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barn sale profits & other tidbits

May 6th, 2006 at 08:24 am

Wow, I'm duly impressed. My housemate person made just over $600. at her barn sale here yesterday. Plus, has an 'after sale' this morning and again tomorrow. People had to go to the bank, as she decided not to take any checks. So, there will be more.........she is selling a washer/dryer this AM and a baseball card collection tomorrow AM.
She did a much better job of advertising this time, pretty much a steady stream of vehicles coming in. Over half however, didn't buy a thing. Not sure why.........perhaps because she had too much stuff & nothing was priced? She's not the type to tweak anything to increase profits, so I'm not going to make suggestions.

The homeless gentleman has moved on, however his truck & trailer are still in the driveway. Pretty sure he doesn't have permission to park it anywhere else at this point. His excuse, he needs a ride back here to pick it up. (he has 2 vehicles........could only drive one)

Groomed one of the horses yesterday, with my autistic kiddo. What fun. I get my horsey fix and actually get paid for it (albiet, a bit late....she paid yesterday for April) But, it has solved an entry on my lifes wish list.....Have a horse. I tweaked this a tad, and yes.........I "have" 4 horses in the pasture; BUT........I'm not the one paying for them, rounding them up when they get out, repairing the fencing, buying the feed, paying for the vet or the farrier........ This system is much better; definately feeling older & wiser than I was when I put Have a Horse on my list. (last known actual list here is from 1982..... there were over 100 entries on my list then, I'm doing pretty good chalking them off!)

Working hard this weekend, all 3 boys here full time. And, I just got an email from my teen helper person......he's not able to come. (his mom is the culprit this time!!) So, my autistic kiddo is on the edge, since this helper comes just to spend time with him. Drat & fooey. Anticipating a LONG day here.

Have my food all planned out, which makes life easier......looks like it is going to rain, which makes life harder (no one can/will go outside). It will be a no spend day; there is no way I would put these 3 in a vehicle and even go to the end of the road for the mail!

I've been racking up the freebies in the mail, seems like there is something fun every day. And, what's with the free cat food? I've been surprised by how much there is out there. (and my cats are looking quite satisfied too!) I haven't missed a day for ages in checking the list here....sending for all that would be appropriate for us.

I have received a couple emails from companies that had offered freebies, apologizing that they couldn't honor the request, do to their info being posted on freebie sites. Thinking on this lately. Not sure what my feelings are; I can understand the companies situations, but honestly it has been great to try out smaller sizes of things, as well as not have to pay for that. Will have to ponder this a bit more.

2 Responses to “barn sale profits & other tidbits”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Barn sale sounds like a great success. Smile

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