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Bending the Rules Credit-wise & Other Updates

June 26th, 2007 at 07:42 pm

This was a new one for me, however it was explained to us as something being done "all the time" in the mortage business.

Mom was asked to add a family member on to 3 of her high limit cc acounts (all at zero balances) just long enough for the credit reporting companies to add the family persons name & account. This makes the credit of the person in question broad, or varied they explained. As soon as the report is noted, mom can take the person off the accounts. (which she will do) So, there is to be no risk to her.......she feels like she is helping in a family situation and I am just going to watch.

I'm not a betting person, but I'm willing to put money on this family person not being able to maintain a mortage .....if it happens in the first place. Buying isn't always a good choice for some. Although continued renting isn't a great option either, it seems to have so much less risk in this situation.

I'm grateful I don't need someone to work the system as it was explained to us.

Plumbing Update: None. No info. Nothing. Basement floor & wall are still dry. Just too frustrating not knowing how it got so wet, and obviously many times before. Mom said this AM "It's a good day if we don't see water".......I feel just the opposite. I think it is just nasty I can't come up with the problem! Wish I could see some water & nail down where it came from & when!

Historic Happening Here: I turned down money. Yep. Found 3 gentlemen to divide up the first round of cured wood dad had been saving to turn or carve. One of them asked what I was selling it for, and I turned it down. Dad would have shared before selling.....so that is what we did all day again today. There are 3 pretty excited woodworkers here in the Pacific NW tonight!

Racing to Keep Up With the Autistic One

June 25th, 2007 at 10:44 pm

I'm exhausted.

The autistic young man showed up for a visit today around 3PM and I feel like I've run a marathon.

We started with compost moving......and got the new garden completely done. (still have more compost to move, will think creatively tonight so I have a solution when he gets up in the AM)
After dinner, he helped me load up a walk behind mower & we took off for the empty rental. He mowed the place, and for anyone who might have been watching us.......I hope they figured it out. My young man mows; just where he wants to mow. And he loves it. Looks like he has won the lottery while he is working. Had the mower on FAST and was just trotting along all over the yard. I had a hard time getting him to do the whole yard. When he finished, the place did look better than when we arrived, but it was an odd bit of mowing to say the least. He moved a roll of new vinyl into the garage too......so we're ready for the kitchen floor man to arrive ..whenever we get that going.

Back home, we set up a ramp thing my dad had constructed years ago, as a way to move things in and out of the basement without having to go inside and down the stairs repeatedly. Sort of a slide that hooks to the window well and drops off into the rec room. (otherwise known as the storage area) I passed 20 something pieces of dried wood my dad had saved from the 70's up to the ramp thing and my strapping young man picked them up and moved them into the garage. Whew. I was beat and he was laughing hysterically by this point. I'm so grateful for the help but he doesn't even understand that part.....he just had a ball.

Tomorrow a couple more local woodworkers are to arrive & we'll divide up the wood chunks. These are all set for people to either carve or turn them on a lathe. Dad would be thrilled to know the wood was not being used for firewood and mom is pleased I'm locating folks that seem to understand a 'good chunk of wood'.

Resting up tonight.....hoping I can sort of keep up with tomorrows day. Autistic kiddo is sleeping over & we're getting up at 6AM in order to watch Mr Rogers together (his best hero....and no, he doesn't know the man is dead) Then, a big home made breakfast and back to the compost moving outside.

There was so much more this kid did today, now that I think about it. He couldn't have got my mower in the van until he unloaded said van....and hauled everything down into that basement. And those things wouldn't have fit in the basement until he hauled the stuff for the dump up to the garage......

What a day...and just think, we're doing a repeat of most of it tomorrow!!! Smile

A Stay at Home, No Spend Day

June 19th, 2007 at 09:37 pm

Stayed home for the first time since moving to moms I think. She is the going-est person. Jump in the car & go here......no problem, just run to the store .......let's go; her favorite line!

Anyway, we both stayed here today. Spent nothing but personal energy. I continued to dig sod out of a new garden bed, taking all the sod to the new pathway to the back lawn and the clothesline area.

Also cleared out a garden bed in front and trimmed up the freecycle iris we picked up yesterday. Have them all in the ground and watered. If even half of them take off, we've got an exceptional bed of cut flowers on the way. (also have 2 more people sharing iris with us this week......must come up with another area for those)

Tomorrow is garbage day here....I've not had garbage pick up ....hmmmm ....in over 20 years maybe. Tuesday night is the regular clean out the fridge or freezer event here. Working on the upright freezer in the basement, food has been in there since ....well, let's say I'm embarrased to say. Another month or so, I'll be done with this project.

Have convinced mom to try a month of eating out of her pantry and freezer, with no trips to the store, with the exception of milk. Now if I can just keep her from going to the store to "stock up" prior to our little contest starting. Smile

One Tired Update

June 10th, 2007 at 10:18 pm

Pooped here. Got up at what I consider dawn these days.......by 6AM. Took mom and headed to the other house to drop off burning trash from the yard here.
Then, off to the food glean from the local grocery store.

We hauled 750 lbs of produce out of that store, then loaded it in my van, then unloaded it and sorted it at the food bank. Makes me more tired when I think of it again. We have a good time, the food isn't going to waste, but I'm going to have to stop this. I would continue if there was another person to assist with the lifting & hauling, but no....just me. And, I'm deciding it isn't going to work. Emailing my decision in tomorrow.

Headed to the old house, mowed while mom took a nap on the couch. Fed the chickens, gathered fresh eggs to bring back here.

Got back here to moms and the sun was out (first day in what seems like ages), so I planted her 3 new rose bushes......and a couple boxes of plants I had dug up this AM at the old house.

By tonight....I'm feeling like a truck hit me. Heading to bed hoping for a brand new me by tomorrow morning. Smile

Surprised Myself

May 28th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

I was enjoying my morning, coffee & emails sort of day....just sorting through a couple lists I subscribe to, when I had a Wow moment. There, on a cooking list, was www.frugalgardening.com
Big as life.

The question had been raised about saving water, and there was an article I had submitted about rain barrels and saving rain water. Too fun. I still am surprised anyone reads the articles, let alone refers anyone to them.... So, it was a fun way to start my day.

We did attend our little towns Memorial
Day service this AM. Nice the weather straightened out and didn't rain on us, as it is held outdoors. (scary thing to do in WA state!) Sat with my old Camp Fire leader at the service, got caught up on the news from all the other "girls". Invited another friend who we met there to come back with us for lunch. Fun afternoon, no cost fun.

Worked in the new garden the rest of the day........most of the new plants are in the ground, a few more wheelbarrows of compost are spread and we're able to see progress.

Looking forward to tomorrow, nothing, absolutely nothing on the schedule.

I Survived

May 25th, 2007 at 10:01 pm

Survived........but barely. Yesterdays event with the autistic kiddo coming to "help" spread the truckload of compost went as well as it could. We got at least half the pile of dirt spread, the brand new garden bed is ready to plant and I lived through the whole experience.

This young man truly LOVES to use a wheelbarrow, but is driven to go FAST. I mean really fast. I can hardly keep up with him if I haven't prepared the beds before he gets started. ( I was pretty organized for yesterday)

We stopped a couple times for him to eat, us too.....but barely. He eats as FAST as he does anything else, so back to the garden we went, no matter if I was done or not.

The later the afternoon got, the less energy I had and the more wound up my young man was getting. Bless mom for speeding up dinner & getting it on the table....in we went for a meal I can hardly remember since I was so tired!

Bag up the kiddos work boots, take one more picture of him with half a pile of dirt now.......and motored him back to his new house.

I'm still tired today....but I did manage to get in some more yard work. No money spent today, but lots of projects crossed off the list. I'm proud of myself re; one that was looking like I'd need some help. My dad had installed the water pipes & faucets to the back 40 here with a master shut off valve.....located about 24" underground. I had found it, and dug it clear....but then couldn't figure out how to reach it to turn it on. Today, while looking for a tool to finish yet another job....I found his one of a kind tool he had made to reach this valve & we have water to all the faucets!

I dug around the property the last couple days scrounging up bricks to replace the broken ones on a planting area (again my dads creation). Found enough to do the job and today figured out how to get the broken ones out and got the new ones installed.....and didn't have to pay anyone else to do it.

Feel victorious, tired......but victorious! (small things float my boat)

Between Two Homes

May 18th, 2007 at 05:25 pm

I'm back to the old house this week end, since my week end young man is here today.

Feels so odd being here among all these people!!! I have to admit, life at moms is just so relaxing. This week end is really going to cement the move for me I think. I'm feeling resentful at almost every turn here.

I mowed all the lawns, because room mate person didn't take time last week to meet with me re; the big mower. I refuse to turn over the keys to it until I see if she can manage. Otherwise, I'm going to have her buy her own mower to maintain the place.

Most all of the food for my young man is from the freezer, so that part is a piece of cake for me. I do have a ton of weeding to do & am so thankful it is going to rain the next couple days, so watering is off the list.

Chickens seem to be doing fine, with the limited care I know they are getting.

Will do my grocery store glean for the food bank on Sunday morning, then back here to feed the hens.........and then pack the van for moms. I do need to unpack it first I guess.....I've brought a full load of scrap wood to burn in our burn pile. My dad has saved everything since they bought this property in the 40's, so it is a bit of a junk yard. I figure I'll have it cleaned up in about 30 years!

Also fitting in a sewing job tomorrow, hemming a formal for a pick up on Sunday.

So, it will be a busy couple of days for me..... Room mate person is also holding another Barn Sale today through Sunday, so it is a bit zoo like outdoors. Approx 25 cars here on the property since I got home.

Happy Moms' Day

May 13th, 2007 at 06:09 pm

Hoping all of you who care for others have a special day yourselves!

I am at my moms, we've had a fun day planning her new gardens! No work, just the fun stuff........walking through the spaces, talking about ideas, plans, etc.

My kids are calling in, most of them know if I'm not home, to check here at my moms... My son had even sent me flowers here ahead of time, so they were here when I arrived. Nice, since he isn't the sort who usually manages stuff like gifts, etc.

I brought an entire van full of my things this week, and have them all put away. Mom is pretty flexible, telling me if things aren't like I'd like them, just make any changes here I would like. I've got a couple things on my list here.......but nothing urgent. If I do end up moving in, I'll paint whatever room I end up using....as I can't stand her paint colors in the bedroom. (to be fair, she didn't choose them, the grandkids did when they were living here)

Still many things to decide on re; how I'm going to handle the "sort of moving" stage I'm in. What things to drop out of, what to consider important enough to spend the gas money to drive to....those kinds of questions. Taking this a day or so at a time for now. So far, life is very relaxing here!

Blog Soup

May 8th, 2007 at 10:58 am

Yes, it's one of those entries where nothing seems to go together........but I'm tossing it in the mix anyway!

No spending today, however no money in either....so it's a wash.

I have given the go ahead for the re fi of the house here, so I can get the monies out for the remainder of my much wished for dental work this year. I will need the funds by August. I'm doing an interest only loan, for 10 years, which will lower my payment and have no penalty if I pre pay anything. I just couldn't find anything wrong with the deal, no matter how long I looked at it. No paperwork, no appraisals, just someone else finishing this up and I sign it. Works for me. There is an advantage to working with the same person all the time.

I'm making almost no headway on the Shut the Land Line Down issue. Neither phone provider here offers a limited version of a phone. Neither will shut down the 411 calls. But, with my cell phone provider, I called re; the possibility there & found that both mom & I are eligible for new phones (both free), and then I can use my current phone with charger here for the 911 set up. It won't have a number, so the tenants won't have a phone to use for messages, but I can see they are unable to limit their usage of it as it is.
I'll head to the phone store within the week, pick out a couple phones and then turn this line off before the end of May.

I continue to let people know about the phone number change, as well as the move..... Inching towards being freed up here.

Doing a Mystery Shop on the way home from my dental appt on Thurs. (it is actually on the road home) Seems easy enough, no real shopping required, but taking a tour. Sort of combines acting with writing! Not expecting to get rich with this deal, but it falls into my category of free money. I'll try it once & then decide if I want to continue. My mom is jazzed about it, as she wants to do the out to dinner 'shops'. This could get lots easier when I move to her place, as everything is so much closer then.

Got the call yesterday; the news feature re; Frugal Gardening is finished & the producer says it turned out well. The downside is.........I probably will never see it. Hmmmm, that could be a good thing too!! Smile

Got yet another email from tenants at the other house; they want to tell me again how they can't afford the full rental amount. I haven't backed down, so this time they also asked if they could pay the full amount each month, but in 2 payments.
I did agree to this, as I'm not so picky about when I get the money, as long as I GET the money. Still crossing my fingers about the state licensed facility coming through for August when the lease runs out.

New tenants here at this house have paid their rent, in addition the back yard people have paid something towards rent for the first time! A bit of a victory I'd say.

See, nothing did hang together here........a bit of this, a bit of that ....thus, Blog Soup. Smile

Gleaning to Lower Food Bill

May 6th, 2007 at 02:00 pm

I re joined our local gleaning group, mainly to receive the old bread and produce to feed the chickens. However, it is going to be a nice addition to the food budget here too.

I used to be involved with this same group, for almost 15 years, quitting when I had the difficult autistic kiddo move in. (couldn't be involved with anything with him there)

The organization is run differently these days & it is a bit difficult to not keep saying "when I was doing this....." to the leadership team. But, I'll learn.

Today I did my "job" alone for the first time, they think I'm properly trained now I guess. The chickens are all set up with fresh food for the week, as well as the kitchen is brimming with things I brought home for people.

The food often looks perfect. Hard to tell what the store is getting rid of it for.......until you do this for a bit. Let the perfect food sit a day & it becomes pretty apparent.

I spent a few hours this AM chopping, slicing, steaming and freezing......so none of the people food is going to go to waste. I have no idea how much this would be if I had to pay for it, but then, I would never buy this much produce at a time either. Nor, this variety. But, I'm set up for all veggie meals for most of the week.

Food rescue programs are so important for so many reasons.......well worth the time it takes to get involved. Stores save the dumping fee, others get to eat fresh food when they normally wouldn't, and we're saving space in the land fills.

A Coffee Mug & a Bedroom Set??

May 5th, 2007 at 04:31 pm

My bedroom and my morning coffee out of "the cup", is about all I need to think about taking with me when I move on....

I've been looking at things differently as I move through my days here, and there isn't much I want to take anywhere!!

Having just moved in '05, I pared down considerably and have made an effort not to add more stuff since then.

There are things I don't want to part with, but there is no need to take the piano to moms, as she already has one, etc.... So, it looks like one bedroom and a coffee mug with pink roses on it will just about do......and some clothes of course.

I do think I'll pay to have the things moved, as there are some huge pieces and if I hire someone, I know they will all get moved in and set up. If I use the room mate person & the new big truck here, I will end up doing most of the work.

Barn sale going on again today, yesterday was so successful, room mate person decided on Round #2 today. Busy around here. Horse boarding person is repairing and replacing fencing, at her expense...can't beat that.

In the Extremely Small Business News.....
we've sold a couple dozen fresh eggs today!! {Pretty sure I can't retire on the Egg Money, but it is fun to see people so excited about them.)

Completed another Pine Cone Survey as well as one from Greenfield, gotta love these regular little deposits. Also got the funds for the books sold through Amazon.

Just a Decade or So Behind

May 4th, 2007 at 05:15 pm

That's me. Just getting around to mastering something the rest of the world is way past comfy with.

*insert drum roll here.....*

I have, just this afternoon, figured out how to set up voice mail on my cell phone! Not only have I figured it out, but I HAVE it set up, and it works!

Stuff like this baffles me. The clock in my van, programing the cable box or setting the VCR/DVD to record (heck, I have days when I can't get it to even play a silly movie!) and anything to do with the auto features on any and all appliances are something I've pawned off on the kids who lived with me over the years.

But, for some reason, the voice mail on the cell never made it on the TO DO list. Thus, it was now on the top, as I can't switch clients over to the cell number if I have no voice mail.

So, one BIG thing off my list of what needs doing prior to my trial move. I also started talking about the whole event with the autistic kiddo today. He seems OK with it, but who knows? And, truly, I need to remember I'm not in charge any longer.

Next step will be to wean the couples who stay here off the house phone. I have let them all use it for a message phone, since it is impossible to get a job set up without a phone number & an address. I need to be ready with my answer to the next question........."Can I use your cell phone?". Not sure of my answer yet.

The thought of not having a phone ringing dozens and dozens of times a day is absolutely heady to me. I'm getting closer to that being possible & it spurs me on!

On a money front......I participated in a Pine Cone survey this AM, at least the first part of it. I presume a product will be on its' way here & then there will be an additional survey. Love these!!!

Working this week end as my last young man is scheduled to be here this afternoon through Sunday afternoon. I will give notice to his dad when I see him Sunday. Not sure about the timing, but will most likely see him through the end of June, giving them almost 2 months to decide what to do.

Room mate person is holding a huge Barn Sale today & tomorrow, which is part of her commitment to clear stuff out of here, prior to me discussing leaving the place to her to manage. So far, she's doing a huge amount of business, which in the long run is good for me too.

My moving out decision is feeling more like the right way to go each time I tell someone what I'm doing. Details are falling into place, there aren't any road blocks and I can sleep well even tho I'm making a big change. Means I'm on the right track! My biggest disappointment is telling my new walking buddy I'm moving too far away to meet 3X a week to walk.

Rental Agreements all Round

April 24th, 2007 at 08:44 pm

We welcomed a young couple into the mix last night.........might work....or??? They do have some challenges, but what else would be appropriate for this place? Smile Only one car, a part time job between them, 2 cats and 1 BIG dog. We'll see.... They are paying more than the last couple & seem willing to work too, which sounds like a good combo to me.

I've been advertising my moms apartment too, and today I think I had the first great response. The woman has done a drive by already and had a phone interview with my mom..........they are scheduled to meet at the apt tomorrow. That would be a great deal if it comes to pass.......a years lease and the amount I had researched.... another good combo.

Neighbors of the others houses' tenants called today........a bit of a soap opera going on in that neighborhood re; a culvert and drainage as well as a delinquent young man mixed with alcohol, a vehicle and goodness knows what else. The sheriff and the health department are both involved .... My tenants are the ones having to deal with this, not the ones causing it.... It makes it hard for me to keep reminding them they aren't paid up on their rent too!!!

And, if all this weren't enough, I'm trying to wade through the numbers about refinancing my primary home, to get some cash back. I have a bit more to scrape up for the dental work I'm getting done this year and this would almost do it. The payment would be lower, the interest rate would be lower.......and I'm pretty darned close to saying 'do it', especially since it is with the same company I have both the houses with now. No paperwork involved on my part, no appraisal needed either...something called Fast Track. It is sounding attractive at this point.

The check came today for the 2 classes I taught this month.... Payment came to $175. for Knitting!!! Such a deal. Money for having fun; my kind of job. I'm set for more classes Fall quarter already too.

Didn't spend anything.....but getting myself ready for the Big Spend day here soon. Property taxes due by the end of this month. YUK. Wouldn't feel so terrible if I thought I was really getting my monies worth! Smile

New Numbers

April 15th, 2007 at 03:37 pm

I weighed myself this AM (after being at my moms for a few days) and surprised myself with a brand new number! I knew I was making progress, as I've been able to button the bottom button on a few shirts....that used to be an open type, jacket only situation! All buttoned up these days, and I can sit down without ripping the buttons off too! Must be the walking!

Felt jazzed about the weight loss & started getting busy on the TO DO list around here. I've got laundry out on the line, the burn pile started and the compost dumped. Eggs collected and chickens fed.

I brought home some free wood from my dads vintage wood piles.......I found great stuff to make some roosts for the chickens. Now, I just need to figure out how to mount them to the walls. (these are to replace the almost silly version of a roost that a very helpful someone made for the coop......looks more like a prop for a manger scene in a Nativity)

Now, I'm back to crocheting the first of my samples for this Thursdays class. The purse is done, now I'm working on the handle, then out to the sewing room it goes for the lining and assembly phase. I'm wasting too much time today, thumbing through patterns, when I just need to grab one and start on another item for the display. Thinking small things at this point.....planning on a soap sack, 2 different size hats and a scarf at this point. I can start a small baby blanket after I get these done......

Back to work........

Do I Have a Typical Day??? Ever???

April 10th, 2007 at 02:40 pm

I've come to the conclusion I don't. I don't have typical days here, unless the fly by the seat of my pants, deal with who & what crosses the threshold qualifies as typical. I try to make some sort of blog entry that is neat & tidy and has some sort of theme to it.......and fail miserably most times. Today is no exception. Nothing has hooked together at all....

Started with email & phone calls. Contacted the tenants; the downstairs couple is bringing 2 months rent (which brings them current) this evening. Just got an email from the upstairs people, they are only sending the check minus the $600. they asked about. (I had told them I couldn't reduce the rent) Now what???

Foster dtr with grandbaby stopped by for a visit..........Fun to see her feeling so competent with him.

Called new potential tenant here......left message about him moving in. No response.

Gathered 8 eggs from the new chickens. Getting at least 6 a day now.....Making for some frugal meals.

Received my order of supplies for this months knitting & crochet classes. Used my new ball winder & made up smaller balls of yarn for each student. Wound up some odd balls of mine, to use for a couple door prize drawings at class. Almost ready now, which is good.....one day to go before the knitting class.

And, because I promised myself I'd campaign for Obama if & when he decided to run for President.......I signed up to volunteer here in our county for his campaign. I've always wanted to be involved in a political campaign, but couldn't due to kid type commitments....so this actually qualifies as something I'm doing for ME too.

So, I guess today is typical for me. Just one thing after another...all unrelated mostly. I think this is why I'm unsure about getting a 'real' job. I think I would be crazy doing the same thing all the time. As I get closer to June (the end of my one year trial at semi retirement) I find I'm looking at employment ads & imagining myself doing something.........anything........

Easter: My Version

April 8th, 2007 at 05:21 pm

Easter took on an added meaning 6 years ago, when my dad died on Good Friday. Even if the date doesn't jive each year.......on Easter week end, I'm all about doing something pertaining to Dad.

This year, a project was calling....no, make that 'screaming' for attention. Dad had been given a house as a young man, and it has been vacant since Halloween. I picked up my mom this AM, and her lawn mower and assorted tools and off we went to Dad's house. What a disaster it was. This is the place that put the BIG dog in the little yard and let it tear the place up.

I mowed for what seemed like a couple hours, then mixed up a serious batch of Round Up and sprayed everything that was growing where it should not have been growing.
I took a lawn chair for mom, and she did a fair job of sitting down....with occasional spurts of clipping and pruning something spliced in.

I had even remembered my camera & got some shots from the street to post with the upcoming rental ads (HAVE to do something to the inside walls and electrical system prior to renting).

We're exhausted, but feel like it was a day well spent. I prefer doing something like this, rather than making a trip to the cemetery.... We had a chance to visit about Dad all day, didn't have to cook a company sized dinner and got some great sunshine & exercise too. A pretty good combination! (and no money spent either)

Classy New Look Here

April 7th, 2007 at 12:15 pm

Love the new look with the blogs ....and I can't wait to see what else is in store. I will start playing with the colors some day...just not today. Too much on my list.

Still working hard aiming to clean out the strawberry bed. How is it the weeds far out number the strawberry plants, no matter how many buckets of weeds I pull? The chickens are thrilled again....and gave me 6 eggs this morning as a thank you!

I cleaned out the nesting boxes, right into the garden bed under construction. Have 6 wheelbarrows of good compost added to the mix and think I might be ready to plant this week.... I need to get to the nursery to check out veggie starts & pick up some fresh seed. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Almost had a full scale rodeo in my front yard this morning. The new horse lady brought a friend (with another horse) and they decided to try a ride. The horses had other ideas & gave quite a show tossing riders as soon as they were in the saddle. So, I had gardening; with a Show!

Combine the rodeo with a parade.........a continual stream of freecyclers arriving this AM for strawberry plants & my morning has been busy. Still have oodles of plants left, so I need to get to my list here and arrange for some more potential gardeners to show up....there is no way I'm planting more than a dozen more strawberry plants!

Record Breaking Heat.......... In Seattle???

April 6th, 2007 at 05:42 pm

Again, it snowed this week (Monday) and now we have a record breaking day for the Seattle area??? Gorgeous & lovely to work outside in, but it is just odd. Taking advantage of the weather & have clothes on the line.

I'm still dividing and cleaning out the strawberry beds.....too many necessary breaks when it is over 75 here. I'm hoping to save up some energy and tackle the project again after sundown. I'm sharing with 7 freecyclers now.........maybe more, depending on how many plants are hidden among the weeds. The chickens are thrilled with the new gardening schedule, as they eat the 5 gallon buckets of weeds as fast as I can pull them and haul them to the coop. Feels very thrifty turning weeds into eggs for breakfast!!

My week end young man is here for just 2 days, due to the Easter holiday. Seems peculiar having someone here after being gone so long....and this one only comes 2 week ends a month anyway. But, this will mean a paycheck from this source for April, which will be nice.

I started advertising the vacant room, as well as the parking spaces out back. No bites yet, but did get one on my moms apartment (which I also listed).

Walked again this AM, with my walking buddy.........we didn't go as far as usual since we're both just getting back to this after taking our 2 weeks off. How out of shape can one get in 2 weeks??? Apparently, quite a bit.......Sad really!
But, it is one more item on my 2007 goals list......doing things for me, so it always feels good to do it regardless of the collection of aches & pains.

A no spending day here........like most of the days. I wish I was more organized & could figure out a system where I would keep track of these. I have started several, then around the 2nd week of the month I realize I have no idea. I should challenge myself to do a no spending month some day....other than necessary utilities & house payments of course.

From Snow to 70 in How Many Days??

April 5th, 2007 at 08:15 pm

It was just Monday of this week.....just 4 days ago, I woke up to snow.......all over!

Today......the thermometer said 70 and I was mowing the lawns & wearing short sleeves & sandals. My garden won't know what it's supposed to do!!!

I didn't get to spend much of the day outside, as it was the day for another looong dental appointment. The last of my cleaning appointments before the new work begins, and tons of measurements & such. By the time I got home it was already 4PM. But, I will get this accomplished & be able to check off the biggest goal on my 2007 list.

I heard from the parks & rec dept re; my scheduled classes this month.......the knitting class has hit the max number we decided on.....I OK'd adding 2 more in, if they would extend the time in case I can't get everyone to Get It by the time the class ends. I'll need to pick up more supplies; of course I had just sent in my order (and yes, I tried a quick phone call, but the order had been shipped, drat)
I'm working on the lesson plan and some hand outs.....I never like to teach a class without sending the group home with lots of materials.

Quitting early tonight, as I'm going to meet my walking partner again in the AM....we were both a bit wiped out on Wed.......at least it wasn't just me!

Keeping Track Here

April 1st, 2007 at 01:45 pm

First off........the April Fools version pales compared to last years event! Cute, but not even close to the panic that set in last year! Smile

I entered a bin full of books onto Amazon last night and sold one already this AM. Good to get that going again. The new books are all the same theme/topic, so perhaps the rest will get picked up too??

The backyard people brought home a bunch of really ripe bananas from the food bank & asked if I knew how to turn them into banana bread (or anything else??), so I've been doing the Betty Crocker impression in the kitchen today. Smells terrific in here....I hope I can NOT eat any of this.

Been doing OK with the diet changes. Managed to stay the same weight while on vacation. Did get into a different pair of jeans when I got home, so one small victory for me! Can't wait til my walking partner is ready to hit the trail again, thinking we can get back to our schedule as soon as tomorrow...hopefully.

Found a couple gift Cert. for Amazon when I was cleaning my daytimer for this new month.........they are good til the end of the year. Will start putting some thought towards gifts for the year and use them up, just so I don't forget them.

Hard to believe it is April already. I'm ready for spring, but it seems like time is going so much faster than I am these days.

Changes at the Ranch

March 30th, 2007 at 01:29 pm

Much happened in my absence. Most of it I kept up to speed via phone calls and voice mails.......but it seems like a different place than what I left.

The new horses arrived, just 2 and well behaved too. The fence isn't even turned on and they don't care. They are not going anywhere. It's been 3 weeks now and no escape attempts. Love them just for that! The horse owner is terrific, she is planning on overseeding the pastures in rotation this spring/summer & paying for it herself. She is so much easier to get along with, & so far is paid up ahead too. Plus, she pays more than the other person did for half the horses! Her kids are great too, no autistic wonder children to deal with(not that I'm not used to that, but these normal little guys are a treat)

The chickens started laying!!! So exciting to gather fresh eggs again. They were right on schedule.......we had figured they would be laying by Easter. The fridge is full of eggs, as no one here wanted to be the one to use up the fresh eggs....how silly! Fresh custard, egg salad, omelette's, strata's.......I can do almost anything with eggs!

The young couple that was living inside the house has moved. Not willingly either, so there are some glitches. He crossed a fairly serious line so I asked him to move while I was gone, she chose to stay with him (stupid woman). So, there is a small hole in the sheetrock where he shoved the front door open.........and they didn't clean up their room nor their fridge. Easy fixes however.....and they left a perfectly good couch and entertainment center I have already listed on CL, so no loss. They did exchange their interior doorknob and put in a new one with a key lock, so that will be a nice feature for the next person(s) too. Even left both keys! Smile

The garden is doing fine....my seedlings are coming along OK, although I have something mysterious that is eating the leaves. Usually don't have things eating cabbage family leaves here, but they are getting chomped on. Almost big enough now that it won't matter, but I'll slosh them with some leftover dishwater just to discourage whatever is out there.

All but one rental check was here when I returned. Did the banking yesterday and called the tenant with the missing check. He swears he mailed it....will continue to stay in touch with him.

Turned in my income tax paperwork since I got back, this is one expense I'll gladly pay. I have no idea how to prepare taxes and it seems that each year mine are so complicated. I just keep the same woman each year & then don't have to continue to explain my odd situations. I've got 4 pieces of paperwork to find for her today and then I'll be done. Hope to get the filing caught up at the same time, as well as move the BIG file cabinet to the garage with the other BIGGER file cabinet. Tired of having them in the house.

And, the neighbors have a new calf......in the pasture right outside my window. Too cute. One more due any day now too. Calf-vision. Beats TV any day! It is most certainly spring around here.

Catching Up Here, I think!

March 7th, 2007 at 06:11 pm

I managed to get 3 of the items for todays customer finished before she arrived today......and she was happy. One down.

Almost finished with customer #2, another hour in the AM and that order can be picked up & paid for.

Customer #3.......not started, will get to this one tomorrow night, hopefully.

And, before I could place a vacation setting on the Amazon account, Yes, you guessed it.........sold another book. So, another post office trip is on the schedule for tomorrow. Can't believe the sales the last 30 days. Hope I can pick right back up upon my return.

Finished handing out my strawberry plants, had 4 freecyclers here picking them up. And, in the process, I've got one of the strawberry beds all cleaned out here. That will be nice to come home to.

I had also requested a commercial clothing rack from freecycle and had 4 responses. So, of course I've been running all over picking them up this week.......finished those errands up too, and have a terrific selection of racks now for the sewing room. Looks so much better & I'm WAY more organized out there because everything that was sitting around, is now hung up.

So, my TO DO list for this week......getting ready for The Trip.......does have items crossed off. I am making progress.

I'm Running Out of Week.....ACK!!!!

March 7th, 2007 at 07:04 am

I put WAY too many things on my schedule for this week. WAY, WAY too many. At the rate I'm going, I won't be ready to leave on "The Trip" until next Sat, and the leave town day is this Sat.

If it weren't enough that I have the huge sewing project (the trade for CL fabric)which I misjudged how much time I would have in the first place.... I added in some freecycle items; both Want & Offer. And, to top it off the book sales on Amazon are still chugging along, with another sale this AM. (so add in a post office run too, in my spare time)

And, yes, there is that packing deal too...I am doing laundry now in preparation for aiming to pack tomorrow.

I have not ditched the walking plan during my current scheduling snafoo (0r, is that snafuu??) My new friend & I are up to 3 miles a walk (it does take us an entire hour to do that, so we're not burning up the trail yet!) Heading out again this AM, hoping it does that magic thing & clear up my head so the rest of my day is turbo charged and twice as productive. One can hope??

No spending today.......other than gas to get to the trailhead. And, saving money by picking up a van load of FREE, day old bread from the local gleaning group. The chickens have gone frugal too, no more commercial feed for them.

The Flock........now minus one

March 4th, 2007 at 12:51 am

Discovered a dead hen in the coop this AM. Not my favorite way to start the day, that's for sure. Fed the rest of the flock, then handled the dead one..........think of her as fertilizer at this point.

My weekend charge is here this week, so spent a tad of time cooking for him....and hours answering his same questions for the umpteenth time. (he has one continuous loop of sayings & questions....he definitely teaches one patience.)

Mom came for her perm.......she has had me do her hair since I had to stand on a stool to reach her head! Wonder how much money she has saved over the decades? She does pay me these days, but not what she would have to pay to get it done in a salon. Just wish she could cut my hair in trade... Smile

My new yarn came that I had ordered last week. Bought it online and on sale...about the best I can do since I can't order wholesale anymore. (miss that!!) Plan to take all of it on the trip, so I don't succumb to buying any yarn full price anywhere along the way.

Several sewing customers picked up (and paid for) orders....and I spent time in the sewing room finishing one order for this week and making headway on one more. Only the BIG fitting appointment still to get ready for before I leave.

Realized I haven't been away from home this long since my parents used to move into my house & watch all the kids....back in the 70's. I left every January for a month and traveled somewhere....mostly on the cheap sorts of places... I think I've become way too used to just staying around home. It will be interesting to see if I LIKE being gone at this point in my life.

I see our weather report is going to put us over 50 degrees tomorrow....and it's been a winter wonderland here until just this afternoon. I will be out in the garden tomorrow, planting my new veggie starts so they are in before I leave.

Lots on the schedule for tomorrow, I have no business being up this late here.....

Back Home......Power Outages.... Goal Review

March 1st, 2007 at 03:05 pm

I had a great time at my moms, we accomplished many of the items on her list, as well as I had several days to get comfortable driving her car. (planning on taking that vehicle next week on our trip)

Left moms Tues, went directly to dental appointment.........went well, I got an A+ on the healing up of the recent work.. which was great to hear. Dropped off my dog at home and left for a knitting class. Then, came home....feels like I've been gone forever.

Fortunately, I got right to work on my customers orders....because we've had another snow storm & power outages. Got the power back on this AM, but we still look like Alaska here! (very tired of looking out to all this white stuff)

Spent a bit of time just now reviewing my 2007 goals I had set here in January. I started with 5.......here's the update
1) grow my sewing business & the knitting/crochet classes. Seems like what I'm doing is working. Once I get back from the upcoming trip.....I will locate another local newspaper to advertise in.
2) Make the changes to this house, so it feels more like my home. Primarily, the tub installation in my master bath. Not sure on this one...........no money for this project at this point, but I'm not even sure if I want to stay here long enough to warrant putting it in. Will continue to think on this one.
3) Put myself on The List. I've been doing this daily. Found a walking partner & we're meeting at least 2X a week (with the exception of snow days) and plan to increase this after I return from my trip.
Getting dental work done .....in the process. Appointments set up for April after I return.
I've been concentrating on better nutrition, and it's working for me. Continuing to see new (lower) numbers on the scale here! TA DA.
4)Give notice to horse boarding people. Did this. They have the horses moved, still have lots of their 'stuff' to take off the property. Met with potential new boarder......reducing # of animals to 2, and increasing the rent by 100%. Not a bad deal if it happens.
Increasing the amount of money coming in from the property: Have responded to several ads on CL, but none have ended up with anything concrete. Will continue thinking creatively about this one.
5) Legal Stuff; Have made no headway on this one. Will likely have to wait til after income tax day. I need to do this with mom, she won't be ready to think 'legal' until after she finishes her taxes. We are continuing to talk about what needs to be done however.......so there is progress....albeit, slowly.

Feel good about The List. It's the first of March and I haven't dropped the ball on any of the items.......and I can see much progress in a couple of areas. Will continue to keep the hard copy of the list in front of me here at the desk, and will review here on line in a couple months.

Another No Spender

February 25th, 2007 at 03:01 pm

Didn't even spend moms money today... Smile

We stayed at her place, all day. Worked in her kitchen for hours, helping her organize cupboards and drawers. She had moved out, moved back and never really took everything out (grandson & family stayed at the house) so things have been a jumble ever since she returned (and grandson moved to another of moms houses)

So, we sorted, tossed, washed and re organized everything in 3 big banks of cupboards and drawers. Mom is a very short little lady, so we moved everything where she could reach it this time around. Now, we have a trip to the thrift store scheduled for tomorrow ...with a trunk full of stuff to donate. Also have a BIG box of things she is giving to another grandson who is just setting up his own place for the first time. Another couple sessions and the kitchen will be done.

Worked a bit on the planning for the trip, just which one of us will take what....since there is no need to double up on many of the things we want to take. Also worked on menus for the week in the condo in Palm Springs.

The natives at my house are not fairing well in my absence. I got a call yesterday and again today.... Seems one young lady thinks someone took something of hers from a storage shed on the property (and no, she didn't have it locked). I have told them all they need to try to act like adults & pretend I'm there. Apparently, quite a bit of nastiness flying around the ranch these days. The main toilet sprung a leak and the same young lady came unglued. Didn't offer to try to figure out the problem, just blew her top.

A guest that was visiting someone else, took a look at the toilet and has already fixed it, a matter of tightening up something he said. No problem any more.

Can't imagine how many difficulties will surface if I'm gone for 2 weeks! Yikes.

And........Again, with the Amazon.com emails........I sold another book. Room mate person has it already to take to the post office tomorrow. We've pulled in almost $250 in the last week, just with the book sales. Wish I could do this on a regular basis!

Spent Mom's Money

February 24th, 2007 at 09:34 pm

A no spend day for me, but I "spent" some of moms money on accessories for her house. We're still working on it....the biggest pieces were first, and now we're just plugging away on the little things. Today was some fabric (from the close out area) so I can make some fabric runners of sorts to try to make the larger wood pieces sort of match??? Maybe?? Tassels put our total up a ways, but they will make the items look finished & not home made.

Also took a couple of moms vintage photos in to get matted.......we had the frames, but we're both hooked on professional mats....and the pictures look so much better this way. Too fun. She has had the prints just leaning up against furniture......now, they are framed, matted, under glass and on the walls. Much more fun to view.

I spent the day driving moms car, so I'm a bit more familiar with it prior to taking off on our trip south next month. I no longer turn on the wipers when I mean to shift! Smile

Started another sock......pair #6 this is. A yummy purple super wash wool....I can't wait to get these finished! This means I'm totally out of sock yarn now, so will be putting in an order online, so I've got yarn to knit with while waiting for all my passengers to gamble on this upcoming trip!

Still have to gather up a few items for the trip..........waiting on room mate person to provide a smallish suitcase event (I have none). Mom is loaning me a make up bag of sorts ....I don't do make up, but since we're all sharing 1 bathroom, it will be nicer to have all my stuff in one place. I need a case for my sunglasses; I usually carry them in the holder in my van, but that won't work on this trip. This coming week will be sewing week, aiming to get a couple new things pulled together so I don't look like too much of a farmer on this outing.

Missing my walking partner while at moms, next walk scheduled for Wed. Another dental appt scheduled for Tues, so I'm keeping ME on the to do list.....which is one of the largest goals I had for 2007. Will have to review the goals after the trip & see how I'm doing for the first quarter......

Sold Another Book

February 23rd, 2007 at 11:14 pm

Writing at my moms as I'm visiting for the week end........and somehow published the entry prior to writing anything... Odd

Anyway; I logged on to email here & I had sold yet another book! Too weird. I've had books listed for a year and not sold this many all together. I'm not complaining however! Explained to room mate person where the book was, where the shipping stuff was located and have fingers crossed the book gets in the mail on time.

Finished another sock tonight......for another finished pair. I'm up to 5 now in my personal challenge to create hand knit socks to fill my sock drawer with by the end of the year. (wearing a wool pair of hand knit socks right now)

It's a no spend day for me.......easy since we didn't go anywhere.

Spent what seemed like the entire afternoon on the phone with hotels.com folks, getting "The Trip" details ironed out for March.

Waterproof Checks???

February 21st, 2007 at 02:42 pm

Nope, the Navy doesn't issue waterproof checks. I know now. Not that I was attempting this experiment on purpose....Smile

The Navy had posted his rent check on the fridge, which I saw this AM and promptly tucked it in my pocket..... And, the rest is just a story of how one can get sidetracked from being sidetracked here. The clothes with the pocket, with the check, found their way to the washer......since Wed is my laundry day....

While I was walking this AM, I remembered NOT taking the check out of the pocket and sure enough........it isn't waterproof, not even close!

So, I will need to get in touch with him and let him know I need a new check issued..........as I routed the first one through the wash. (not recommended)

The rest of the day is a no spender........no money in either. Still spending time in the sewing room, getting ready for a fitting tomorrow.

Did spend an hour or so in the gardens as it is almost 50 degrees here again today & sunny. Still just prepping ground, so nothing exciting.

Forgot about spending money yesterday, did send a check off for a half years membership in a gleaning organization. I used to be involved on the board of this one, I wasn't sure it was still around...but it is, and the distribution site is only 2 miles away, on the way to my walking connection. So, it will mean almost free chicken food all the time for us.........in addition to other items; which I won't know for sure about until my orientation. Money well spent, considering the fee was only $25.00 and the chickens can go through that much feed in a week.

On a Roll

February 19th, 2007 at 07:18 pm

Another email in the IN box today.....sold another book on Amazon.com. Two days in a row, a record of sorts here! With todays holiday, I'll be mailing both of them tomorrow & then just sitting back to see the $$ added to my Paypal account. Pretty easy money. This was one of the original ways I tried when beginning the $20.00 challenge here a year ago.........and it's still plugging away.

RE; putting ME on my 2007 goal list....I walked again this AM for an hour. (in the pouring rain, mind you!) Enjoying the walk and the company; one of the women who answered my Craigslist post for walking partners. It makes a huge difference to me if I've got someone to meet at the trail....otherwise, I could come up with dozens of creative answers as to why NOT walk.

Spent nothing ........used a bit of gas to get to the trailhead...but that was it. Thought I was going to sew, but it was too cold in the sewing room to concentrate. Will try again tomorrow; hoping for a warming trend here again.

Continued the Cooking From Scratch lessons today for the non cooking tenants here. They bought the ingredients & I showed them how to make ranch dressing (a food group for them I think) from scratch. Everyone agreed it was better than the stores. Duh!! We did pancake syrup last week...not sure what next weeks "lesson" is going to be. I always forget how spoiled I've been; to have everything home made all the time. I can't imagine how much money that has saved over the years???

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