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Another Hard Work = Less Money Project

June 5th, 2007 at 08:05 pm

Elbow grease. That's what it takes to hold the line here regarding spending money......even if the money isn't mine.

I procured a free picnic table and 4 little benches for mom, so she can have her bridge games outside, hopefully. But, the table & benches was old, beat up and all wet. Moved the whole thing into the garage prior to the current week of rain, and started working on the set with a wire brush. Will scrape the nasty places and then tidy up with some sand paper. I've got free paint from the county recycling place and already have the sprayer, so I can see the end of this project already!

We window shopped a local pool/spa/outdoor furniture store this week, and almost died when we saw what they were charging for patio furniture. None of it looked like my mom or her house & yard anyway, so there was absolutely no temptation. Our little set will just fit her patio, is small enough for the ladies to reach across when playing bridge and has benches that aren't attached, so they can all sit down comfortably & safely.

Can't beat all those positives for a free table. So far, the only expense was the wire brush for $4 and change.

Also spent a whole .97 cents on an end cap for a soaker hose. I had picked one up from Freecycle, but it was missing the end. This will be perfect here in the new garden, and will reduce the watering time as well as the cost of the water. (having to get used to a water bill instead of a well here!)

Another splurge today for mom.....we found a hedge trimmer with a rechargable battery so I can try to catch up with the shrubbery gone wild around her 2 places. I have never been able to start the machines with pull starts, so this one has my name all over it. Was about $100 but it will be cheaper than having someone else do the jobs that are on the list here.

Off to watch the baseball game with mom, I will be doing more knitting than watching the game......but it is fun to see her so involved in the game/players and stats.

2 Responses to “Another Hard Work = Less Money Project”

  1. daybyday Says:

    You can't beat free. Smile

  2. Ima saver Says:

    What team does she like? I am a braves fan!

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