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Recovering from Yesterdays Work Marathon

April 4th, 2007 at 11:27 am

It's a new day & I'm almost a new person; compared to yesterday! Was pretty sure I'd wake up sore & broken from the wood stacking, concrete lifting activities yesterday....but, I'm OK.

Even met my walking buddy this AM and got a couple miles in already. She needed to quit early, as her knee was acting up, so I wasn't even the one to whine first!! Smile We've scheduled another walk on Friday, so we can get back into our schedule...felt great to be walking again.

Picked up day old bread (for free) from the local gleaning group since it is located within blocks of my trail parking lot. Chickens are happy & I'm thrilled to not be buying commercial feed.

Forgot to mention I got my application in to Pinecone when it was mentioned in the blogs a couple weeks ago........and I've completed my first survey & have been paid. What a great company. Pretty much falls into my category of Free Money!!

Paid the usual beginning of the month bills today, including the housekeeper who is working away here today! (Just love Wednesdays!!)

Have a rent glitch on the other house. Two families renting, as they have divided the floors & completed the things I never did, so it is really 2 houses now. One 3 BR & the other a 2 BR. The 3 BR people have paid their rent, the others.....No. And the 3 BR people are saying the amount is a hardship for them & want to lower the amount by $600. The new amount would cover the mortgage but not the taxes & insurance....which was covered in the agreed upon rent when they signed the agreement.

So, the question is.......what to do? I think I will make a call to a friend who wanted to know if & when the house would become vacant, & see if they could swing the higher rental .....and if so, give the 2 families notice. Not my usual style, but these days...I've had to do some things differently. I truly hate being a landlord, but I can't see selling the place either.....although, perhaps a call to my Realtor friend is in order too?

Time to get to work here, my TO DO list gets longer with each phone call!

4 Responses to “Recovering from Yesterdays Work Marathon”

  1. daylily Says:

    I'm always amazed at your rental stories. For all the years that I was a renter I would have never dreamed of not paying the rent.
    I've got some extra cash and I've often thought about buying a rental property. I live near a college town so there are always plenty of tenants.

  2. homebody Says:

    Reduce by $600.00 seems a bit much to me. I can see renegotiating if they will sign a lease and do some work around, but that is just too much.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I always hated being a landlord. I was so glad I sold my houses.

  4. contrary1 Says:

    Renter of the smaller unit just called, surprised his check still hadn't surfaced here. Said he would stop payment and send a double check, to cover March & April.

    I did send off an exploratory email to my friend with the private social service agency who has always told me to keep her posted about possible changes with my house...........she has emailed back 2X's today, and will be meeting with the state re; possibilities as soon as tomorrow. Hmmm... That would be so much better than dropping the $600. a month.

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