Not sure how much of a vacation it is going to feel like???)

Survived Oral Surgery

February 17th, 2007 at 03:20 pm

I did more than survive.........I hardly noticed I had surgery. Nice. I've been the "nurse" many times with kids having oral surgery & they always made the entire ordeal look pretty nasty. So, of course, I had those mental images in my head before heading out Wed.

But, either I had a better dentist, or I'm just older & it didn't bother me as much or something........ The stay in the hotel was heavenly; took goodies for the tub! Had knitting with me (finished my sock) and a great book (also finished).

On a real plus side of this event.....I am down 5 more pounds, and feel like I can keep this up! I'm being very vigilant re; eating things that are good for me...and then I start walking again on Monday AM, which can't hurt either. Walking & dropping pounds; both of them on my goal list!

The next step in the process will be after my trip in March....which will give me time to heal up. I'm crossing things off my list of 2007 goals here.... Getting my teeth "done" will be complete sometime in August I believe...if all goes according to plan.

Anyway, I'm back home and to work this weekend with my one remaining young man here for 2 days. I've been working in my sewing room and finally finished up my felted bag. (odd pic to post along with oral surgery topic!) Love the bag, not so wild about the handles....will try this version out and switch if I run across anything that feels better in my hands.

The Navy man is finishing up another of the big windows inside today....that means 3 rooms are done with the new trim and sill treatment. Next step will be dragging out the painting stuff and getting some color on the walls, as well as the new trim. Can't wait to make that change.

Back to work.....the sun's out, it's 58 degrees and my garden is calling!

Getting Paid to Knit

February 12th, 2007 at 09:58 pm

It doesn't get much better than that.
I still find it truly amazing I can sit with someone & just knit .........and they pay me by the hour! Too fun. Had 2 new students today, both private lessons......they are quick learners, use yummy fibers and are both wanting to continue to learn new things. Can't wait to meet with them again.

Started my morning off with a walk with my new Craigs list walking partner. We've gone several times now & I think it is going to be a regular thing for both of us. (TA DA for me here, this was one of the items on my 2007 goal list) We're managing to get in a couple walks a week...no idea how far we're going yet, but it is a full hour each time. I'm learning my new friend is a frugal person too...she knits, cans, raises her own chickens, sews and loves to remodel & refurbish her rental properties. We both even used to square dance! Can't get much more alike. Nice to visit with someone that practices the same frugal lifestyle.

Sold another book on Amazon & got it in the mail. Averaging one a month. Need to get some more books from the room mate & get them listed......they won't sell at all unless I get them online.

Went to my moms for dinner, her twin, my aunt was visiting & we had a great time. Reviewed the plans for our March vacation to Palm Springs. I've been invited to drive them down & back......sounds like they want to do the same trip they usually do, so I think it will be a matter of how many casinos they can visit before coming back home in April. They are both pretty good at blackjack & usually pay for their trip plus $$$ to take home. I don't gamble, so I should have time to knit a few pairs of socks! They have a condo arranged for our time in 2 different places for the longer stays.....so it sounds like a fun time for me........no thinking required, sort of time off on auto pilot.

Spent the money to mail the book; although that is covered in the fees that will be added to my paypal account. Still managing to add to that account each month, so it is starting to look like something. Have never taken anything out of it yet......forget it's there, until I get the email saying my funds were deposited from someone.

The Pasture is Resting

February 11th, 2007 at 07:23 pm

The 4 boarded horses are gone........so the pastures can rest after being so totally beat up. I have learned much in the year they were here....not enough, but I'm a whole lot more knowledgeable when it comes to pasture keeping!

And, not surprising.......but according to the Master Plan.....guess what wandered into my life today? Two horses. Yep. A woman was here to purchase a truckload of items I had listed for the room mate person....and she was just jazzed about the pastures, etc....said she was moving and needed space for her 2 critters in March. That will give the space just time enough to start looking a bit better and then she can move in.

Two horses and more than twice the monthly rent. Not a bad stroke of business....to say nothing of the truckload of items she paid cash for today.

I now have the opportunity to tune up my boarding contract, to cover the things I learned during this past year. Hoping to close up some of the vague areas and add in things like what happens if they don't move out on the appointed date!

Crossing my fingers that tomorrows mail brings the balance of the tenants rent money for Feb. It would be very nice if that situation resolved as easily as the livestock event did.

Sewed, picked up a freecycle item and spent no money. Very productive day all round!

Odd Events Continue

February 7th, 2007 at 02:38 pm

My life is certainly not boring. In fact, I'd like to try boring for a day or two. Smile

Sewing like a crazy woman here, taking on some jobs I had no business taking on....since they are the kind that makes me cranky for doing it in the first place. When will I learn to hold the line on the ones I really don't like?

Picked up 2 new knitting students; fun ones, that actually know how to knit but want to add to their skills. These always make me learn new things too.........so much the better.

The first of Feb came and went, and guess what? The 4 horses were still in our pastures. I had given notice to their owner to move them out by 1/31.....and apparently, she has no calendar! I have a call in to her but I'm pretty sure she won't call me back. I just can't imagine doing something like what she is doing....just ignoring my request, pretending we don't see her when she comes daily to feed???

And, if the horse bit isn't making me cranky, I got a LONG email from my renters (who were scheduled to start paying rent this month.........they had been repairing the house & property for me in exchange up til now).... They informed me they needed a new furnace, new water heater, and they would like the floor leveled in the upstairs... An exterminator for the ant problem (any hints Thrifty Ray??....I've already had an exterminator & still have ants) They were upset I had told them my electric bill was $150 a month (average plan) and their latest bill was over $700..... They want me to do something about one neighbor and a neighborhood dog.... They were miffed about my recent email letting them know I was going to list the adjoining empty lot, complaining it would increase traffic, disrupt their parking situation and generally mess up their lives. The last sentence was the topper however.........they only plan to pay less then half the agreed upon rent, as they couldn't consider paying the original amount with all the things that were wrong with the house/neighborhood, etc.

I had to sleep on this email for a couple days or my reply was going to be delivered with flames attached. I ended up with a decent sounding, but VERY firm response. I reminded them of our agreement and told them I wasn't in a place I could underwrite the property any longer. They did respond back this AM, saying they would pay the correct amount, and I agreed to get someone in to look at the furnace & hot water heater. I'm just not cut out to be a landlord. I hate this part of the job. Seriously thinking about selling the property .........and did tell the tenants that in my response. Surprised myself and told them if they didn't hold up their end of the agreement, to consider my email their 30 day notice to vacate.

Anyway..........life here is just sailing along. Still have a houseful of formerly homeless folks, with one additional gentleman added to the mix as of last night. Lots of my odd jobs are getting attention these days....Smile

Times up, must head back to the sewing room.

Can't Think of a Consequence

January 30th, 2007 at 09:05 pm

I have been thinking of how to enforce the equine move out day (tomorrow) and have drawn a total blank. Except for those "too weird, or possibly illegal" sorts of solutions.

The question of the day is.........Since I gave the horse lady her 30 day notice to vacate.........tomorrow is the day......AND, yep, you guessed it........all 4 horses are still grazing away in my pasture. Granted, she could pull up tomorrow, load all 4 critters and drive off...but, there are probably 20 truckloads of her things here on the property that need to be moved too. Way more than 1 days work, even if there was a moving crew of some sort.

Guess what I learned? My boarding & lease agreement isn't all it's cracked up to be. There is nothing in there about not leaving when asked. Zip. Lots of reasons I can ask someone to leave....detailed description of how I can ask someone to leave.......but no help whatsoever about what to do if I wake up Feb 1st and still see the critters outside my window here.

Anyone else have experience with something even remotely related?? I've thought of things like locking the gate to the property, making it very difficult to get in to feed the critters, but not impossible. And, keeping a sense of humor, calling her to ask when she is coming to get the herd & telling her I am primed to post a Free Horses Ad on Craigs list, just to see if I can light a fire under her. But, besides these non solutions; I'm drawing a blank. Telling her I will charge her by the day is a pretty empty threat, as I don't think she has any more money and how would I enforce that anyway....unless I truly did lock the horses in??

I'm so hoping tomorrow brings a positive end to this experience. Can't believe the horses have been here a full year at this point. Boy, have I learned alot (the least of it being the big hole I've got in the boarding agreement!)

On the financial front here.......I finished a sewing order & got paid.....I transferred some pretty big money (at least for me) into checking so I can pay for the dental work I'm getting started on. Another appt tomorrow...and I'm actually excited. I had listed a building lot for sale....got a couple of interested parties....and a phone call today from someone that wanted to buy it last year but couldn't come up with the financing. His message now says he has put together a package & wants to meet. Timing??? Perfect. Contacting him tomorrow; hoping this could be a solution for both of us.

Seems like today has really been two days...I'm tired enough! Attempting to go to bed & NOT think about horses tonight. Smile

Life Beyond Busy

January 20th, 2007 at 03:35 pm

I logged in to find I hadn't posted for a few days. Unheard of! I guess I've been playing catch up after the weather had us on shut down, stay at home mode for so long.

I've been working in my room every chance I get, and am at the point I will have to spend some bucks pretty soon to keep going forward. I did re do the dust ruffle at no cost.........refinished the armoire & added fabric so it matches my "master suite" to a T. Finished the pillows to the bed, so it looks very Princess & the Pea- like.. And, finally got the FREE window shades up on the window & slider. Wow, do they give the room some class. And, they operate magically almost. You have to pull them up, but they automatically go down. And, the cords all retract on their own, so nothing is hanging .... Way cooler than anything I could have done on my own. VERY worth being involved in the product test panel.

Sewed like crazy this past week, and have had a steady stream of customers as well as another trip to the retirement home where I now have a weekly appointment to handle their clients jobs. And, since the snow is gone, a Craigs list connection got here.....I'm trading with her, she wants 4 garments made out of fabric she was given and then I get the rest of the fabric. What a haul! There was a full mini van of fabric for me. I just got through sorting it all and I am guessing the value is well over $500. Not a fair trade by any means, but she didn't want the excess....so, I am the lucky recipient.

Also, before the last snow, I posted a Wanted notice on our local freecycle list asking for lamps. Got a flood of responses, so spent the last 2 days rounding up the lamps. What a wonderful, frugal deal Freecycle is. I've got light now for just a few gallons of gas and I've met another handful of great friends. Ulterior motive here is to spread the word about the sewing & knitting, as I send a thank you with my sig. line, as well as leave a business card with a thank you on peoples porches.

Put all this together and I've apparently missed a couple days........they have all run together. Also slipped a perm in for my mom yesterday....forgot that!

Kids have changed schedules here, so I'm faced with a crossroads sort of decision. My long time guy needs care now 5 days a week, not just on week ends. No more money, and I would not be able to do what I've just now got used to doing. Thinking and praying hard before talking with his mom on Monday.

Back to the paint bucket, working on insides of closets........not my favorite painting jobs but I'm always so thrilled when I get one done!

Picking Up Momentum

January 3rd, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Even though I know the "write it down, know where you're going" sort of planning mystery..........it truly jumps up and surprises me again and again.

Just wrote here about the steps I would begin making to grow my new little business & whoosh.........it's a day with multiple client meetings & a Money IN day too!

I've begun a relationship with the retirement apartments nearest to my home, and have 2 clients already. What a great exchange for all concernced. I only have one appointment, can see as many people as necessary there and get to visit with one of my favorite populations. Easy jobs for me, but fixing things people truly can't do for themselves. I am thinking of volunteering there a couple times a month with the residents who knit & crochet.....I would love to just sit & learn from a whole roomful of creative people!

My knitting student cancelled today at the last minute, which firmed up a new 2007 Policy (HA, the business is growing if I need policies!!) re; billing. I am going to have the classes paid for in advance this year, setting up a card for each student, to record the payment on, then keeping track of the class dates on the same card. Since I don't have my computer with me for classes, and often times they are held in public places, (and my memory is shot), I needed a way to track money & attendance anyway. Doing it this way, I can be assured they will call to set up the make up classes, rather then me having to call & see if they are still interested. Just pop students cards in my knitting basket prior to that class & I'm set.

Anyway..........before I had a chance to think about the free block of time, I got a response to my Craigs list posting re; sewing and I'm filling the slot by meeting a client & taking measurments for a window seat cushion. Works for me.

Forcing myself to whip up the You Must Move Out notices for the 2 horse boarding people. I've noticed they are almost out of hay out back, & I want to get them notified before they bring in a flatbed delivery of hay for the next quarter here.
I will get this done, I will get this done! Smile

Additional monies coming in this month will include the new rental payment from the young couple renting the bedroom. I just couldn't charge them during Dec, as they were still trying to get out of their lease & I would have felt awful. They don't cost me anything; in fact, they are worth their weight to me! Now, I'll be getting paid for them helping me! Not Bad at all.

Roommate person swears she will have rental monies this week. She is still behind for November & Dec! The auto accident did put everything on hold for her, as she didn't have a vehicle for ages & had to borrow money from someone to get through that period. Having her move out isn't an option....I've agreed she can stay with me forever; she isn't capable of living on her own. I do have another couple that are part of this support team for her, so I'm not in it totally alone. I knew the rent bit was going to be difficult for her to keep up, but I'm managing to hold the line & not tell her "that's OK, not to worry about the rent". Instead, I asked her for time to meet........and then asked her where she thinks the money comes from when she doesn't pay her half here? She really had no idea. (there's more than a couple reasons she doesn't live on her own!!) Smile

Just thought of another small step I can take re; the business .....I need to change my voice mail message....duh! Will aim for a quiet time around here and get one on there that includes the business.

Times up here.........off to meet the new client & then pick up the mirror from a freecycler. (will make a reminder note here too........be sure to list a WANTED notice weekly on the freecycle list to fill out the things I can still use for the business. No point in paying for anything!! )

A Stay Home Holiday

December 31st, 2006 at 10:01 am

I've never been one to do the party bit, especially didn't enjoy the couple big New Years Eve celebrations I've attended.......so, I don't anymore. I'm going way out on a limb this year and having company this week end, usually I spend it even quieter!

Overnight company too........so, it's strip the beds time today, a bit of last minute pick up sort of housekeeping and I think we're ready. The company is bringing dinner, wine & appetizers so that part is taken care of too.

I'm itching to get to the sewing room, as the cutting table is finished & in place! I'm so spoiled........Smile No more cutting on the living room floor or the kitchen island! Oddly enough, I've had a couple calls from new customers over the holiday weekend already... Was thinking things were going to be pretty quiet til after the 1st.

Treated the chickens to the last of the gardens pumpkins this morning. The "ladies" are now able to spend their days outside the coop. Having my own chickens was one of my goals I met years (decades actually) ago.......and I've really missed them this past year. Getting into the swing of caring for them again & counting the months til they start laying. Up til then, I'm enjoying just having them around!

Will be working on my '07 goals today....not much new news with them, but I'll write them down just the same.

Blessings to you & yours for the coming year!!

Sold............& Other Mutterings

December 29th, 2006 at 09:12 pm

Yes, one sale out of the two items I posted yesterday. Cash. In my pocket. And, some much needed table space cleared out in my sewing room.

No hits on the vintage linens yet. May have to bite the bullet and list them on Ebay. Have never done that yet, have had the account for years so am all set if I just decide to get motivated. It would clear out another box of stuff from the sewing area, teach me how to list something on line as well as put some more of that cash in my pocket. Maybe I'll divide it into 2 lots and then I can make mistakes on the first listing and do the 2nd one correctly??

No spending today. Met with a new client at a local retirement home. Advertising in their newsletter after meeting with the activity director. Apparently they had someone to assist residents with sewing, etc but currently are without! Timing is everything.

Picked up a freecycle coffee table.....thinking it is more my moms house than mine, but will make a great gift after a session with some spray paint. The wrought iron legs are black.....they need to be cream colored and it should be perfect for mom. This will be the 2nd free coffee table I've found for her! We shop periodically at more traditional sorts of places........like furniture stores!!! And haven't been able to find anything that seems to be IT. Free is good. She likes free almost as much as I do!

The sewing table project got started this afternoon.........all the lumber is cut & waiting for tomorrow to be assembled and screwed together. A beautiful 4' X 8' top to this event and 2 shelves the same size underneath. I'm going to be in heaven! (and I will have no excuse not to be organized with all that storage space!)

A good day all round!

Hopeful Craigslist Offerings

December 28th, 2006 at 03:12 pm

I listed a couple things on Craigslist today and am hoping for some interest to generate some income as well as help clear out the sewing room for the upcoming construction project. I'm letting a serger go....as I have replaced it with a new model. I'm struggling with this, as I always like to have a back up (and truly, a back up for the back up if we're being honest)

I also packaged up over 100 pieces of vintage linens I have collected over the past few years, primarily to use in the antique booth........but now, hopefully.......out they go. I've given my notice on the antique booth, as the room mate person who was going to go in half with me........flaked out (as expected). If I'm working here at home with the sewing and then adding in the knitting classes.......the booth just wasn't cutting it. Took too much time for the piddly return. Not fun anymore either like it was when I was doing it before.

Sewed for a bit on the new machine; having trouble adjusting to it so far. Hopefully, I'll learn to like the new features and quit missing the ones they don't make anymore. (feel like my parents since I've been thinking things like "they just don't make things like they used to" today)

Woo Hoo...........just got a hit on the serger post. Crossing fingers & calling the woman.

Mystery Shopper Invite???

December 13th, 2006 at 07:54 pm

My mail was about as varied as it gets today.

On the plus side, I got my paycheck for one of my week end boys, 2 knitting students paid for a month of lessons each and room mate person paid towards her rent this month.

And, in the How Nice (but I won't use it) department, I got a gift box of meats & cheeses as a thank you for the extra care for one of my boys over the recent snow days. I can certainly share this with the backyard people.....they will love it.

Finally, there was an invite to 'train' as a mystery shopper. Included was a VERY large check. Anyone else have experience with something like this? There is a list of 5 tasks to complete after depositing this check into my bank (or just cashing it). After finishing all the tasks, there is still what I consider a large sum of money that would be my fee. I just can't imagine this is for real.....but I did call the firm & got all my questions answered. Haven't done anything yet, my favorite thing when I don't know what to do......Do Nothing.

Lost An Entry; 2nd Try

December 1st, 2006 at 08:52 pm

Blast. A power surge, failure, bleep, whatever......but it was exactly as I pushed save & publish here with a current entry.

Was pondering the fact we are in December already, with just over 3 weeks til Christmas. Enjoying the low key approach this year, and the head start I have re; preparations.

Ventured into the sewing room today, since the weather was much warmer. (I'm in the garage, with no insulation & a space heater!) Got most of the work done on a couple Bed Buddies (rice filled sock affairs, to warm in the micro) to use for presents, plus a couple to use for back ups in case I need an extra gift somewhere. Frugal note here: I find I save money & time if I do multiples, no matter what it is.

Made a deal with the 2 young women that are staying here ........they wanted to know if I decorated for Christmas & I told them they could both do whatever they wanted to this year. I'll just watch! They were thrilled, as neither of them has ever had a house, nor a yard to decorate. The catch is they need to pick up, clean up and pack things away before New Years Eve. Sounds like a good deal to me!

I have tickets for a Holiday performance of a local chorus tomorrow night, planning on taking my mom & her sister to it as their Christmas gift from me. This is a gift to me too.......as I've not been able to do things like this with all the kids over the years. I had to limit my holiday things to stuff the kids would be appropriate at & then I really didn't get to enjoy much of it anyway with trips to the bathroom, meds & you name it. Can't wait for tomorrow....only adults! And a gift that 'fits' is the 'right color' and won't add any clutter around the house.

Only the first of December and I'm enjoying the holiday season more than ever. Think I'll dig out the Christmas CD's, sit back & knit and watch the decorations going up this week end. What a deal. Smile

Up Before Dawn

November 29th, 2006 at 01:55 pm

I had to go tend the chickens, but not before running back in to get the camera to share my view from the kitchen window here at our "ranch". Breathtakingly beautiful. I was cold & almost didn't care. Smile

Forgot to take the camera to the coop with me, which is silly, since I had to go back & forth several times just to get the 'ladies' all taken care of today.

All the chicks are still alive, but no thanks to me & my so called system here. Their water container had frozen, the fresh food was of course frozen and the heat lamp had sheared off right at the fixture....so no light, no heat either. Needless to say, they were pretty excited to see me come to visit!

Chipped all the ice out of the water container & added some warm water.....told them all to drink fast before it froze again! Chipped out the frozen food, gave it to the birds outside......and dumped in pumpkin innards for the chicks, again telling them to eat up.....before it is a pumpkin popsicle again. Then, tackled changing the light fixture situation. Out of heat lamps here, so just put in a BIG lightbulb. Couldn't read how many watts, but it seemed like it was putting out some heat. Hopefully it will work. Have never had a light break from the cold........but can't figure out how this could have broken off this way otherwise???

Frozen solid by this time, I hiked my way back inside for some knitting by the woodstove. Almost finished with my first sock of a 100% wool pair for me. This weather is pushing me to finish these & quick!! Smile

* * * * Snow * * * *

November 26th, 2006 at 06:58 pm

We don't usually get many snow days here in Western WA......at least where I live, but tonight we're getting blanketed! I'm not sure how one is supposed to measure snow, as it packs down as it lands....but it seems like we're in the 6" range right now and it's still coming down.

I've got nothing on the schedule for tomorrow, so it's fine by me. Will keep the fire going and finish some sewing projects (that's IF the power doesn't go out).

My gardens are all covered, the trees are dressed for Christmas and my yard never looked so good. One benefit of a great snowfall...........everything looks like perfection, no matter what it looks like on it's own... Smile

Record Breaking Weather

November 22nd, 2006 at 07:58 pm

Living in the Pacific NW, I'm used to rain; but this is getting way past the ridiculous stage now. We've just shattered our own record of the wettest Nov. on record and there are days left in the month.

My yard is so wet I'm beginning to question how septic tanks work when the ground is so saturated. (Having it not work is not a pretty alternative) Hoping by some magic, the system still functions even tho we are all building arks here.

Beyond the rain, life continues here. I got paid for another months private knitting lessons, in addition to taking on an Emergency hemming job so someone could wear new slacks to their family dinner tomorrow. I had assumed my ad wouldn't pull anyone in this week due to the holiday, but it has been the busiest so far. Nice.

I'm up to speed for the dinner tomorrow, as well as the overnight company. Hoping to get to sleep early so I can be up with the chickens (literally) & get the pies in the oven before the cheesecake has to go in.......then the turkey, and on and on. Just need to get the clean linens on all the beds & I'll be good to go.

Sold another book on Amazon........plus received another invite to evaluate a product I had answered a survey about. Love those.

Did get the battery charged on the new Sonic Care toothbrush system & wow, I've never had cleaner teeth. What a deal this is. Even came with a travel case.

Hope everyone that will be observing Thanksgiving has a blessed day indeed!

Adding a Meal + Two

November 21st, 2006 at 10:15 am

I am usually ready to add more potatoes to the pot, and set out more plates.....round up a couple extra chairs (we don't have dishes OR chairs that all go together...who cares anyway??), but today I'm doing a mini dinner; BEFORE the holiday. A new one on me.

Got a call last night from a friend who will be picking up the Autistic Wonder Child who used to live here, then they will both be coming here for of all things.......haircuts and the Mini Thanksgiving meal.

Fortunately, with a pantry & freezer up to par here, I set out a mini turkey tenderloin roast to thaw....and I've got oodles of pumpkin for a Pre Holiday pie. Can't imagine dealing with life without my well stocked larder here. Makes the odd seem almost normal. Anyone else offering hair cuts with their pies??

Knitting student cancelled today, so I have more time than usual.....love when things just seem to work out! I'm crossing things off the Master TO DO list and have time to spare. Heading to the sewing room for the afternoon while the pie is baking, have an order due next week, 20 small cushions for hand made rocking chairs from a local craftsman.

Back to work here............

Note to Self: Be Careful What I Write

November 12th, 2006 at 08:17 pm

Wow, did I not get what I planned today!

I said yesterday (or early this AM....can't remember anymore) that I was going to take a lazy day today. The fire going, leftovers all ready for the day.......and me; knitting on my 2nd sock!

I just now got some knitting time in........and I did light the wood stove.......but the day was just as busy as ever.

Started out with sewing customers this AM and they just kept calling. Good, but not helping the knitting time! Took in the most money since starting the sewing/knitting business back up.

Drop in company.......took advantage of them & had them help me move furniture, so we're ready for Thanksgiving. (they are the ones moving back in, so they will be here for the Big Dinner) We got the Freecycle headboard moved to my room, so that meant I needed to do some real rearranging to get it in.... (think REALLY heavy......very big) Might as well clean & organize since the bed had to be moved, right? Can you see where my day was headed at this point??

And, for some reason, the planets were all alligned or something........several of my freecycle & Craigslist posts brought people out of the woodwork today, so I was busy rounding up the items & helping load pick ups! Again, nice........but hard to knit while loading trucks! Smile

So, the theme here is going to be ......no telling anyone that I plan on taking some ME time. Not ever. Smile

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