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Cranky Today

May 12th, 2007 at 03:27 pm

**Not much related to finances here, using the space to vent about a neighbor/dog issue that has made me more than cranky....

I'm so ticked at a neighbor today I can hardly speak coherently. Her 2 dogs are usually in my yard a couple times a day (they have at least 5 acres, but the dogs always come here!) but the last week or so, there have been 3. And, this new one is a pit bull. I'm truly a dog lover, but these guys all have to stay out of my way, or they are going to be re located.

I tried their phone this past week, disconnected. No real surprise. I went to their house yesterday, no answer at either door. (thought as I was doing this, how stupid I was.........all 3 dogs loose and barking at me the whole time) And, today again, the 3 dogs in our yard.

I got my camera, went out, they were all still hanging around my place......and I got some lovely shots of all of them.

I went next door again, found the dtr home (middle school age) and told her I was NOT happy. I asked for their phone, she wouldn't give it to me. I asked for the grandmothers phone (she owns the place) and was told she had sold it to the woman who used to own my place. (yes, the one that keeps returning, asking to buy this place back) I told her I would call the new owner & deal through her.

As soon as I got home the neighbor called from work, telling me she would have me arrested for harassing her dtr. Gads! By the time she got off the phone she was apologizing. She said she didn't know the dogs were let out.......ever. And, her parents still own the property, and I got updated phone numbers.

I did tell her I had pictures, and if I saw any of the dogs out again, I was turning them all in. Have the county complaint form bookmarked!

Needing to do some deep breathing to calm down....I was so ticked she would try to turn this into my problem. She told me I had bought property in the country and would need to get used to having animals on my property.... What????

I did turn all my angry energy to good use when I got off the phone..... I have cleaned out and organized my clothes...a Freecycle bag on the porch, my clothes packed to go to moms tomorrow and the rest can move over if & when I take the furniture. So, a good job done.

Will need to head to the fabric store later, have a customer needing a replacement jacket zipper. Hate it when they don't bring the parts for the job & I have to go out. The price goes up, that's for sure. I always make a point of telling everyone how I hate shopping, and it would be cheaper for them to go. But, it will be one zipper ....in and out, no other expenses today. (and this one will be reimbursed.)

5 Responses to “Cranky Today”

  1. baselle Says:

    Your animals on your property, not her animals on your property. And believe you me, farmer rules are a lot more stringent when animals trespass regularly.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I hate irresponsible pet owners! We have a law in our area that says property owners have a right to shoot dogs roaming wild on their property, especally if they are anywhere near livestock. Not that I ever would, but if you have a law like that in your county it might add more weight to your side of the argument.

  3. Amber Says:

    That is crazy, I would definately call animal control the next time it happens, no questions asked. And the woman who sold you the place how rude, if she never wanted to sell then why did she...the nerve to keep harrassing you to sell

  4. contrary1 Says:

    I am still ticked. I will make some phone calls Monday, when I can reach a live person. I'm just not sure of our dog laws currently. I know the pitbulls have been in the news & I'm assuming there are some guidelines for them. Just need to know what before I submit my complaint. I'm not sure I'm going to wait for the next time. I have the picture to prove where he was, I can just send it in with my complaint.
    And, if I needed another reason to pick up my 4 lb dog and head to my moms..........this sure qualifies! Smile

  5. Amber Says:

    good luck

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