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Lost An Entry; 2nd Try

December 1st, 2006 at 08:52 pm

Blast. A power surge, failure, bleep, whatever......but it was exactly as I pushed save & publish here with a current entry.

Was pondering the fact we are in December already, with just over 3 weeks til Christmas. Enjoying the low key approach this year, and the head start I have re; preparations.

Ventured into the sewing room today, since the weather was much warmer. (I'm in the garage, with no insulation & a space heater!) Got most of the work done on a couple Bed Buddies (rice filled sock affairs, to warm in the micro) to use for presents, plus a couple to use for back ups in case I need an extra gift somewhere. Frugal note here: I find I save money & time if I do multiples, no matter what it is.

Made a deal with the 2 young women that are staying here ........they wanted to know if I decorated for Christmas & I told them they could both do whatever they wanted to this year. I'll just watch! They were thrilled, as neither of them has ever had a house, nor a yard to decorate. The catch is they need to pick up, clean up and pack things away before New Years Eve. Sounds like a good deal to me!

I have tickets for a Holiday performance of a local chorus tomorrow night, planning on taking my mom & her sister to it as their Christmas gift from me. This is a gift to me too.......as I've not been able to do things like this with all the kids over the years. I had to limit my holiday things to stuff the kids would be appropriate at & then I really didn't get to enjoy much of it anyway with trips to the bathroom, meds & you name it. Can't wait for tomorrow....only adults! And a gift that 'fits' is the 'right color' and won't add any clutter around the house.

Only the first of December and I'm enjoying the holiday season more than ever. Think I'll dig out the Christmas CD's, sit back & knit and watch the decorations going up this week end. What a deal. Smile

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