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Staying Busy, Although Still Frozen Here

January 13th, 2007 at 08:31 pm

I've apparently got customers who don't mind driving in this weather.....as I was busy enough today to have more than one person here at the same time! I just need to repeat days like this now....over & over all month long!

Also took time to sew from my fabric stash; or technically, my moms stash. She had given me some vintage fabrics a few years ago to put in the antique booth. I did. They didn't sell....so, today I took one chunk of gorgeous pink mystery fabric and made a throw pillow (had the pillow form too), and almost have the shams finished. Had to dig around to come up with backing fabric, but they should be done and on the bed by tomorrow. That project moved a few things out of the stash and got me moving towards finishing up my room.

Thought I'd found the custom mixed paint for the furniture, but after doing a sample area....Nope. Not quite. I like it, but it isn't at all what I need for the armoire. Might try it to paint all the cabinets in my bathroom.

Listed a desk on Craigs list, thought I'd give that a try before putting it on Freecycle......and it's sold and picked up, within 24 hours.

Room mate person added another $100 to her half of the rent. She is getting close to making rent this month! Yeah. Can't wait til she is up to speed again, and can start paying me the money she owes me for her truck. I had loaned her the down payment & the agreement was to pay me back after she finished paying for her bank loan. (this was way before I quit work...)

Since today is Sat, it's the day our local Freecycle group allows WANTED posts. I had made a commitment to post something each week, so I could keep working on this house, without the cash outlay. Todays request was for lamps. I have several people who responded, so just as soon as the temperatures are above freezing I'm heading out to round up the new lighting for wherever??? Not sure what I'm getting, but they all sound workable. I'm not too into decorating the common areas...just WAY particular about MY space. But, we're pretty much in the dark everywhere, as the overhead lighting consists of a couple spotlights on things like fireplaces, etc. So, free lights coming up!

Extra time this week end, as my usual Sat, Sun young man isn't coming this week. Hoping to make some more headway on my room tomorrow......

3 Responses to “Staying Busy, Although Still Frozen Here”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Hey free lamps is F.R.E.E. lamps baby!! Good for you.

    Don't forget to stock them w/those flourescent bulbies if you can to save you dollars down the road!

    Hey, hey sold the desk! Smart thinking!

  2. nance Says:

    You are very creative. It is inspiring.
    Way to go.

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! Too bad you couldn't have the customers coming out, pick up the lamps! That would be too cool! Glad you sold the desk before you freecycled, that is awesome!

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