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Shopping; But Not With My Money

June 2nd, 2007 at 12:32 am

Off to the stores we went again this morning. I have shopped more in the couple weeks I've been at moms than I did in the last several years. In and out of parking lots, in and out of the car, stores, elevators, more stores..... Yesterday, we even went shopping twice. Once in the AM and once again later in the day. Gads.

Today started with a meeting at the bank. Mom has a fund she moved around a bit and increased her monthly income.....as well as decreased a bit of the risk. A good move. We are still stalled re; meeting with the attorney re; giving me power of attorney. Not sure what the hang up is......or how many hang ups there are perhaps? I can see mom struggling with decisions as to how she wants her assets distributed after her death....and until she knows the answers, meeting with an attorney will just have to wait.

Went to something easy next; picking up the new cushions for the lawn furniture. (furniture all free....I've been busy!) Hoping to pick up the painting supplies from the old house on Sunday and get the table and benches painted this week. As soon as that project gets crossed off the list, the patio will be pretty close to done.

We had a coupon for Chinese lunch out....so off we went! Came home and tore the fridge apart as there was a foul odor coming from somewhere. Mystery solved: a bowl of leftover cauliflower. Now we've got a sparkly clean fridge and I can tell what's in there. (moms & my housecleaning style/standards are WAY different)

My week end young man is here at moms as of today. He was excited for a change he said! Cute. So far, OK. A new room, new house, we'll see how he does. He will be skipping a week end in June, as he is vacationing in Hawaii, so my paycheck will be only half... but, we've got the details worked out so I'm going to continue caring for him every other week even though I've moved. Some things are falling into place.

One remaining sewing client with projects unfinished.... I must get on this. I'm planning on bringing a bare bones sewing room of stuff with me back here on Sunday.....so I will have no excuse. Challenging myself to get this woman contacted and set up a fitting....forcing me to SEW, SEW, SEW. I truly hate having unfinished things & no deadline, I can drag out a project for months! Let's see what I can accomplish before the end of June?

2 Responses to “Shopping; But Not With My Money”

  1. Amber Says:

    Wow you guys have had a busy day. I can see why your mom would be hesitant about meeting with an attorney; she may feel as though she is giving up her independence

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Glad things are still working out so well at your moms! Smile

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