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Weird Walking Weather

May 2nd, 2007 at 04:42 pm

I'm keeping up with my walking program, one of the many goals for 2007.... Having located a walking buddy has made a huge difference, as neither of us wants to be the one to wimp out. And, believe me, if we were going to wimp out, today would have been a good choice.

The weather seemed OK when we left...but before returning, the sky opened up and it poured. Then, the wind blew, and it hailed and just for special effects, there was thunder! Smile Gads, it's May for heavens sake!!! (currently, the sun is out and it looks like a different day!)

Anyway, we're both proud of ourselves, we're walking 3miles, 3 times a week at this point. Not bad for a couple of old, out of shape women!

I've made a list of things that need to happen prior to trying out my "move". (I'm an obsessive list maker!) Things are pretty divided up into the finances to hand off to the room mate person....and the sewing customers to notify and finish up current jobs.....and then the personal stuff like giving notice to volunteer positions.

Mom & I have talked about this possibility since last June, so this isn't anything new. I just wanted to stay here a year before making a decision. By the time I get moved, it will be a year. Moms house is so big for just her, there is no way she can keep it up, and it has a full acre of yard too....... so there is plenty to do.

If I can just keep managing the 2 places of mine as rentals, and keep up with my knitting, sewing and such for some spending money, I'll be in OK shape. It will just be different. And, I know I can do different.

This new living situation will give mom & I time to spend together without me feeling like I need to head home to take care of things here........ And when I'm here at home, I always feel like I should be helping out my mom. I think I'll feel less of a pull if I'm at her place...that is the question of the day.

No money out today..........just worked here on my "list" and in the sewing room. Walking in the AM sure gives me a jump start on my daily chores...what a difference getting up, dressed and out of here!!! I'm not seeing a weight difference this week, but not gaining either and that's a good thing.

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