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Tenants' Trauma ...............con't.

February 9th, 2007 at 05:50 pm

I mustered up my landlord voice and called the horse lady again.........she did answer me this time and assured me she would be here this evening to start hauling her stuff out of here. And, the horses would be leaving tomorrow. No permanent place for them she said, but she has a temporary place lined up. Can't imagine how one comes up with a temp. situation for 4 horses!!

Got a check for partial rent on the house...and an email explaining the amount. It is a two family share situation, as the house is actually 2 homes, one up, one down. The Up people paid, the down people....not yet. So, now I wait again, to see if the downstairs folks bring some money to the table. If not, I need to ask them to move too.

None of this is working out well for me. Need to wait til Monday to make any calls re; renting the big house out again. I'm planning on posting a sign on the pasture fence after the current critters are gone; so that could be done by this weekend.

The only thing going great guns here is the sewing and the knitting. Busier than I remember being when I was doing this before. I think less people are capable of sewing these days....at least that is my simplistic reasoning for the numbers of customers.

I have begun a new venture here; in my spare time! Smile Room mate person has been purchasing storage units at auction for years now. Selling things at a local swap meet, advertising in a little local paper. Not big money, but enough to keep going to more auctions. I am now meeting with room mate person every AM, and reviewing the Wanted posts from Craigs list. I can type and read faster than this person, so can enter a ton of responses as well as ads. My ulterior motive is if enough stuff sells.......room mates portion of the rent here is paid. So far this week room mates phone battery has died.......and the voicemail box has been stuffed to overflowing with responses. (I'm happier when everyone is working as hard as I am!!! ) Smile

The potential for this auction bit to become income to cover all the expenses here is a definate possiblity. I'm just not sure how long I can continue to work this close to room mate person. Practicing patience daily! Will continue to fine tune this whole set up.

1 Responses to “Tenants' Trauma ...............con't.”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Good luck to you! I know the landlording isn't your favorite at all!
    Hope the deal with the room mate works out! (But you really should'nt have to help earn your own rent money, even if room mate has special circumstances!)

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