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Back to the Old House for a Days Work

June 3rd, 2007 at 01:44 pm

I hauled the week end boy out of bed at dawn, we hustled to the old house & dumped the entire van full of tree branches I had stashed in there from the projects at moms. Then, off to the grocery store glean and then on to the food bank. Thank goodness I had a helper today, as we moved 640 lbs of produce! Twice! I don't need to lift weights today!

Then, back to the old house, fed the chickens the spoiled food and jumped on the mower. Tired and hot now, since it is 75 outside! (I fade fast after it hits 72)

Now, I'm waiting for the week end boys dad to arrive to pick him up......and I'm packing another van load of things to take back to moms. I've got a list, so it isn't as crazy as last week end when I couldn't remember what it was I needed from her.

Gathered a couple dozen fresh eggs and I'm clipping all the roses & other flowers before I go too. No one here pays much attention to the flower garden & they sure aren't eating the veggies. I'm glad I stopped planting when I did!

Back to work.........I need a different solution on the lawn mowing situation. I can't keep up with 3 places!!!

1 Responses to “Back to the Old House for a Days Work”

  1. scfr Says:

    Have you considered goats? Smile

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