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And Again with the Post Office

February 22nd, 2007 at 06:14 pm

I'm selling a book a day still......another note in the email this AM. The new batch of books seems to be very popular; photography and massage texts. Wish I had a bunch more!

It was a no spend day, other than the postage which will get deposited in my paypal account.

The fitting went well for the sewing customer; no money at the end of this job, as it's the barter one from Craigs list. I need to keep reminding myself of all the new fabric I now have........just so I don't start resenting my decision to take on this job.

The potential new pasture rental person was here again this afternoon to show the area to the other person that will be riding. So, it seems like it is going to pan out. Will curtail excitement until I get the first check in my hand however.
The pasture is looking better, even with just 2 weeks of rest. Should be looking much better by the time the 2 new horses get in here.

Got the cc statements back with the pay offs included.......of course, there is a teensy amount still due.....how does one ever get it to zero out anyway? I had called in for the payoff figure prior to writing the check for heavens sake. Will be closing these 2 accounts out, rather than keep them open. Both were related to the business, but have my name on them. I have other accounts open with no balance and no annual fees.......so I am not worried about closing these out. It will feel like the last chapter closed on this I think.

Took one of the tenants here to the food bank.........my kitchen will benefit, as they don't know how to cook dried beans, nor make oatmeal out of oatmeal (used to the little packets). Sounds like a batch of chili and a pan full of oatmeal bars with homemade jam to me! I used to volunteer for this same food bank, and it is now more irritating to me than it used to be. I know there is food stored and food tossed..........yet, they severely limit the amount of food they let clients take. Just the bread issue drives me nuts! This one couple was limited to 4 loaves of bread for 2 weeks. When I volunteered there, we were all responsible for disposing of excess bread at the end of our weekly shift! Seems so silly to me.

1 Responses to “And Again with the Post Office”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    It is sad, when so many other food pantries have bare shelves and are begging for food to fill them!

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