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Sold............& Other Mutterings

December 29th, 2006 at 09:12 pm

Yes, one sale out of the two items I posted yesterday. Cash. In my pocket. And, some much needed table space cleared out in my sewing room.

No hits on the vintage linens yet. May have to bite the bullet and list them on Ebay. Have never done that yet, have had the account for years so am all set if I just decide to get motivated. It would clear out another box of stuff from the sewing area, teach me how to list something on line as well as put some more of that cash in my pocket. Maybe I'll divide it into 2 lots and then I can make mistakes on the first listing and do the 2nd one correctly??

No spending today. Met with a new client at a local retirement home. Advertising in their newsletter after meeting with the activity director. Apparently they had someone to assist residents with sewing, etc but currently are without! Timing is everything.

Picked up a freecycle coffee table.....thinking it is more my moms house than mine, but will make a great gift after a session with some spray paint. The wrought iron legs are black.....they need to be cream colored and it should be perfect for mom. This will be the 2nd free coffee table I've found for her! We shop periodically at more traditional sorts of places........like furniture stores!!! And haven't been able to find anything that seems to be IT. Free is good. She likes free almost as much as I do!

The sewing table project got started this afternoon.........all the lumber is cut & waiting for tomorrow to be assembled and screwed together. A beautiful 4' X 8' top to this event and 2 shelves the same size underneath. I'm going to be in heaven! (and I will have no excuse not to be organized with all that storage space!)

A good day all round!

2 Responses to “Sold............& Other Mutterings”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Good luck with those vintage linens!Smile

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Yeah! So glad to hear you had success!
    My advice to you about ebay is to keep it simple. List one picture and don't pay for the frilly stuff! You don't want it to end up costing you money!!

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