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Cash.........Dribbling In

October 23rd, 2006 at 08:12 pm

Not a ton of money, but there was some to the good column here today. The dog sitting event netted $60.00 which was a nice surprise! I earned it, but it was still a surprise, since I was doing it as a favor.

Had company almost all day........sometimes they overlapped which made it feel like we had a sign posted somewhere that said "Come On Over..." Smile These kinds of days make me tired. No reason to be pooped, but I am.

I did make a few people sit in my sewing room to visit, so I could keep working, as I have some orders that need to be ready for pick up tomorrow. (that means money in tomorrow too...love that feeling)

I need to bite the bullet tomorrow and send off the payments for the 2nd half of the property taxes. I've waited as long as I can without missing the deadline of the 31st. Have them all set up for online payment, so it's a snap.

Picked up a fabulous find on freecycle today. I had asked for a wooden headboard......and I got one. When I got it home & see it in the daylight......It is soooo much better than I imagined it. I'm so excited to start working on this project; it will be the centerpiece of my room if it turns out half as good as I can visualize it in my head. I will need to buy the foam, and whatever else I think it needs to make it cushy, but it won't end up being anything close to the $800. bid I had from the decorator last winter. And, the cheaper a project ends up being; the better I end up liking it. There is a definate connection between the two.

Knitting a scarf to barter for another massage. Wonder how many scarves she can really use?? Smile

Sold a $100 table at the antique booth today....that will help get the numbers up this month. Can't wait to see how it's doing......heading there on Thursday. I've got the mini van almost full of new items; let's hope there is room to stuff them into the booth.

Spent nothing today. Ate leftovers from the week end. Got rid of 2 more boxes of excess stuff on Freecycle. Got lots of help on the TO DO list from the new couples....we are starting to look clean & spruced up wherever you look. Good to have all this help & I'm going to be sure to add more things to the list every week. (no dummy here!) Smile

3 Responses to “Cash.........Dribbling In”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Sounds like a nice, somewhat profitable day! Glad to hear all is working out so well....I remember someone very nervous about what her future held just after you gave notice (on the old job)....and now look at you go!! I hope you stop every once in a while to just be proud of all youve accomplished! and for all the people youve helped along the way!! You go girl!

  2. JanH Says:

    Wow, you are one busy gal! You inspire me.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    She probably needs a hat and some mittens to go with all the various scarves! Big Grin

    Congrats on your table selling! It is nice when a big piece moves!
    I, too, always read your blog to get inspiration as well.

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