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And Again: More Winter

January 11th, 2007 at 10:43 am

We are snowed in again here....seems more like weather that should be in North Dakota or something, not a suburb of Seattle! But, it's a winter wonderland outside....cold as can be, with no sign of warming up today.

All's well however, as we aspire to the scouts motto of always being prepared! It's one of those Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best sorts of events.....but I'm getting tired of the whole scene & long for spring!

Gardening catalogs are arriving daily now (if someone is willing to slog their way to the end of the road to get the mail!)so someone thinks there is going to be an end to this weather! Smile I have thumbed through the pages, making notes as to what I want the garden to contain this year....deciding what needs to be done first once the deep freeze lifts and making rafts of TO DO lists for anyone who is willing!

It's almost time to order seeds.....since I can get them started indoors next month. Again, more lists! The seedlings I started last winter worked out well (first time for me) and ended up being a neat item to trade with other gardeners.

I've got garden chores to do.....but can't get out to do them! Very frustrating, to say the least. I have some free to me straw for the garden (actually locally grown hay, but it is too coarse to feed to animals I've learned), but I'm not going to put it on the garden beds until I think we're done with the gale force winds.....as I'm not sure the people down wind from me would want to be covered in straw! Smile

Watching the thermometer, sipping tea by the wood stove and taking another stroll through my virtual garden via the stack of seed catalogs........and waiting for spring!

2 Responses to “And Again: More Winter”

  1. kashi Says:

    Funny, ND has been having a relatively mild winter so far, comparatively. No snow drifts up to the rooftops, anyway.

    Hope the weather settles down soon! I've been thinking about gardening already, too.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    OK, you know my take on the whole weather thing! :-)
    The last time I started tomatoes and peppers from seeds, I did not have as good as crop as when I just bought the starter plants from Home Depot. They don't have a large variety though. Where do you buy starter plants from? This will be our first attempt at a garden here at our new house, so the soil won't be that rich either.

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