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Mystery Shopping, More Plants & Missing Money

June 4th, 2007 at 11:18 pm

Today was another mystery dining experience for mom & myself....and it again was fun & not more work than it was worth. Our first reimbursement check has come for last months outings and there seems to be nothing amiss. As mom said, "how long do we HAVE to go out to eat like this?" Said in a very sarcastic, joking voice! Smile Pretty fun to have our lunch or dinner outings to be paid for!

We just goofed off after lunch, heading to a nearby waterfront community for a drive. Mom had said this week, she had always wanted to live on a beach....so of course, I had looked up a couple beach cabin/house possibilities. We checked one out and it is a NO. She wants to be able to walk onto the beach from the house...this one had a bulkhead & she didn't like it. But, so help me......I think this woman is ready to move! Smile (I'm thinking of this garden here....and will I dig up all these plants to take with us???) Smile

The other house I had printed info for her is more to her liking, but of course, it could be totally different from the pictures. It is a ferry ride away, so we need to make some better plans to get to this one.....but I do think it's on her schedule within the week. Blew me away!

We passed a cool little nursery with a huge sale sign........and our car always turns off at those. Mom picked out 3 roses for the new garden here, as I had told her she needed something substantial to anchor the space. These are perfect. Will get pics as soon as they are planted. The price for all 3 was less than one at nurseries near our house. We had help squeezing them in her car, since we didn't take the van on this jaunt.

Tried to visit a couple little country antique/junk stores but none were open. Need to remember Monday is not a good day for this! Still need assorted tables for moms house. She bought new couchs & chairs, but for some reason hasn't done any of the tables yet, so we're dealing with country furniture and early american tables. Odd to say the least. Need some wood tables I can paint and we'll be done with the furniture piece of the remodel here. (only area rugs & some accessories remain)

Spent only the money for lunch, which I will get re paid for. I did have to borrow from mom temporarily, as I could NOT find my money anywhere this AM when we needed to leave. I was apparently so tired when I got back here last evening, I had taken my money out of my jeans pocket and.........yep, put it in my sock drawer! Too warm for socks today, I never looked there.....besides I've never kept my money in my sock drawer!
Was uneasy until I got home and then had time to go through the entire house and van until I found the money as well as a paycheck.

Feel so much better knowing I wasn't going to need to ask for a check to be re issued.....as well as short the cash for the month. Going to bed to catch up on much needed sleep apparently!

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