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How Can I Be This Busy & Be Retired??

August 7th, 2007 at 05:22 pm

I don't seem to have any true spare time these days. Moving to moms has saved the driving time between places (except for once every 2 weeks when I head to the old house)........but the rest of life seems to have gone into overdrive.

Maybe it's summer that makes it feel like that to me? Trying to keep up with the harvest from 2 veggie gardens perhaps?

Maybe it's how far behind moms place had fallen........Everything needs work here.

A battery powered hedge trimmer arrived yesterday & I got a pretty good workout today while taming the evergreen shrubs in the front yard. Very helpful tool; saved lots of time and for the first time out, the bushes look WAY better than before. I was worried I might butcher them, but I'm ready to take on the row of bushes along the driveway now.

Forced myself to the sewing room and finished another of the tops for my barter customer. Hoping to get to the last couple items tomorrow and arrange a fitting on Thurs. It will feel great to have this commitment completed.

Completed a Pinecone survey today, first one in a long time for me. It sounded like it was a product testing event too, so perhaps there will be some fun mail soon.

And, a book of my dads sold today. A pristine condition math book of all things. Hopefully, the rest will start moving soon & I'll be making a path to the post office! I didn't list anything that wasn't going to be worth the time & gas, so most sales will be over $25.00 and there are a couple that are in the 80-100 dollar range. Who knew dads books were more than just 'dads books'?? Because of his addiction to books, I can hardly buy a book. I need to really, really need it before I'll buy it to keep. Would much rather get it on loan from the library.

And, finally..........the Tax Update. We have got moms 2004 taxes done, both for the trust and for her. I've rounded up most of the paperwork for 2005 now, just waiting for a few things to come in the mail & we'll be ready to turn all that in. 2006 is close to being ready and heck, we'll even be in time since she has had an extension on this year for some reason. In the process of looking for all the right papers & numbers I've been re vamping her filing system. 2007 taxes should be a walk in the park come January. (no extensions either!!)

4 Responses to “How Can I Be This Busy & Be Retired??”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Umm...because you retired from your job, not from your life?

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I always butcher the bushes! Smile My house would'nt be my house without the funky shaped bushes in front!
    Glad the taxes are getting squared away. Big job!

  3. Nic Says:

    When I "retired", I set about my former home doing lots of yard work...trimming,weding,chopping, etc. All the stuff I didn't have time to do. When I finally moved to Utah, I was so ready for LESS yard.

  4. fern Says:

    Miss not hearing from you more!

    I have a cordless mower...cordless trimmer sounds great, too. I have a B&D plug in one that works real well, but that extension cord keeps getting in the way and i'm always worried i'm gonna saw right thru it.

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