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Sold Another Book

February 18th, 2007 at 06:36 pm

Wow, this is a first.

I listed a couple dozen new to us books today, on Amazon.com..... And, the next time I logged on, I had already sold one!

I never know what sells it seems........this was a total surprise. A book on how to take professional quality portraits. Nice, as it was a pretty expensive book.

Room mate person is on a roll, feeling some pressure to assist with the property taxes on this place. It takes very little time to list things like these books for her, and if the money goes in the tax fund, I'm more than happy. Works for me!

I'm still in the dark about what sells online........so, I'll just continue listing whatever gets brought to my desk here. So far, I'm re listing once, then returning the books to the room mate person; who then attempts to sell them in her swap meet booth. Not sure where they go from there........but, I've done my part. I would like a crystal ball as to what types of things would sell; todays sale just proves I know nothing re; what people are looking for!

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