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May 8th, 2007 at 10:58 am

Yes, it's one of those entries where nothing seems to go together........but I'm tossing it in the mix anyway!

No spending today, however no money in either....so it's a wash.

I have given the go ahead for the re fi of the house here, so I can get the monies out for the remainder of my much wished for dental work this year. I will need the funds by August. I'm doing an interest only loan, for 10 years, which will lower my payment and have no penalty if I pre pay anything. I just couldn't find anything wrong with the deal, no matter how long I looked at it. No paperwork, no appraisals, just someone else finishing this up and I sign it. Works for me. There is an advantage to working with the same person all the time.

I'm making almost no headway on the Shut the Land Line Down issue. Neither phone provider here offers a limited version of a phone. Neither will shut down the 411 calls. But, with my cell phone provider, I called re; the possibility there & found that both mom & I are eligible for new phones (both free), and then I can use my current phone with charger here for the 911 set up. It won't have a number, so the tenants won't have a phone to use for messages, but I can see they are unable to limit their usage of it as it is.
I'll head to the phone store within the week, pick out a couple phones and then turn this line off before the end of May.

I continue to let people know about the phone number change, as well as the move..... Inching towards being freed up here.

Doing a Mystery Shop on the way home from my dental appt on Thurs. (it is actually on the road home) Seems easy enough, no real shopping required, but taking a tour. Sort of combines acting with writing! Not expecting to get rich with this deal, but it falls into my category of free money. I'll try it once & then decide if I want to continue. My mom is jazzed about it, as she wants to do the out to dinner 'shops'. This could get lots easier when I move to her place, as everything is so much closer then.

Got the call yesterday; the news feature re; Frugal Gardening is finished & the producer says it turned out well. The downside is.........I probably will never see it. Hmmmm, that could be a good thing too!! Smile

Got yet another email from tenants at the other house; they want to tell me again how they can't afford the full rental amount. I haven't backed down, so this time they also asked if they could pay the full amount each month, but in 2 payments.
I did agree to this, as I'm not so picky about when I get the money, as long as I GET the money. Still crossing my fingers about the state licensed facility coming through for August when the lease runs out.

New tenants here at this house have paid their rent, in addition the back yard people have paid something towards rent for the first time! A bit of a victory I'd say.

See, nothing did hang together here........a bit of this, a bit of that ....thus, Blog Soup. Smile

2 Responses to “Blog Soup”

  1. lowincomelady Says:

    Hi I was wondering what 411 calls are? I'm from Australia and I don't know what they are.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    411 is Information. If you need a number you can call 411 to find out what it is. It used to be free long ago but hasn't been for well over a decade.

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