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Another No Spender

February 25th, 2007 at 03:01 pm

Didn't even spend moms money today... Smile

We stayed at her place, all day. Worked in her kitchen for hours, helping her organize cupboards and drawers. She had moved out, moved back and never really took everything out (grandson & family stayed at the house) so things have been a jumble ever since she returned (and grandson moved to another of moms houses)

So, we sorted, tossed, washed and re organized everything in 3 big banks of cupboards and drawers. Mom is a very short little lady, so we moved everything where she could reach it this time around. Now, we have a trip to the thrift store scheduled for tomorrow ...with a trunk full of stuff to donate. Also have a BIG box of things she is giving to another grandson who is just setting up his own place for the first time. Another couple sessions and the kitchen will be done.

Worked a bit on the planning for the trip, just which one of us will take what....since there is no need to double up on many of the things we want to take. Also worked on menus for the week in the condo in Palm Springs.

The natives at my house are not fairing well in my absence. I got a call yesterday and again today.... Seems one young lady thinks someone took something of hers from a storage shed on the property (and no, she didn't have it locked). I have told them all they need to try to act like adults & pretend I'm there. Apparently, quite a bit of nastiness flying around the ranch these days. The main toilet sprung a leak and the same young lady came unglued. Didn't offer to try to figure out the problem, just blew her top.

A guest that was visiting someone else, took a look at the toilet and has already fixed it, a matter of tightening up something he said. No problem any more.

Can't imagine how many difficulties will surface if I'm gone for 2 weeks! Yikes.

And........Again, with the Amazon.com emails........I sold another book. Room mate person has it already to take to the post office tomorrow. We've pulled in almost $250 in the last week, just with the book sales. Wish I could do this on a regular basis!

1 Responses to “Another No Spender”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! Way to go on the sales! Find some more books on freecycle!
    Yes, I would be a little nervous about happenings when you are gone for 2 weeks, but what can you do? It's just like letting your own children go, you just gotta do it sometimes. Leap of faith.

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