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Gardening Updates

August 13th, 2007 at 01:54 pm

I've got to take a break from the constant gardening chores here. Not much weeding to be done due to the heavy layer of compost spread everywhere.

Deadheading takes a few minutes in each garden bed; picking off the old spent blooms keeps the plant in top shape and it will usually kick out more blossoms this way.

Regular watering.......but not as much as mom has been used to. Again, because of the heavy layer of compost; holds the moisture longer.

Then there is the harvesting bit. Broccoli; more than we can use by ourselves. Need to come up with someone who would like a bunch & soon! Apples from 5 trees. Zuchinni coming at the rate of one a day right now. (so far keeping up with them) And, the first cucumber picked and ready to use for tonights dinner. The rhubarb is up to date; just chopped it and tossed it in the freezer for later use. So much all at the same time....wouldn't it be great for this to last longer??

And, lastly.........I took out the new hedge trimmer again and attacked the front of another 40 year old shrub by the house. Gutsy enough to do one right out in the open where people can see I don't know what I'm doing yet! So far, not too bad. Have no idea how to trim the back side of it, as it is right next to a window well into the basement. Just an accident waiting for me I fear! Smile The ground is only sand so there isn't much in the way of solid ground either. The sand has been sifting out through the rockery for 40 years, leaving some areas that look like ground, but are just full of empty spaces underground. Yep, another accident just waiting for me.

So, the shrub by the house has a bit of a reprieve while I dream up how to balance myself in exactly no space & trim this guy back to what could be called 'shrub size'.

2 Responses to “Gardening Updates”

  1. Cheetahwoman7 Says:

    What about taking a board, like a 2'x 2' piece of plywood, to stand on while you trim the shrub? It should give you a large enough area to balance on and shouldn't "sink" because it's spread out over a larger section of ground. It also will be easy to move as you work your way around the shrub. Just a thought. Hope it helps. Smile

  2. Amber Says:

    Wow seems like a lot of work, I always wanted a garden but never got around to it. Now my dad, he can grow anyhing: things like; sugar cane, collard greens, apples strawberries, tomatoes, yams, corn...lol I can go on and on his yard looks like a jungle.lol

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