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New Walking Goals (and buddy)

July 4th, 2007 at 11:34 pm

I've met and walked with my new walking buddy this morning. Felt great to get back to that. I was truly determined, as most of the streets in this little town were blocked off for the annual parade. I had no idea things would come to a screeching halt in the morning for a parade that started at 1PM. So, after much driving to find a way to get even halfway close to the walking track we were to meet at.......I made it there only a few minutes late. We walked through town, as the track was already closed for some sort of holiday activity. (teach me to not read the little weekly paper!)

We're meeting again tomorrow....feels good already. She only walks 30 minutes, so I'll have to get there earlier & get 30 in on my own.

I've got a full day of freecycle pick ups tomorrow. Since the water problem in the basement has been resolved, I've been able to work down there finding other 'treasures' that need to head to new homes. On this note........anyone have an idea as to how to get rid of old books? The kind without barcodes, way before those... Dad has at least 1000 books all boxed up; mostly hardbacks and all in great shape. I've no clue how to move these out of here & most of his collection is pretty odd. I'm not going to be reading them, especially the ones not written in English.

Going to go plug my ears & try to sleep. I'm really not enjoying the illegal fireworks people are setting off around here. I'm a party pooper on the 4th. Between hating to see so much money just get blown up and worrying about things like how dry the shakes are on the roof.....I'm thrilled when the day is truly over. My dog will be glad too! Smile

4 Responses to “New Walking Goals (and buddy)”

  1. koppur Says:

    For old books, I'd say call around to some used bookstores, local churches, libraries, and thrift stores. Any books these places on't want, put in a box with a free sign on them in front of your house. People will take almost any free book. Anything left over (and as a bibliophile I cringe to say this) can be put in with the newspapers for recycling. Yup, they will recycle your old books. Smile However, if you feel like mailing any to me.... Smile

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I hate the fireworks, too. Luckily, my new neighborhood is much better than my old one. I didn't hear anything last night. Back in Indiana, the whole week of the fourth was a week of misery.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    You might try listing similar books in lots of five or ten and selling them on e-bay. You might check with some of the on-line rare book dealers, who try to locate specific old books for their customers or who might sell them for you on commission. I know they exist though its been years since I've used one, so don't know of any currents. Try a google search I guess.

  4. fern Says:

    Yes, i really dislike the fireworks, too. For several years, my new neighbors across the street set those loud boomers, and practiced for weeks ahead of time. Don't people have any regard for others who live around them? Do they think i really enjoy jumping out of my skin every 3 minutes?

    This year, they didn't do it, thankfully, but the people who live behind me did. God, you can't win. I was so happy it was rainy on the 4th.

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