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Water Down the Wall Again

June 28th, 2007 at 06:16 pm

Zipped downstairs today to get the punch supplies from the freezer and checked "The Wall" just to see if it was dry.......and no. All the old water drip lines on the wall were dripping new water. Yuk.

This tosses my theory about the garbage disposal out the window, since we haven't used it since it leaked when we did. This AM it was the dishwasher and the right hand sink in the kitchen....and the leak. Just the dishwasher last week, no leak. And, no water whatsoever upstairs around the sink area. Heck, none in the kitchen.
Once we get the plumber at the apartment tomorrow, we put this job on the list to be fixed. Still no emergency, but a definate must be fixed sort of problem.

I'm noticing mom isn't at all concerned about maintaining this home (or any of the others she owns). Not sure why. Dad was always the one that kept track of things, even tho mom helped and handled any rentals. She would rather not know about the water downstairs.....even tho she does KNOW how water damages anything it comes into contact with.

I've been the only one taking care of my homes for decades, so I'm used to watching for 'stuff that needs doing' as I call all these jobs. I even opened the conversation with mom last night about wondering when to stop putting big money into this home and just do the hold the line repairs. If she ever does sell this house, any new owner would level it and re build on the existing foundation. Or, at the very least, gut it and add a 2nd story. So, it seems to be excessive to put a new roof on (which the house will be needing) or make any big changes.

I have had a stay at home, no spend, no work (almost) sort of day. Moms bridge buddies are here having a great day of it... I did all the last minute cleaning and straightening up this AM and made a dessert for her to serve then have been enjoying a day of just playing around in the sewing room and here on the PC.

Moms bank called & said the funds were being deposited into her account from the bond she had bought earlier this month. The bank found another buyer for the entire order, so mom got all the money back. She thinks she should not invest these funds now and use it for the projects on this house. I guess this is where the conversation started yesterday; I'm just not sure the money would be well spent here. We are certainly making do here, although there are some things it would be nice to update.

This house is in a very well to do neighborhood.....although neighborhood is not the right term. There are houses along this one road, no one knows anyone, no one speaks really. Almost everyone has 'staff' and I'm the only person I know who mows the lawn themself. So, the property is worth more without the house almost! And, mom has a large enough piece she could build & sell the back half....which I think is a better idea in the long run.

This would cut the work in half here (which I'm totally in favor of). She could either move to the new house, or fix up this one. Or, sell the new, lease this and move to the beach house of her dreams. I like that option too.

Heard from the financial planner/accountant and attorney. The decedants trust was funded when dad died, and has the tax number. But, for some reason moms accountant never had her file the taxes on that trust. They all are saying it's no problem.....but, I'm guessing there probably are a few since it's been 7 years with no filing.
I'm sure learning lots...it seems like no day goes by without another huge thing coming into view here. Property, tenants, trusts, investments; all needing attention. No question why I moved over here anymore, that part is certain!

2 Responses to “Water Down the Wall Again”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    I have had the same water issues twice-in 2 different homes. The first time, it was raining so hard it was coming in the screen of a window upstairs and running thru the windowsill into the basement below. Putting glass on the window fixed that, and new sheetrock downstairs.
    The 2nd time, it again was due to rain, but it was running into a cavity between the house foundation and the ground. It had been so dry, that the ground had pulled back from the basement foundation on the outside, then when it did rain, it pooled in there and came into the house from the top of the basement concrete wall. Fill dirt fixed it that time. I was told that if I ever noticed the dirt pulling away in the future during a dry spell, to hose it with the garden hose so the earth would go back,

  2. fern Says:

    Your mom is lucky to have you living there and trying to put things in order. Home Maintenance is not always fun, but definitely essential to preserve the value of the house, if nothing else.

    I'd probably agree with you that keeping home improvements to just the basics is the way to go, at least until you figure out what you'll do down the road, but i would think that if the roof needs replacing, well, i wouldn't consider that non-essential.

    Water problems like yours give me the heeby-jeebees, cus they're so hard to pin down. I have a spot on a wall in a hallway off my living room that once was damp, and now there's a mark, about 4 inches in diameter, that has remained. I don't know where it came from, probably the bathroom above it, but i'm loathe to call in a plumber becus it's a sort of hide and seek game. My co-worker here had an indoor water leak and the plumbers ended up putting 3 big holes through his ceiling trying to find the source.

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