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A Garden Update

May 9th, 2007 at 06:42 pm

The garden is loving the taste of spring weather we're having this week. 60 and sunny out..........I can almost hear the plants growing!

I know this isn't a picture of the veggie garden, but it just screamed Spring!!! to me. Veggie seedlings just didn't have a 'wow' factor!

The rhubarb looks full grown and it is barely spring. I've harvested a couple times already and will be sharing with freecycle by next week. There is no reason I have 4 hills of rhubarb. I'm still finding packages of this in the freezer from last season. Must share another hill.

Broccoli, brussel sprouts and strawberries are all growing like crazy. Berries are starting to set; there are at least twice what I had last season.

Sugar snap peas, bush green beans, radishes and cucumbers were all planted from seed and they are now all up and putting on true leaves.

Still no sign of the lettuce mix I put in from seed. Hmmmm Might have to re do this one. Cilantro not up either, but it was planted most recently.

And, there is a row of something coming up, but it was before I made my vow to mark everything, so.....it's a wait & see crop!

Cosmos from seed are coming up; I love having flowers among my veggies as I think it helps bring the bees to the garden. Sweet William and Love in the Mist also planted from seed.........no sign of the seedlings yet. Lupine seedlings are growing great.

This is the time in my garden where there seems to be little to do......compared to the getting ready to plant stage.....or the keep up with the harvest stage. I'd better pull up a bench in the garden & enjoy it!

7 Responses to “A Garden Update”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    Your picture reminds me of the crab apple trees that I pass every day when I walk to work - they look so beautiful and smell divine.

    I laughed at your reference to the rhubarb. I was recently clearing out the corners of the freezer and found one frosty bag of stalks. I relinquished it to the compost - my three plants are ready to be picked, and it looks like a bumper crop again. There's not a real good reason to have three plants either! My daughters used to have a bus driver who commented how much he and his wife loved rhubarb, and I was able to pass along plenty to him. He's gone now, so I make due with baking with it, and freezing a bit, and well, pass it along to anyone making even a vague reference to rhubarb. Spring is here!

  2. contrary1 Says:

    littlegopher: When I transplanted a couple chunks of an old root from my parents yard......I wasn't too optimistic. I pulled them apart and made five starts here at the new place. All five grew like they were in a race.
    I've freecycled one of the new plants already this season, and should do another one. Which would still leave me with too many! What was I thinking???

  3. homebody Says:

    I think I am the only person who doesn't care for rhododendrons. What is wrong with me? We got rid of one in the front yard several years ago. Last year I hacked down a pink one in the back yard and just last weekend I hacked the huge purple one in the corner down, DH just needs to get out the chainsaw!

  4. pjmama Says:

    You could pass some of that rhubarb on to me if you like Smile

  5. fairy74 Says:

    Lovely photo thanks for sharing Smile

  6. baselle Says:

    Hmmm, rhubarb strawberry pie!
    Thanks for sharing your rhody picture. Lilacs next, eh?

  7. LuckyRobin Says:

    The slugs may have eaten your lettuce planted from seed before it had a chance. I like to start my lettuce in hanging baskets and keep it there until it is about five or six inches tall, so it has more of a fighting chance against the nasty old slugs.

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