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Rental Agreements all Round

April 24th, 2007 at 08:44 pm

We welcomed a young couple into the mix last night.........might work....or??? They do have some challenges, but what else would be appropriate for this place? Smile Only one car, a part time job between them, 2 cats and 1 BIG dog. We'll see.... They are paying more than the last couple & seem willing to work too, which sounds like a good combo to me.

I've been advertising my moms apartment too, and today I think I had the first great response. The woman has done a drive by already and had a phone interview with my mom..........they are scheduled to meet at the apt tomorrow. That would be a great deal if it comes to pass.......a years lease and the amount I had researched.... another good combo.

Neighbors of the others houses' tenants called today........a bit of a soap opera going on in that neighborhood re; a culvert and drainage as well as a delinquent young man mixed with alcohol, a vehicle and goodness knows what else. The sheriff and the health department are both involved .... My tenants are the ones having to deal with this, not the ones causing it.... It makes it hard for me to keep reminding them they aren't paid up on their rent too!!!

And, if all this weren't enough, I'm trying to wade through the numbers about refinancing my primary home, to get some cash back. I have a bit more to scrape up for the dental work I'm getting done this year and this would almost do it. The payment would be lower, the interest rate would be lower.......and I'm pretty darned close to saying 'do it', especially since it is with the same company I have both the houses with now. No paperwork involved on my part, no appraisal needed either...something called Fast Track. It is sounding attractive at this point.

The check came today for the 2 classes I taught this month.... Payment came to $175. for Knitting!!! Such a deal. Money for having fun; my kind of job. I'm set for more classes Fall quarter already too.

Didn't spend anything.....but getting myself ready for the Big Spend day here soon. Property taxes due by the end of this month. YUK. Wouldn't feel so terrible if I thought I was really getting my monies worth! Smile

1 Responses to “Rental Agreements all Round”

  1. Fern Says:

    i wonder if your FAst Track is like the "readjustment" i got on my mortgage a few years back. It was different from a refinance and you could only get it with the same bank, cost a flat $500 fee i think and there was no paperwork involved, at least on my end. And of course it resulted in a lower rate, but they emphasized it was a one-time thing and i could only do the readjustment once. So it stands at 6%.

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