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My Second Home

December 8th, 2006 at 09:02 pm

My home away from home.......yes, back at moms for a few days. Staying long enough this time to get things done AND have some time to just do fun things together. (we've packed so many things in the past couple days, we're both exhausted tonight!)

Have the yard all cleaned up for her, patio furniture stored and the lawns mowed for what I hope is the last time this season. Moved her furniture so the arrangement is more convenient for her and hung the pictures we just matted and framed.

I got my haircut (finally.....put it off due to the snowstorms & I was really getting cranky!) and used a coupon on it's last day......so a $7.95 haircut this time! Nice. Also managed to fit in a Trader Joe trip (none by my house) & use my $50 g/c from October. Also nice.

We did dinner out, just for fun & then home. Since my mom doesn't enjoy putting up a tree any longer, I just did a few little things throughout her house, so it still looks a bit holiday-ish for her.

Had a money discussion tonight, but not re; the cc payoff. I asked if her one mortage is at a good interest rate....and her comment was 'should she pay it off or take the money in question and add to her annuity fund account?' Told her I have no idea. When it comes to comparing apples to oranges I'm no good. She will talk to her accountant to see if he can shed light on this one. It is the question of income vs. interest being paid or something like that....... I just wanted to know if she had the best rate on the loan.

Will aim for the cc discussion tomorrow. Also need attorney meeting and some much needed changes to her trust account, etc, etc ........ We always seem to have things that need attention. Grateful we can talk about anything and everything!

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