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Can't Get Any More Tired

April 3rd, 2007 at 10:00 pm

I'm pooped. Feeling old.......and pooped tonight.

I started off the morning finding out I "won" 36 concrete stepping stones....took the gentleman from the back 40 with me & we picked those up....and unloaded them back here. Doing OK at that point....

Then, I knew I was going to have my last kiddo here for the day & wanted to fix him a 'real' meal since he has been eating cup of noodles & potato chips at his new place & he's really a meat & potato kind of guy....so, off to the grocery store for 3 things (and I only bought 3 things) to finish off a big dinner. Started on that during the day.......

Room mate person picked up said kiddo..and when he got here, he & I started stacking firewood until the roast finished. Getting tired by now....

Then, inside to finish up dinner and then back out to the firewood. We did get one big pile stacked, 3 more piles to go. (probably 5 cords or a bit more) Then, back in to pack up a care package for the kiddo and in the van to drive him 25 miles or so back to his house. (thank goodness room mate offered to clean up the kitchen, as I'd used everything at least once!)

By the time I got home.......old & tired is all that's left. I'll be counting pieces of firewood in my sleep!

3 Responses to “Can't Get Any More Tired”

  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Just reading your post is making me tried. So I know that want you have done today was to much, just moving the cores of wood would have been enough for one day. I think you did too much today.

  2. nance Says:

    You are very kind to prepare the special meal for the "kiddo". There should be more people like you in this world.

  3. Cheetahwoman7 Says:

    Cup of Noodles and potato chips....my stomach churns at even the thought!

    Bet he appreciated the home cooked meal (and care package) even more than he could have told you. Smile

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