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Lots of Details & No Results

October 24th, 2007 at 09:19 pm

It's becoming my day to day ritual. Deal with the details.......and then deal with more details.

I'm getting nothing accomplished, other than crossing off another day on the calendar.

Took mom to a 3 hour Dr appointment today, stayed there, as it was a stress test & she was more than stressed about this. Had to sign a statement saying she understood the ramifications included possible death..... and then, she shared later........the song on the headphones when she went into the machine thingy for the last round of pictures was.....Amazing Grace! It was nice to see her have a chuckle about that.

My aunt stayed today, so someone was here with the dog. She left for home as soon as I got back. The dog is truly not himself. Today was worse than yesterday. Now, not eating. I just think his timing is poopy. Not that there would be a good time for him to take his last breath, but I guess I'm feeling like I can't pay him as much attention as I'd like. And, I've realized with all the pets I've had, none of them stretched out their swan song. All of them were sudden. Which isn't great either......but, I can sure feel the drain this time.

A few more inquiries re; properties for sale, but no offers I've accepted yet. Listing one of moms on Friday. It's commercial property, so I'm thinking it might be our best shot to sell something sooner rather than later.

Packed all my things for my knitting class tomorrow night. Supplies arrived by UPS yesterday, just in time. Handouts ready, samples as ready as they are going to be......and mom will stay home with the dog. Not the best set up, but the only one I can think of.

My Dogs' Still Alive

October 23rd, 2007 at 05:57 pm

Little dog........big heart; was what the vet said. No idea when this happened, last visit was normal, although I don't remember an X ray of his heart either. Ever I guess.

Surprisingly, he gobbled up his first dose of meds this AM, in his breakfast of leftover chicken and broth. I wouldn't have bet on it for a minute.

With the initial 24 hours under our belt, I'm relaxing a bit..... The vets call was the meds were necessary if he was going to be able to breathe.....but might be enough of a shock to stop him from breathing. So far, so good. Watching him closely to say the least.

Crossing my fingers he takes his night time meds well. Thanks for all the tips re; dogs & pills. I will try them if he gets wise to the plan here! He's never been a dog for treats, so it could get to be a challenge.

Gathered another car load of boxes today and actually got some packed. Set the twins up with moms cook book collection.....sorting what goes with us and what gets set on the porch for freecycle. We now have 5 BIG boxes of cook books that are going to the beach with us! Not sure where they will fit.....but mom is determined. She did weed out quite a few, as the porch is also full. Smile

Catching Up

October 21st, 2007 at 11:21 am

The days are running together and it seems I'm getting as forgetful as my mom & her twin. Smile

Both of the twins are doing great. Moms meds were doubled, as she is just soooo tired still, we're trying to pump her up with all the extra energy we can. The other one is practicing driving a little bit each day now, so she feels confidant in driving back to her place (2.5 hours away)

I've started begging for boxes again on Freecycle, as we can't continue working here without boxes. Picking up some today as well as Mon & Tues. Since I've loaned my van out, I'll have to work at getting them in a car.....I've had a van for decades & this will be different.

The twins are working on organizing my moms recipe collection which has made the house look like we've had a tornado inside. She has collected these for, oh....about 60 years or so. And, not many of them are in anything but a drawer. Lots and lots of drawers! They are almost done, using 3 ring binders........now I just need a load of those new boxes & I can pack these away.

Nephew person was here yesterday & took a pick up load of junk to the dump. Told him to do that frequently until I tell him to stop! That will help a ton if the junky stuff continues to be hauled out.

Freecyclers coming here at a rate of a couple a day; picking up things mom is ready to part with. She is getting a kick out of finding younger gals who want and will use some of her things. We're parceling out her cake decorating supplies and books this week. Since she used to teach; this is an extensive collection of stuff. She's even agreed to let her specialty baking pans find new homes, since neither of us can remember when she baked a cake in the shape of a lamb for instance! Smile

The beach house is now listed as "pending" which looks good. The septic inspector was the last guy on site this week. Cleared up a ton of questions.......and we have a normal septic system, not a mound system that was mentioned on all the original paperwork. I'm in familiar territory now. No date for a move.......but it does look like we'll be in prior to the holidays if we just keep plugging away here.

One of my rentals is vacant....with the other being given a 3 day pay or vacate notice. Using the property mgmt firm on that one has been good, as I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done this on my own. Property near mine has still been selling, so I'm comfortable just listing them........also advertised them for rent, just in case someone came along that was too good to pass up. The horse property might be a good rental to keep, now that my son is helping with the day to day stuff that comes up. That piece is sure to be sub dividable within 5 years, maybe 3.

Time's up. Lunch to prepare for my "ladies". Meds to oversee.

Everyone's Getting Better

October 18th, 2007 at 02:46 pm

The twins are both recovering .......getting to be more their old selves every day. Starting to joke around again!

Even tho I have dinner in the oven, they have decided it's out to dinner time here. They have called ahead and made sure their favorite is on special today, so we're doing the frugal route even if it is a restaurant. With all our senior cards, it should be a decent meal, a break for the "cook" here and a mini celebration they have turned the corner health wise!

The twins have taken on my moms giant lifetime recipe collection today......aiming to get it honed down to a couple 3 ring binders. We'll see how close they get to that goal. Mom has never really moved.....she re located to an apartment she owned but got to leave this house as is, since she rented it to her grandson. So, this move will be the first time things like this major stash of recipes has to be packed.

I finished listing the books of my dads today........at least the books that have been hauled upstairs. Can't see any others in the basement yet, I'm sure we'll uncover more when we dig a bit further. I've got over 800 listed at this point, and have been selling a few each week. I'm also keeping up with my reading......I set aside anything of dads that looks interesting to me to read before I list them. He had a wide selection of topics saved up & some are more than a little surprising! It's been a fun little 'visit' with my dad.

Our beach house is now listed as "pending" so it is looking more like a done deal. Still can't quite believe we're doing this.......it's going to be great, but it still doesn't feel real.

Off to baste the chickens that aren't going to be for dinner! Smile

Catching Up

October 13th, 2007 at 11:08 pm

The day has gone by in a whoosh!

My aunt was picked up this AM, supposedly to go to her home for the week at least. Well, plans changed, she got there (2.5 hours drive) and watered plants, grabbed clean clothes & more meds and her son brought her right back here. Glad she feels comfy here at least, but I know my mom was hoping for a break.

The sun came out for the afternoon, so I dashed about the yard & made a little more headway on the fall tasks. Can't do much more, as the yard waste container is FULL already. Hate this thing.

Seemed like I cooked all day too.......and have a kettle of beans soaking tonight for chili tomorrow.

My week end young man tripped in his room this morning, and I thought it was my mom falling.......she had just gone in her room to take a nap! As I came sailing down the hallway, she poked her head out of her room and said "I bet you thought that was me?" Smile Young man not hurt, he just tripped over all his stuff he insists on covering the floor with. Thought sure I had another fall to deal with!

No errands, no shopping, no going anywhere today. Nice. Did get a call from a tenant, he said he woke up during the night hearing noises in the attic or crawl space above his apartment. Tricky, since the building is a flat roofed affair with no attic. Hmmmm. Called the exterminator guy & gave him the job of contacting the tenant. Too much to do here to arrange that one. He thought he'd enjoy seeing an attic with the flat roof too! Smile

My Insurance Decisions

October 10th, 2007 at 09:03 pm

Finally came to a couple conclusions re; insurance.......both auto and home/rental.

The dates all came due at the same time, of course! and it's also the same week I've got a pretty full plate here at home. (the twins recuperating, the followup medical appointments for both, as well as the house & ongoing stuff for that)

I did pull my van insurance out and have it all by itself, as it was cheaper that way then adding the van to moms policy. I put myself on her policy as an added driver at no cost. I'll be adding one of my foster dtrs to my van as an added driver as she needs a loaner vehicle for an unknown period of time. I couldn't help her financially, but I was sitting here today thinking about her situation and there was my van, parked......with no need for it here. Duh. Sometimes I'm so slow to figure these things out.

I have to insure my belongings here at moms, with a renters policy, in order to buy the policies on my other 2 rental houses. Never ran across that before. But, it seems to be just too complicated for me to unravel any other option at this point. And, hopefully, all this will be changing within the year anyway, as we begin to sell of rentals and pare down to just one house between us.

Feels good to have made the decisions. Should have done it last week. But, nothing lapsed, no extra charges so all's well.

Some service from the cable company came today and picked up all my equipment I had at the old house. This clears me for my refund, which will be nice.

Have a cash offer on one of my building lots, thinking until Saturday on that......but leaning towards accepting it, although it was not quite what I was asking for it. But, cash talks, and we're not paying a realtor for this one, so it will be part of the down payment on the beach house this way.

Beach House news: We put together our list of things we'd like attended to, that stemmed from the inspection. Amounts to $10,000 of repairs & such.....biggest piece is the general contractor, just fixing little things, a plumber for a small leak, an electrician for a bit of an update on the electrical panel and a roofer to do a creative repair to a roof with discontinued roofing tiles. Hoping the seller does the work, but I'm thinking she might just discount the price and be done with it.

Dr appointment for mom was cancelled today, so we've got that on the list for tomorrow. Looking forward to getting some info on this congestive heart failure bit. I've read on line, and have things coming in the mail....but I'm still not quite sure if this is a new thing for my mom, or if it's been sort of creeping up....

Running Out of Energy Here

October 8th, 2007 at 07:57 pm

I'm more tired each day. Can't exactly figure out a way to stop doing anything I've currently got on my plate.

My aunt is still in our local hospital, but her son & dtr in law came too this morning, so have been here at the house......staying for dinner, in between visits to the hospital. Gads, was that a run on excuse for a sentence!

Kept mom home this evening, and have her in bed. The cousin & wife are going to a local hotel, which will be great. Didn't try to change his mind there.

Tomorrow, moms follow up for the breathing difficulty and last weeks ER visit for her.......and then to the hospital to see her twin.

Wed, moms cardiologist appt which stems from her ER visit too.....

Beyond that, I'm not too sure. But, I don't see anything on the current list that can be dropped off.....it all has to happen.

Did find out that LifeAlert has intercoms in addition to the other equipment. Might make some calls tomorrow to see if we can get that set up here at home. It would help me to get something here.......as I'm just barely sleeping, trying to always be listening to hear mom.

This is definately harder than having a houseful of special needs kids. But, I had help then, of all kinds. Not even sure what kind of help I could ask for right now......I will get the nephew to get the intercom system in here and set up; that I can pass along. The rest, I'll just cross one thing off at a time.

Managed to convince mom not to order pizza for tonight.....made soft tacos with leftover roasted chickens from the week end. Had all the trimmings from the garden; a very yummy meal. Kept it low sodium (which we're supposed to be doing for mom) and spent nothing. Worked for me.

Just Got Back from the E.R. ...............again!

October 8th, 2007 at 12:25 am

I'm just now home, it is after midnight. My aunt passed out at our place this evening, just as we were cleaning up from dinner.

Quickly decided it was a 911 situation, as she fell straight backwards, and obviously hit her head. The EMT's just as quickly decided to transport her to the ER. (everyone said things like "didn't we just visit your house, didn't we just see your mom??) Even at a hospital, twins just love the attention.

A concussion and a half dozen very complicated looking tests/X-rays and exams later..........my aunt was admitted to a wing of our local hospital specializing in elder care.

My mom is doing OK through all this.....she is now in bed, figuring we are headed back to the hosp. early in the AM.

What we did accomplish through tonights.....I guess it was yesterday at this point........events: Mom is now convinced she needs to get her final wishes/will type things up to date. Seeing how quickly things have gone downhill this week, she has promised me we can take care of the will & trust bit this week. I'm going to do my best to hold her to this.

With this being a holiday, I'm pretty darned sure I can't make any headway getting my moms follow up DR appointments made for her emergency room visit this week. She needs 2 of them, and I haven't heard back from the referral desk yet.

I did get in touch with my aunts Dtr in law this evening, and to my surprise, she and my cousin (my aunts only child) won't be coming up her tonight. DIL will call me in the AM to see how things are she said. Gads. Can't imagine. I am not going to let my aunt take off from here in her own car........and drive the almost 3 hours to her house when she is released. She lives alone, with no family any closer than we are to her. She didn't even give the hospital her sons number as an emergency contact, but gave our number.

Needless to say, our weekend of R & R for my aunt has gone amuck. Hoping I can keep my mom on an even keel through all this.........and again, I thought of how impossible it would be if I was working! Not a chance. I've almost got 2 full time positions here now.

And, through all this..........I've misplaced my cell phone for the first time. Grabbed my moms as we took off for the hospital, but so far, mine hasn't surfaced. That may solve my question re; if we still needed 2 phones! Smile

Drowning in Details

October 5th, 2007 at 01:28 pm

I can't imagine how I thought I was going to get a job after moving to moms. I remember inquiring about a couple....one even full time! HA. Where would I find the time is the question of the day....

I've been lashed to the phone and/or the PC all day. And, I had an EARLY start. Mom was up by 5AM, so, therefore was I.

Handled the car insurance question for me.......and also made arrangements for all the old cable/modem equipment to be picked up so I can get my credit they owe me. Paid bills, helped mom finish the paperwork for the last (hopefully) visit to the tax guy for 2006.

Tenants are moved out of my other house, not the one with the room mate situation. Taking pictures of the house & property to list them.....hoping to do the listing myself.

Have my name on all of moms insurance information/policies now, so I can deal with anything that comes up.

I've got a mile long list of errands to do today too........waiting for mom to take a nap, then I'm taking her with me. I can do all the in and out stuff, she can just go for the ride.

Now that this is in writing, it seems like I should have got more accomplished! Poo. Feels like I've been busy all day...... I'm so grateful I'm at a place in my life I can just step into moms and take over. If I was working.........my mind would be a mess, thinking of what was going on at home!

Errands, Banking and a Complaint

October 3rd, 2007 at 01:44 pm

We'd saved up enough errands for a half day; which is just about moms limit these days. With two of us, I can help with 'curb side' service whenever she has to go in somewhere as well as do the errands she doesn't need to do personally.

We needed gas and surprising enough, it didn't cost as much as last time we filled up. Pleasant.

Unloaded the car at the local thrift store which was on the way...with things just too small to give away on freecycle and a couple items no one responded to.

Stopped at the local Fred Meyers so mom could do some banking and then we were going to get the weeks groceries. Not so on the groceries! There was something rotten in the store; I mean really rotten. I couldn't find a mgmt person anywhere, so we just got our soy milk and headed for the car. (I just finished filling out an online complaint form; we'll see if they get back to me on this one......)

Then, Costco again. Mom has a love affair with this place. We did hold the line on everything; she is more inclined not to purchase now that we are thinking of packing up the household. Has nothing to do with budget or finances! Smile

I did find a box of mid size envelopes for the online book sales we have been listing. Took another to the post office on the way this AM... That makes 7 this week! I had some help here this week.......carrying 5 more cases of books up from the basement, so I've plenty to do in this regard. The books I'm working on currently are all out of print which makes them fairly spendy. Dad would be pleased; nothing was more fun for him than getting a bargain and having it appreciate.

Got word from moms tax man, her 2005 taxes are completed; both her personal ones and the trusts. Now.....on to 2006. Just have 2 pieces of info lacking for this to be wrapped up; made some phone calls to get copies of 1099's sent to mom again so we can truly get this done. Can't wait to be on schedule with the taxes; I've had one extension filed in all the years I've paid taxes and I've never filed late.... Can't figure mom out; in fact this bit with the taxes was my first real wake up call re; her. I'm getting myself involved in more of her paperwork/business because of that.

Another meeting with nephew/realtor person this evening. Not sure what the agenda is.......perhaps the inspections have all come back? Listing agreement written up for moms commercial properties ready to sign.... And, some day soon, a final signing or approval or whatever comes next re; the beach house deal. Can't wait for the day when I know for certain what is happening! Smile

A Rare Paycheck

September 30th, 2007 at 05:54 pm

Got paid today for the respite work with my last kiddo. Nice for a change; as I'm not doing anything to earn a regular paycheck any more.

Odd being without funds most of the time. (have money in the bank, but choose not to fritter it away). I'll get paid this quarter for teaching at the rec center, but that won't amount to a whole ton of money either.

Any monies from the rentals goes right to the bank and is pretty much all accounted for what with the mortgage, insurance and real estate taxes. If there is anything over those expenses, it stays in the bank for any necessary repairs that come up.

So, this check today was nice.....and it could be my last hurrah if we truly do move. I'll be way too far away to keep this guy, plus there really isn't an extra bedroom.......and mom has asked that I don't dream up any new schemes to fill up the house! She knows me so well!

Planning to finish a project with mom tonight. She had a huge closet full of packets of pictures when I moved in. We have almost made our way through all the assorted containers of them......should wrap up that part tonight. The living room is full of small labeled boxes, where we are sorting the pics according to which family they go to. Her plan is to give them to each family or family member before we move. Paring down we are!!!

As I put away some of my things, we're taking moms slightly older items and either sharing with family or freecycling them. A few items she has had me list on CL today & we've got one interested party so far. I can feel her gathering speed on all of this work we have in front of us; sorting, sorting and more sorting........prior to packing.

Back to work; mounds of old photos calling me!

Rental Details........Still

September 28th, 2007 at 09:43 pm

It seems like the details with moms little house rental never end. I'd have a HUGE for sale sign on this place if it was mine.

Today we returned a set of burner pan thingys that were the wrong size for the stove.......cleaned up the old ones and are making them do. Bought another light fixture for the bathroom, as what we got makes light enough to be considered romantic; which wouldn't work for make up or shaving. No choice in lights, as it had to be with the pull chain deal. (old, old, house)

Dropped light fixture off for electrician who was supposed to be finishing up tonight. (called & re scheduled for tomorrow) Also had to set him up to update the outlets in the apartment, the tenant is being very nice about not being able to plug in his electronics. I'd be throwing a fit!

Had a freecycle success and several vintage light fixtures found new homes.....and we cleared out a bit more space in the basement here. Still making progress on this....just so slow it is hard to tell sometimes.

Sold another book, have it packaged up and ready to go to town tomorrow when we have to return for the electrician.

Oh, we fit in a review of the inspection report, and signed documents to send to the seller. Plus, my week end young man arrived.......with an ear infection and extra meds. 30 minutes with ear drops 4X's a day. That should keep us occupied this week end!

Mom & I are getting tired of the details here lately. I can see her becoming not overwhelmed exactly, but definately worn down with the constant something that needs attention. Forgot one today: We needed to get a plumber into the rental house too.......our usual guy is booked until the end of Oct, so we're trying a new one on Thurs. There is a leak in a pipe that we have a high tech solution for right now (a bucket) and have to remember to run down every day or so to empty said bucket.

Stopped at the rec center when in town, my class for next week has 7 registered already, will buy supplies tomorrow. I would never have agreed to all these classes if I knew we were going to be buying a house and possibly moving! Too much for my brain to process........

A Day at the Beach

September 26th, 2007 at 10:42 pm

Spent the day getting to and from the beach house.....not much time at the beach actually.

Met the inspector there and watched him pick the house and property apart. Hoping the final report isn't too scary, but it is an old......really old house with a recent remodel, so it's not all normal construction.

Mom's not scared......she is still ready to go. There are just a couple items we will see if the seller will cover the costs to bring up to speed. Some of the other things are just going to have to be stuff we live with, in exchange for the location of the house.

Apparently, there were too many red flags re; the foundation, or rather several foundations and how they meet up on the corners of the new meets old house. And, there was an odd sound when the cover to the circuit box was removed........so an electrician needs to be brought in to give the word on that issue.

The rest were in the catagory of "areas to keep our eye on" sort of things. The house has a metal roof, made in the shape of tiles....and there is no way we could figure out to get up on the roof without collapsing the metal, look like roofing tile things. So, no info on the chimney nor the status of the roof. Not sure what we decided on this part....

And there was a bit about the lack of ventilation under the house......it was built before lots of the regulations we have now; and there isn't room for anyone to get under the house, so the vapor barrier, insulation is a difficult thing to do, or to check on. Again, not sure what the verdict is on this one, but it's not likely there is any fix for this.......

Waiting for tomorrow, when the actual report gets emailed to us, then we decide what we can live with and what we're heading back to the bargaining table with. Mom just wants to GET there, I would like to see her be able to do that.........and deal with any difficulties one at a time, if we need to. Selling the house shouldn't be a problem, most likely, the next owner would remove the house and put up something much more grand anyway.

So, again.......the waiting.

An interesting welcoming committee was at the beach house this AM when we arrived...........3 deer on the front lawn. This should make gardening a challenge...it has been 2 years since I had a yard with deer! This will be an odd yard indeed, as last time we visited the house, there was a seal sunning himself (herself?) on the float just out from the lawn.... Smile

Doing the Pre Moving Shuffle

September 22nd, 2007 at 10:50 pm

The expenses are beginning to add up already and the deal hasn't even closed.

I picked up 2 van loads of boxes this AM, (freecycled), so the only expense there was the gas. Planned the pick ups to be close to the old house, so I wasn't too far afield. Met my son at the old house, so used cheap help!! Good help however. And, as an aside....fun too. Which is saying alot. He hasn't been the most likable fellow in years past.

I have hired a real moving crew and truck for Thurs however.... so there will be money out for that day. Well spent, since I only have one son and my nephew is recovering from a car accident... A paid crew seems to fit my needs this time around. It works better too, when I tell them what to do. Not so much with relatives! Smile

Was too tired tonight to unload my van. We packed it with things I'm going to try to get rid of, as well as all my computer stuff, hate to put that on a moving truck for some reason. Sent an email to foster dtr & she is interested in much of my stuff I just couldn't see getting rid of entirely. She will keep and use things like the dehydrator & juicer, etc........and if I ever feel the need for them, I can borrow them back. She was thrilled and I don't have to pack them. Works for me.

Found a property mgmt firm who will take on my old house & help come up with a solution re; old room mate person. Pretty sure this won't take long, if she has to pay someone besides me. Calling her tomorrow with the details of the new regime.

Can't wait to have all my things in one place. When I sort of moved to moms last spring, I brought just the necessities. Then, I started bringing a van load of things at a time, but have had no where to really put them. I'm doing lots of daydreaming about my own furniture in my room, my piano at the same place I'm living and being able to look around my space and see NO boxes! I know the new place is very small & I'm planning accordingly......tossing or farming out all the things I have not used in the past 6 months.

Will deal with the crummy load of things in the van in the morning.....everything looks better in the morning, right??? Smile

Staying Busy While Waiting

September 21st, 2007 at 03:53 pm

We're in the waiting stage again for the house deal. Ordered the title search today and thought I had a friend who would do the inspection, however he has vanished......so haven't got that part nailed down yet.

Ran some errands, picking up last minute things for the little rental, so it is up and running by next week end. Splurged on a big roll of packing tape and a good dispenser thingy.....so I'm set for tomorrow morning. There are some things it is really worth paying a bit more for and this is one of mine. I will have a FULL van load of boxes by the time I meet my son at the old house, and most will be flat....so the tape is going to be handy.

Mom got to the eye DR today, to find out cataract surgery is necessary. She wanted to wait til after the move, but I'm lobbying for sooner, so we don't have to find a new DR, or go back & forth daily on the ferry. Doesn't sound like a good time to me!

Emptied out one of the bedrooms here at moms today. Grandson #5 has just rented his first apartment & mom went nuts packing a truck of things for him. Worked out well for all concerned....we got rid of things we couldn't take with us and he got a furnished apt!

There was a bit of sun here today, so I cleaned out the lettuce beds, as well as the old cucumber vines. The gardens have been so full and productive all season, it seems odd to see bare ground again. We are just now having to purchase veggies again, and not that many yet.....so the garden was definately worth it. I'm always pushing myself to clean out the gardens come fall, as I truly hate that job if I let it get too far into winter. Cold, wet, slimy .........not if I can help it.

I've appreciated all the emails giving pointers and encouragement re; real estate transactions. I don't know if there is anything more stress producing...than buying and selling. I will be happy to be done with it all; mom and I were placing bets as to when we think we will be fancy free!


September 19th, 2007 at 03:40 pm

We heard from the listing agent, the sellers of the beach house didn't accept our offer, but have counter offered.
We're approx $75,000 different in our numbers....and have until tomorrow night at 9PM to respond.

Mom & I have had some interesting discussions today about what to do. I point out how hard she and dad worked for so long.........that this seems a small sum to me. She thinks it is huge, but she is always comparing things to what they used to cost.

I can't figure out what they pinched and saved for, if not to enjoy it. The grandkids have all told her the same thing, I don't think anyone has had a negative comment about her buying the little house on the beach.

Money wise, it will be a stretch at the beginning. She will be financing the house, after we pool our available funds for the downpayment. The other real estate is beginning to be listed, and when it sells, we can either pay the loan down, or leave it and invest the funds, so we create an income stream.

I'm not at all worried about she & I being able to 'tighten the belt' as she says. Between us, we take cheap to new heights! With a goal like this one, I know we both have our priorities set in stone already.

So.........it's a waiting game again. Easy evening here, then a wild day tomorrow. Both of us have appointments all day on into the evening when we have the new couple sign the lease on the little rental. In the middle of all that, we'll meet with our realtor (also known as #1 grandson) and see if mom wants the house enough to counter. I'm betting she does! Smile

I Hate the Waiting!

September 16th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

Waiting. Seems like that is what real estate is all about ........at least after you have the property picked out.

We can't get questions answered re; the plat map until the county opens up the offices tomorrow. So, waiting for that. Seems the road to the house is most likely an easement, with the last 2 houses on the road using an easement through the house we're interested in. Would like to know for sure, as well as have it written down somewhere prior to purchase.

And, to top off the waiting........moms twin is here this week end and mom isn't sharing the house deal with her. So, we're waiting, and being quiet about it. Hard when it is pretty darned exciting.

My aunt took us out to dinner, so that was a fun treat. We've been pretty good with our meals, eating most of them at home, which I am certain is healthier; to say nothing of being cheaper.

I begged off shopping at the mall (yikes, was it a terror on the week end), when my aunt needed to "just run in for a bit". Sat in the car & knit! A much better use of my time. Can't believe how many people were at the mall.....trying to park was dangerous.

Daydreaming of the new place almost all the time.......no malls. Heck, no stores to speak of. I do believe there is a bait shop that also has the word groceries on their sign... Smile Post office, fire dept, and a school; but only through the 8th grade. Not sure what they do with high schoolers! We'd be almost an hour away from any sort of town with real stores and serious shopping. Sounds dreamy to me; but mom is making plans so she can get to Costco and Macy's on a regular basis.

Heading to the old house tomorrow to finish packing and have all my things organized for a truck & crew to come pick them up. Need to get them here, even if the beach house deal doesn't fly for any reason. Meeting with former room mate person this week to, laying out the finances for the house, to see if she honestly thinks she can handle the rent. Hate to go into a meeting with negative thoughts.......but I see no way this is going to work.

At least all this gives me stuff to think about while waiting for our offer to get written up and presented. Continuing to keep fingers crossed!

Gearing Up to Make an Offer

September 15th, 2007 at 09:31 pm

Yes, mom & I are getting our act together so we can present an offer on the beach house on Monday. We had a list of questions for the listing agent, and were in hopes he would get back to us yesterday.........here we are on Sat night and still no word from the gentleman. I'm venturing a guess he isn't the top salesperson in his office!

We're going ahead on Monday, even if we haven't heard back, mom wants this house in a bad way. Her eyes light up and she gets pretty goofy when we start talking about it......or we look at the pictures again. Have my fingers permantly crossed that the offer is accepted, or at least we get a counter offer we can live with. I truly hate this stage of real estate transactions!!!

The rest of the day was a blur. I took my week end young man on a freecycle errand and we shoved moving boxes in my van until there wasn't an inch of empty space left. Then off to the old house, unload the boxes and start packing. I have sorted prior to packing, as either way....moving into moms or the beach house, not all of my stuff will fit. (and I've been living without it since May anyway!!) Then, back to moms, unload the things we brought in the van....and it's already time to fix dinner.

Company for dinner; moms twin. Thankfully, both of them are on the mend from their recent falls. Each are just sore....but doing OK. My mom is not telling her twin about the potential beach house; it is so funny watching her.....I can't tell if the twin knows, but she mentioned the house this evening, so it's a possibility.

Knitting like a mad woman in all my spare time, to get ready for this quarters knitting & crochet classes. I've been asked to put a display up in the rec center office and when I stopped in to measure the space I was shocked to find it 4' X 5'. Yikes. That's alot of knitting!

Feeling a bit like a circus performer; the one with the plates on the sticks. Smile Knitting, moving, caring for my young man, taking care of mom, getting the little house rented, packing, sorting, and more packing and sorting! While I was driving home this evening, I couldn't remember when my classes started & thought perhaps I had forgotten one.......fortunately that wasn't the case & I'm good to go....nothing starts til Oct 4th...whew! I can tell I've got a few too many sticks and plates when I begin to panic! Time to take one thing at a time I guess.......

How Long to Hold Rental Properties?

September 14th, 2007 at 01:41 pm

We're having a meeting here in the next 30 minutes or so.........with the main topic being......what to sell so mom can get her dream house?

I've been gathering numbers (me who is number challenged) to show her on paper, how she is really loosing money these days on her rental properties.

Anyone else at this crossroad? Where years of hard work and budgeting to the max and accumulating real estate have come to the spot where it COSTS to keep them. The money she has to pay out each year in property taxes, as well as insurance and repairs doesn't equal what she can bring in with rental income. And, my properties are in the same position now too.

I think she gets it......but I'm never sure these days with mom. So, me, the math whiz (HA) is going to try and lay out the plan where getting her equity out of these properties (she owes nothing on anything in her portfolio) and doing anything else with it, is the better deal.

She wants so badly to gift her 5 grandsons with something when she dies.......I do believe that is the reason she is holding on to the properties. I need to show her she can leave a nicer estate if she isn't chipping away at the equity all the time.

I'm having one of those weeks, where life as I thought I knew it is changing faster than I can imagine. Dreaming of doing nothing at this beach house of moms!!!

Getting Very Close

September 11th, 2007 at 10:03 pm

I'm almost decided ..........Plan to sleep on the top 2 couples (again) for the rental. Have 2 more people coming tomorrow, that are going to be in the Seattle area this week....but I am pulling now for couple #2. They are younger, no kids, no pets, both work, and neither will need a car at this location... plus they didn't ask for anything!

Couple #1 came through again today & began asking if I was going to do this, clean the atic, you name it. And, here I was thinking it looked pretty darned good.

The differences between the 2 couples became more obvious to both mom & myself today. Both wanted to have reduced rent for a time, but only one couple really had a list of what they could do for us in trade. I'm swinging to #2 for that reason. I'm tired, they're young & energetic, plus their references say they are able and talented. Can't beat that combo. I'm just old & tired at this point. Smile

I'm tired enough, I'd just like to exchange a key for a check and let the place go, anything they could do would be an improvement!

My son stopped by during the work day, so I took advantage of that and sat down for a visit! Crossing my fingers the stories he tells are more truth than fiction these days. He seems to be making headway......job, apartment, etc.

Received a couple calls from an interested party re; my building lot. He has the neighboring piece, so it might work out. Will try to contact him tomorrow, but I have a full day of rental stuff again. And, drat, the floor guy didn't show again. Trying tomorrow for the 3rd time now. Since he has made me wait, I'm expecting a nice cut on the bid. He's done most all of my floor jobs for years, so I can press the issue about him not showing up.

Can not wait til Friday.....promising myself to have this rental thing all wrapped up by then!

The Landlord Business

September 8th, 2007 at 08:02 pm

I'm deep in the process of handling the inquiries re; moms little rental house. Seems to have generated quite a bit of interest, however no real serious folks yet. I think we've got the price right, as that doesn't seem to weed anyone out. The parking and the no shower are currently tied for being the negatives.

Heading to the house tomorrow to let a few people take a peek. Hopefully, they will bring a ton of optimism with them, as it isn't ready for people yet! But, we're making headway and at least it looks like work is happening.

Did talk with mom today about getting us both OUT of this landlord business. She is ready to sell a building lot behind the house we're currently living in.......and I'm ready to sell an empty lot of mine too. (I actually listed mine on CL today and have one couple heading out to see it tomorrow) Moms lot needs to have some additional paperwork done at the city level here....it's large enough, but doesn't have it's own tax number yet. Mine has a number, but no road or services to it.

We reviewed the beach house paperwork again and went over the pictures. Just can't get a read on mom to know if she really wants to move.......really wants me to start pushing this through......or if she just wants to dream about it and have me hunker down and get this house we're in up to snuff.

Either way, I sure do want to be out of the landlord business. I'm contacting everyone on my list and letting them know I've got some properties available. All of mine would be great for a builder/developer to take and do something with. Crossing fingers here.

Listed another round of items here on CL today. Hoping to gain some empty space in the garage if these things sell. Furniture, lift chairs, commercial sewing machines........you name it, my mom has held onto it. Amazing she always kept enough room carved out for her car to fit in there! Smile

Lots of Work, No Progress

September 7th, 2007 at 11:04 pm

No matter how hard I worked today at the lengthening TO DO list, nothing got crossed off. Hate days like this! I'm truly one who gets excited about crossing things off my list.

Mom gave the nod to start work in earnest on the vacant rental. Made a bunch of calls; and only received one call back. My friend in the tree business........ So, we managed to meet at the rental and here at moms, for him to give me a bid on hacking down the hedge that looks more like old growth timber, as well as limb up all the trees that are touching the house here. Can't schedule him, as there is an adjoining property issue on both jobs; neighbors to contact, property mgmt firms to reach. Waiting.....waiting.....

Dropped off moms 2005 tax info packet to the tax man. Came home all set to start in on the 06 stuff........only to find we can't find any of it. Only 2 of us living here, and we have misplaced a whole pile of paperwork. I'm crossing my fingers & calling the tax guy in case we were really ahead of the game and had taken it in the first visit. Again....waiting.

Put the rental signs up at the house, as well as listed it on Craigs list. CL response winning at this time, although I don't have any great prospects from either. Also called my friendly floor man, to get the job set up for a new kitchen and bath floor......have the materials leftover from a job of mine, so the price shouldn't be too bad. Again, no call back........I really hate it when everyone in the world leaves work by noon on a Friday.

Mom & I attended a seminar last night, primarily on 1031 exchanges. Poor speakers, but we did pick up some pointers and both of us got rather fired up to sell our rentals and get out of the landlord business. Now, if I can just keep that fire lit under my mom!

Sold another of my dads books today, did get it packaged and mailed today, so I guess there was something I actually finished today!

Not Rose Colored.........but, New Glasses

September 5th, 2007 at 09:23 pm

Had my eye exam today and got the new glasses I had picked out Monday. Used the AAA discount, as it was more than the 50% off sale LensCrafters was having.
Since I don't have insurance, this is considered a good deal for me. And, as an aside, I have been doing a fair job of a series of eye exercises for the last couple years, and I do believe it has helped. My right eye had almost no change, the left eye.....a bit more she said. Trying to treat my eyes as muscles & it seems to be making a difference to me.

Did fill up the van with gas while waiting for the lenses........I was almost on empty so I ended up using all of $40.00. Made a deposit of the one rent check that came on time, as well as the payment for my week end young man.

Mom had her physical too today, and got a pretty good report. We managed to get the meds all as generic, with 90 days of each so we can now order by mail. TA DA. Money and time saved and she should squeek in the window of this Medicare business. Have yet to understand the logic of it, but there is a range of money spent on meds that isn't covered. If you go above it, the expenses are again covered......but there is this no mans land in the middle. I'm aiming to come in under, so most of the prescriptions are covered.

And, I'm also aiming to drop some of the meds (with the DR approval of course) by cooking things a bit differently here. So far, moms chlorestrol is back in normal range with just the few changes we have made since May.

My biggest step today was making the schedule for the vacant rental....cleaning starts Friday and I managed to pin down the elusive electrician who promises to meet me there on Friday also!

A long day; but many lines crossed off on the TO DO list here.

Another Item off my 2007 Goal List!

September 3rd, 2007 at 05:57 pm

Both my mom & her twin wanted to go shopping for glasses frames today.....so off we went. Since new glasses were also on my goal list for this year, I picked out a pair too. Not alot different from my current pair, but enough it felt like a 'new me'.

We all have AAA memberships, so the frames were 15% off this week end. Mom & her sister have insurance for the exams and lenses, but I'm going to be paying for mine. It's been years since I've had my glasses updated so this will be a nice treat....and I always have my old ones tinted to use for sunglasses too, so they will also come in handy.

The rest of the day was spent back at home, I'm still trying to keep my mom pretty close to home after her fall. It will be just a week tomorrow since her acrobatic stunt here.

Heading back to get my eye exam on Wed, as I didn't want mom waiting for me today. Will leave her napping when I go.....

It's hard to find the mid ground between guarding over her and leaving her room to be independant. Roles are definately switching here.

And Another Dr Visit

August 31st, 2007 at 09:44 pm

Called the DR this AM and yes, wonder of wonders, the faxed referral for mom to see the specialist had actually come through.......

So, off to Seattle we headed to have her nose checked out by the DR that came to the ER this week. She is breathing better now, but we have another routine of stuff to do for her nose, so a stop by the grocery store to restock the kitchen and a quick run through the pharmacy.......not even sure how many dollars that was, but we figure we're set for the week end now.

Came home to find moms twin sitting in our driveway....she was due to come late this evening, but she was here by noon something. She just had eye surgery and has fallen and fractured her wrist.

Getting the idea my weekend is filling up by the minute here?? Smile

Just as we were getting everyone settled, my week end young man was dropped off. Now all 3 rings of the circus are full here! He is pretty taken with the twins, and loves to just look at them. Hopefully they won't get to creeped out as he can get to be a bit much when you're feeling great.....not to mention when these two are feeling a little less than chipper!

We've got 2 weeks now before mom needs to go in for a nose check up......and Tues I'm taking the twins for matching glasses frames. Hopefully I will have time to pick a new pair out for me too. (can't forget one of my goals for 07 was to do things for me!!!) My young man will be back home by then, so it should be easy enough.

I'm tired and getting a touch cranky. If someone asks me what I did on the holiday week end..... I'm not going to be responsible! Smile

Hair Cut Coupon & Other Stuff

August 28th, 2007 at 10:34 am

Mom had found a coupon for a local salon....same one I used last month and received a $5.00 gift card for a return visit. Since the coupon expired this week, I stopped off for a routine haircut yesterday. $7.99 instead of $15.00......works for me. The woman cut it almost as short as I've ever had it...almost no hair left! The flip side of cuts this short is I can go almost 2 months without having to return. Then, I'll use my gift card.

Moms raised garden bed is almost finished. The basic box is constructed and attached to the ground. All we're waiting for are the benches now. What a nice addition to the yard this will be. Good thing we wern't planning to use it this season, as it might just get done before the snow flies. Since it's a barter situation, I'm not going to push this gentleman, he has given me more than I was ever thinking of in the first place. We will spend the winter filling it half way with garden trimmings, leaves, and a bag of lime to keep things sweet. I've got a tarp ready to cover the "mix" with for the winter, all we need to do is plan out the spring plantings!

Sold another book from my dads collection. This is getting to be a regular deal here. I've listed a few more books this morning with cases and cases still to go. Anything that isn't worth selling goes to freecycle and the odd books I believe are really worth something are here in my room waiting for me to figure out how to market them.

Talked to downstairs tenant from house #1 yesterday, they too want to be out of the house in approx 6 months. So, it is time to market the place, either for sale or for lease again. At least this time it is in great shape. These people finished things I had been living with for decades. (2nd kitchen installed is the biggie) First thing on the agenda is to get the 6 month lease deal written up and signed all round. Then, will start to figure out what to do with the place.

Did make reservations for the 1031 seminar for next week. I've done one, but certainly don't understand all the details. Hoping to get much smarter after attending this event!

Off to work on moms income tax stuff again. Small celebration in order here.......we're almost done gathering details for the 2005 taxes here! Huge promise to self: 2007 will be totally different~ Smile

Checking In

August 2nd, 2007 at 08:38 pm

Can't even say I've been crazy busy here at moms........not sure what the deal is. Perhaps it is the slower pace, with very little of interest going on??

Spending time reading up on the 2 health care plans for mom, we need to make a decision asap, as she has meds to buy and wants to get her eyeglasses updated. I know which way I'd go, but still operating in the mode that lets her choose.

We are now eating veggies & salads out of the garden here at moms. I still bring produce from the garden at the old place, so often times dinner consists of 3 veggies and a salad. Love dinners like that!

Mom just had to run through Costco again today (think this is twice in 7 days), can't even remember why she had to go. It's her money, so all I do is drive and unload groceries. I am drawing the line at her purchasing things I can make better from scratch. Have no idea when she got so lazy! This weeks addition is homemade salad dressings from now on. Just couldn't see putting bottled dressings on a salad we picked!

Listed a couple hundred books of my dads onto Amazon.com. Gave away at least that many on freecycle this week too. The progress on the book situation is such that you can't even notice any difference. Very depressing.
Now, I'm just hoping there are people out there wanting some of these obscure books of dads. I just wish I was interested in some of them, but most are horrid accounts of wars of some kind. Not my kind of read.

It's been too hot to walk here.....hoping the cool down this evening holds out and I can get back outside tomorrow morning & get to moving. Miss my walking & am still searching for a local walking partner. I do so much better with someone to meet. My current person can only walk 20-30 minutes & I'm needing an hour at least. Will keep searching and walking alone when I can muster the enthusiasm.

After months of not hearing from a Bzz campaign, I got accepted for one today. Details after I get my kit in the mail.

It's a Job Offer

July 17th, 2007 at 11:41 pm

I had an email last week, inquiring if I would ever be interested in taking on another young person as a long range sort of thing... In our area, this is called Companion Care, what I retired from a year ago June.

Anyway, today the "packet" arrived in the mail, with a contract all ready for me to sign and an envelope to return it in! Gads, a tad presumptuous I think.

I was pretty sure it wasn't going to turn out to be anything, as it took so long for info to get to me and now that it has, I'm totally unsure of what to do.

I did run the email past my mom, so she is in the loop. She wouldn't be licensed, but the house would, and I would. Depending on the person, mom would be fine with it she said. (neither of us is willing to go the autistic route again)

I need to read the packet in the daylight & when I'm not tired....as it seems like a definate NO tonight. This kid is just 21, still in high school and has "eloped" 7 times from his previous foster home. (can't wait to see who filled out the form here & ask them about all the spouses!!) They must mean runaway??? And, my policy has been to not take runaways back. Leave my place & you're out. With a kid that is delayed however, I just don't know.

This would certainly up the income here, from nothing to a whole bunch. That would be nice.
Having this sort of placement here in this house, in this neighborhood has the potential to really cause havoc. Moms neighbors all have "help". (for everything!)
Mom has been hinting around to get licensed and have babies here, temporary sort of placements......but babies none the less. (I'm not fond of little kids, so I haven't pursued that with much gusto)

Teens are more my style. Will call tomorrow and at least set up a meeting with this gentleman before spending anymore time weighing pros & cons. Just laying eyes on him might make my decision for me.

The rest of the day has been interesting too.........the mail also brought a denial letter from moms health plan. Apparently she has signed up for another plan and was turned down from her primary one. I've spent so much time on the phone my ears wore out. Tried on line, but the websites weren't helpful, just basic info.... Have details from both plans coming in the mail, will come up with one plan before August.

The little details like the health plan make me realize I needed to be asking more questions of mom alot sooner. So far, nothing is horribly serious, (but the income tax bit for the trust is a little scary) and we're making progress....but I no longer assume mom has everything in order.

Can't wait til morning. I'm going walking again (have been lazy while it's been so blinking hot here), and everything always looks clearer to me in the mornings.

Time Alone; A New Experience

July 14th, 2007 at 08:54 pm

I can probably count the hours I've been alone the last couple of decades on my fingers. Seriously, I would think I had squeezed an hour or two out of the schedule to be alone......I'd shut the door as the last kid left for a home visit or something.........and someone would drive in. Five minutes by myself; Max.

Well, this week end my mom headed to her twin sisters place for 3 days. I'm like a kid with all new toys. I really have no idea how to use up all this ME time. (but I'm a quick learner) I've been more than busy and have loved having the house to myself.

Picked up some freecycle plants this AM, St Johns Wort.....which I've never grown. Actually, would never have recognized it before today. Nice plant, makes a terrific ground cover, but it has yellow flowers & I just can't do yellow in my garden. So, this will be banished to the back 40, where it can just grow to it's hearts content and cover as much ground as it wants. Also picked up a piece of carpet (really did think it was a room size rug, but no...) and not sure what to do with it now. I have a van full of carpet!

Took advantage of not having mom here and have had a virtual parade of freecyclers and craigs listers here for all sorts of junk. Made progress in the yard, basement and the garage. Pretty sure mom won't even notice what's missing....and took care to not get rid of anything I know she is still attached to.

I had waited til today to get a really cheap haircut, with a coupon that began today....only to find out the shop was giving that cheap price to everyone. Wow, were they busy. $5.00 for a haircut and I love it. For being cheap and for being a truly good cut. They also gave out gift cards for $5.00 off the next haircut, a coupon for a family members cut and a great tube of lip gloss. It was a good way to start my morning!

As of tonight........my time alone is almost up. My son called & is coming tomorrow for a visit & to help (I have his list all ready!) So, after my morning coffee, it will be back to normal here. After living with so many people for so many years, I don't think I'll ever get enough time by myself. Odd, I know...........

Get My Parka! We're Experiencing a Cool Down!

July 12th, 2007 at 09:07 pm

Gads, the difference 20 or 25 degrees makes! We were flirting with 100 degrees yesterday (outside...actually no idea what the temp was inside) and today we're at a balmy, breezy 80 & on the way to an expected 75 for overnight.

I can breathe again. There really isn't any air left at 100 degrees I don't think. Being from WA state here, no one has A/C that I know of. Not even the ones that sit in a window. So, there is no expense to this heat that I can think of. One blessing I guess. (can't think of any other positive to it)

We ate at home, since leaving the house would require movement of some sort.....and there was no way I was going to do that. Smile So, we were frugal but HOT. Thank goodness I didn't have anything I had to do. Saved any errands for tomorrow!

Have several freecycle items I get to go pick up tomorrow; convinced people it would be better after the heatwave here. An almost new area rug, which I'm hoping will work in our living room. (need to replace something of moms that is slippery & terribly dangerous here) Also have a couple starts of new to me ground covers to pick up and get in the garden.

Made plans for my oral surgery days; which is coming right up. Supposedly this will be the last big appointment which puts the whole thing done prior to August which was the original date I was told. Nice. One of my 2007 goals almost wrapped up. (will need to dig out my list of the other goals as I can't remember anything but walking regularly) So, the 2 I can remember, I'm doing.

Moms birthday today........we did it pretty low key, as that was what she wanted. Her twins S.O. just found out he has inoperable cancer so the mood here is less than lively. Lots of phone calls between the twins. I do hope I'm as interested in life when I turn 85 as my mom is. What an incredible woman I have as a role model.

We did have a "finance" meeting this evening with the #1 grandson. He is the mortgage person who was tweaking the credit report/score for his mom....and then he will be buying the house from my mom ....this gets really complicated. Anyway, the house is in my moms trust, and there is now differing info coming from the accountant & attorney. Just hate this stuff. We're putting it all on hold until next week; must get the birthday weekend wrapped up first. So, house sale/transfer will have to wait.

Totally looking forward to sleeping all night in a much cooler house!

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