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Shutting Off the House Phone? Yes or No??

May 7th, 2007 at 01:17 pm

I'm getting so ready to shut down the land line phone here, as the autistic kiddo calls at least 7 times a day. Early as 6AM too, if I don't remember to unplug the phones the night before~

This would also curtail the use of the phone by the 2 couples living here......a couple of them have used 411 more than a few times this past billing period, even though I provide the free411 number at each phone.

However, I realized that left no phone here at the house in case of emergency. I'll be taking my cell phone, room mate person has her cell, but is frequently not here...and only one of the couples has a cell. (although, they have been known to misplace theirs more than a couple times)

I've been checking on line, for options re; providing a cell phone here, with no plan attached to it, truly no phone number. Just the ability to call 911.

Anyone have a better idea? Or ideas as to specifics re; the phone?? I understand all cell phones are supposed to make free 911 calls, but I'm reading about not using an old phone for this, due to the numbers being programed into it?? Rapidly heading into uncharted territory here for me....
I want to make sure the phone isn't set up for other calls, so I keep myself from getting a surprise bill.

11 Responses to “Shutting Off the House Phone? Yes or No??”

  1. honeichild Says:

    I had to get a house phone because my cell phone doesn't work in my apartment...*sigh*

  2. newlyfrugal Says:

    All old cell phones will still work for 911 by federal law. Therefore, if you have an old on laying around, plug it in and keep it charged in case of emergency. I keep an old one in the car just in case!

  3. nance Says:

    You are a natural "caretaker"! I think I would tell the renters that the land line is being disconnected, and they will have to be "responsible" for their own phone arrangements. You might suggest they invest in a phone that doesn't have a contract. They can purchase one at Wal-Mart.

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Don't have any suggestions, but from experience I can tell you that some people will be puzzled and some angry at you for deliberately not having a phone. Once or twice a year we unplug our answering machine for a couple weeks at a time and some people get insulted and/or angry that we have declared a need for privacy and quiet in our own home. We also might not even answer the phone when we are home and hear it ringing, which people find rude. But I think it is not even any of their business whether I am home or not, and I do not give just anyone who phones the absolute right to have priority over everybody who's here in person and over what I happen to be doing when the phone rings.

  5. contrary1 Says:

    We've now located an old cell phone & have it charging. Have no idea how to check it to see if it works, without sending in a practice 911 call. ?????

    I can't leave the house with no phone, so yes, I guess that makes me a caretaker. It is still my house, and I will be coming back a couple times a month at this point, so I'd like it to still be standing when I come back! Smile
    I'll still have the cell, as well as the land line at my moms, so I certainly won't be without a phone. I was just going to draw the line at 2 phones.........no need for 3.

  6. Nic Says:

    If they're old enough to rent, they can purchas their own cell.If they don't want to get into a contract, perhaps a disposable cell phone is what they need.

  7. Amber Says:

    I often thought about cancelling my land line but when the hurricanes started to hit south FL and the cell phones weren't working my land lines pulled through (this was with 4 hurricanes)You can cancel the 411 and just have a straight line with out call waiting, call forwarding etc...

    Good luck

  8. boomeyers Says:

    Ditch the land line! You don't need the hassles it brings. Enjoy the freedom!

  9. Cheetahwoman7 Says:

    They use to have a program here where you could get the phone switched to incoming calls only. I would assume that it would also allow 911 calls out as well. Check with your local phone company. If the plan still exists, it would still let your tennants receive the calls for the job offers, emergency calls, and let you off the hook for them making any calls they shouldn't.

    Maybe your local company could give you other options if you called and explained your situation (like permanently blocking the "kido's" phone number from ringing through). Just a thought. Smile

  10. LuckyRobin Says:

    Whenever we had a rental it was our responsibility to set up a phone line in our name that was billed to us. It was never the landlord's responsibility to provide us with a line, or even a phone. I guess I don't understand why this is your responsibility. If they want a phone, then they can get one put in their own name with them being responsible for their own bill.

  11. contrary1 Says:

    Phone Update: Local phone companies are no help. They have nothing that would fit the need here. Best bet still, is to leave an old cell phone & a charger, with no service hooked up to it. (thus, no bill) But, if necessary, anyone could use the phone to call 911.

    I can't shut the land line down until I get the emergency phone ready to go. I am continuing to talk with the kiddo that phones me ALL THE TIME, to get him weaned off of the 7X a day conversations. So, I have a plan now....which is always good.

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