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Survived the Storm

December 15th, 2006 at 01:52 pm

Seattle was hit again yesterday and throughout the night..........rain, frozen rain (thought that was snow..??) and lots of WIND, then some more wind.........on and on.

Our place survived, the worst we have is some standing water on the property & the horse toys (who knew horses had toys?) are blown around the place.

Felt good to have the prep work done so I wasn't one of the people on the news at Home Depot, stocking up on batteries, generators, and the like. All the expenses over the years to get the emergency "kit" put together paid off. Didn't need any of them; but the peace of mind was worth any expense last night.

Best of all has been the water barrels, purchased mostly for the semi automatic water system soon to come for the chicken house. That barrel holds 50 gallons & has a hose hookup, as well as a faucet on it. So.........if we have no power & thus, no pump for the well, we have water stored for whatever. (comes in especially handy for flushing toilets!!)

Didn't bother with the generator, as our lights weren't out for more than 10 minutes total. We are totally blessed, as many in western WA are having a difficult time with the water and wind related problems. I've invited my mom and some old kids to come over, as they have been without power since yesterday. Totally grateful for all the extras power gives us!

And, lastly, a very Little House on the Prairie-ish moment here........I'm wearing my all wool socks I finished last night during the storm. So soft, so warm......toasty toes today!!

3 Responses to “Survived the Storm”

  1. miclason Says:

    Glas to hear everything was ok and that you didn't need the emergency kit!

  2. janH Says:

    Living here with hurricanes, I am still amazed at how many have to go get their supplies--wood and stuff--for storms. I can understand food and water, but the other stuff should be around every year from past experience. I guess we all proscrastinate at something. You are so smart to plan ahead. I like the water barrel idea!

  3. carol Says:

    My hat's off to you for all your careful, thought out planning. And I think the water barrels are the best of all. 5 gold stars to you.

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