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Garden Tours Between Showers

July 22nd, 2007 at 04:34 pm

We splurged today and went to our little towns garden tour. Six gardens for $15.00. Not a bargain by any means.

We did get a few ideas and mom realized her new gardens could hold their own in a few years.....there were things she saw and realized hers' were just the baby version. Several of the gardens had live music which was a treat, but it still didn't seem like it was a good value for the money spent. (I'm spoiled with the garden tours from my little farm town; more manure = better flowers I guess!!)

We had a coupon from the entertainment book for a 2 for one lunch at a new Thai place, so we finished off our day with that. Very yummy!

Even the rain held off while we did all this today which was good. Only one garden was tough to navigate due to it being so wet, the others were OK.

Tonight I've got another hobby woodworker showing up with helpers....and I'm giving them a van load of dry wood for turning or carving. All this is stored in this basement, making cleaning the space up impossible. Can't wait to see the difference after this evenings load!!!

Heading for my old house tomorrow, to check on the water/pump situation. Apparently still no water & the electrician friend said it was out of his league, we need a well person. Not wanting to pay week end rates, we decided to "camp" until Monday. Hauling water in from the rain barrels is not the easiest, but the water is on the property, so it could be worse.
I can feel a lesson in wells & pumps coming on!

1 Responses to “Garden Tours Between Showers”

  1. fern Says:

    I LOVE home & garden tours, bout our town charges $25 for about the same number of homes. I guess becus they're fundraisers.

    Sorry to hear about continuing house issues.

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