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Many Changes Due Soon.....

May 1st, 2007 at 08:52 pm

There were just too many things happening yesterday and today for me to not get the hint it was time to move on from my current house.

First......and oddly enough, the previous owner of this house showed up at my door & wanted to know if I'm willing to sell to her ..again! Yes, she is the same one that called me last fall with the same question. She needed to be in her home 2 years prior to buying this back...and it's almost 2 years at this point. Got me to thinking!

Number 2: I got a screaming, swearing, out of control phone call from my previous placement here..........the autistic kiddo & his mom. She was attempting to get her son in her car to head back to his house and he was beating her up, etc. Impossible to handle this in person, let alone over the phone. His "normal" schedule includes calling me 7 times a day anyway & I can tell it is still draining the sap out of me. I've decided to cut the phone here at the house & use my cell... This would lower a bill, the "kiddo" doesn't have my cell # and all I have to do is let my current list of sewing/knitting customers know the new #.

Number 3: My housecleaner quit this week. I'm feeling like I'm missing a family member! He has been helping here since I moved to this place & I've totally enjoyed having him as a friend too. (he has agreed to come clean my moms house monthly, as a favor to her...so this is still a good thing)

Number 4: The new couple that has moved in are not on my favorite people list. I think I'm just getting too old to make any effort at compromise. They aren't bad, I'm just not into getting as chummy as they would prefer.

So, in looking at things this week.......I'm getting closer to making a move to my moms for a 2 month trial period...to see how I like that life. There are more positives than negatives & my room mate person assures me she can handle the entire house payment here as rent........the 2 months will also be a trial to see if she can do this. (the previous owner & her buy back offer is still in the wings)

Things are just falling into place & if the only thing I get out of this is a way out of the constant phone calls, it will be a good thing.

Last bit of good news; my mom got the signed agreement for her apartment I had listed for her.........It is rented, as of today, with a years lease. That feels so good, and the best part is the tenant said he could help me out with the yard work! Can't beat that..... Smile

4 Responses to “Many Changes Due Soon.....”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I sure hope things work out for you, you deserve a peaceful life!!

  2. littlegopher Says:

    I second what Ima says - best wishes to you!!

  3. nance Says:

    Listen to your intuition. You will know what is right for you. Maybe your mom will need your presence. Good luck in whatever you decide.

  4. Carolina Bound Says:

    Well, speaking as someone who is wanting to sell, I say having a buyer knock on your door is pretty lucky!

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