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Temp Tops Out at 50!!

February 8th, 2007 at 08:48 pm

Amazing..........but it wasn't raining (truly amazing when you know I live near Seattle WA)......and the temperatures today hit 50 degrees. The sun was even attempting to shine a couple times...I saw it! (not enough to run for the sun screen however.)

So, I tossed the sewing projects onto the table and headed outside to pick up my forked hoe and take a break, working in the gardens!

I know it's only mid February, but in my gardens I can almost hear the weeds growing during the winter....so I like to get a head start on them. I hate getting ready to plant something in the spring and finding my garden beds filled with weeds that have been taking over while I've been indoors all winter.

I don't have many beds here at the new place and they are all brand new gardens, so I made serious progress on 2 of them today. There is something quite heady about seeing the dirt all ready for new plants or seeds. (I can tell I'm a serious gardener now; finding a thrill in a totally cleaned out patch of ground!)

I've become adept at wielding my forked hoe; finding it to be my best weapon against my gardens getting ahead of me. Just disturbing the little weeds keeps me running about even with them; they don't keep multiplying that way. If I can truly pull them out of the beds and feed them to the chickens....I win!

I am getting itchy about the gardens here...it has been months since we picked our salad out of the garden and headed to the kitchen to prepare it. I'm longing for fresh pea pods to add to stir fries, there truly isn't a substitute, even if I did decide to spend the money for fresh pea pods in the dead of winter!

On my last turn through the gardens, I checked the rhubarb beds........nope. Nothing yet. That will be a sign spring has arrived here in my garden and I can work outside without wondering what people think!

I'll be sleeping well tonight after an afternoon of fresh air and exercise......dreaming, I'm sure.....about seed catalogs!

2 Responses to “Temp Tops Out at 50!!”

  1. baselle Says:

    Planting peas on president's day?

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I know how you feel! I am itching to get into my garden, too. I don't know about hearing the weeds, but I can see them! But it hasn't been quite warm enough on a non-rainy day yet to do anything about them. I did notice my bachelor's buttons are starting to come up, though. No sign of the tulips or the daffodils, though. Weird weather.

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