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Help Needed for Gardening Feature!!!

April 16th, 2007 at 02:33 pm

I'm stepping into uncharted territory ...for me! Needing help........big time, and quickly!

Background: Jeffrey passed an email on to me, from a network news organization....who wanted to do a feature on Frugal Gardening.
They have contacted me and now want to do several other interviews & stretch out the topic to cover other aspects.

What I Need: The producers asked if there was anyone I knew of that had read the blog or articles on www.frugalgardening.com AND had followed any of the tips. Anyone??? Plus, they want this person by tomorrow, Tuesday! Anywhere in the U.S. is fine, they explained, as they have affiliates throughout the nation!

If you have created a garden on the cheap, using Craigs list, Freecycle, a plant exchange among your friends & neighbors..........I would love to hear from you. If you have procured free plants from landscapers, nurseries, etc.......I would love to hear from you!
I would need your contact info, in order to pass it on to the producer I'm working with. Speed is of the essence here....as they plan on finishing up the feature here in the Seattle area on Thursday. (yes, THIS Thursday!)

I'm contacting others locally, in addition to a landscaper who dumped their trucks of trimmings here last year.......and a local nursery owner......so am scrambling to come up with people available here to speak with reporters this week. (and yes, I am still crocheting like a crazy woman, to get my samples set up for my Thursday evening class...THIS week!)

I'll check email often.....And, a huge thank you to anyone able to help out!

1 Responses to “Help Needed for Gardening Feature!!!”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    You can suggest to them to talk to any California Native Plant Society chapter (their website is something like nps.org) as well as the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens and the Theodore Payne Society in the valley (Los Angeles) who are both CA native plant establishments.

    CA native plants are water thrifty, drought tolerant, a very important factor down here. As well as easy to propogate by seed etc.

    GOod luck

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